Unakite: Meaning, Properties and Powers (2022)

UnakiteProperties and Meanings

Unakite, sometimes known as unakite jasper, is a form of granite that includes pieces of pink orthoclase feldspar, green epidote, and quartz crystals.

It has a distinctive, mottled green and pink appearance, and when it is polished, it has a beautiful multi-coloured appearance that makes for very striking jewellery.

Unakite was first discovered in the Unakas Mountains, a part of the Appalachian Mountains in the United States, which is where the stone gets its name.

It appears to have been caught up in glacial drifts during the Ice Age, and has been found all over North America, and also in South Africa, Brazil, and China, although never in the quantities present in the Unakas mountains.

Unakite: Meaning, Properties and Powers (1)

It is a semiprecious stone, and since all the components are quite common minerals found in the Earth’s crust, unakite remains relatively inexpensive and readily available, especially to those living in the vicinity of the Unakas Mountains.

If you have access to it, do not hesitate to pick up a few tumble stones or pieces of unakite jewellery

Unakite has a unique and sensitive energy that blends the nurturing and growth symbolized by green with the love and innocence symbolized by pink.

It is a kind and compassionate stone, and one of the best for developing and nurturing your emotional health.

Why Would You Use Unakite?

The emotional healing properties of unakite are incredibly powerful because of the unique combination of pink feldspar and green epidote.

The best way to explain why is to use a reminder of the properties that have been assigned to these colours in western culture.

The colour of pink crystals is the colour of youth, innocence, and childhood.

In our modern society, it is the colour given to baby girls, although before the early twentieth century, it was actually the colour of choice for baby boys – the fact remains, it’s a baby colour!

Pink roses represent innocent, playful, and ultimately sexless love. In general, pink is seen as a happy but ultimately immature colour.

By contrast, the colour green has a very serious place in our culture. It is the colour of growth, wealth, career, and success.

It is the colour of American money, and has become so synonymous that throughout the twentieth century, “green” was a common slang term for cash.

It is also the colour of growth, since almost all organic plant material is at least partially green.

What do you have when you combine these two apparently conflicting energies?

You have a stone that promotes harmony, that does not sacrifice innocence for experience (nor experience for innocence), and that will help you understand that being joyful doesn’t have to mean sacrificing success and growth.

This is a lesson that is very difficult to come to terms with in our modern society.

The industrial revolution taught us that financial success is the opposite of happiness for anyone except the aristocratic classes!

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But today, with so much access to education and opportunities if you’re willing to put the energy into pursuing them, it is important to remember that it is possible to find ways to enjoy life without sacrificing the pursuit of success.

Perhaps because of this, unakite is a traditional stone for children and childhood, symbolizing their prospects for their future.

It was traditionally given to children, especially young girls, as a reminder that happiness and success can go hand-in-hand, and not to feel that it is necessary to sacrifice one for the other.

This is a lesson that both children and adults could still benefit from hearing today!

How Will Unakite Help You?

If you are feeling like you have no options, like you are trapped and don’t know what to do, or like you are being forced to sacrifice one important part of your life for the sake of another, then unakite might be the stone to help you through this difficult time.

This unakite meaning is extremely valuable to everyone who comes across it – that talent for measuring the short term and long term gains of a given situation is always difficult, even to the most pragmatic among us.

The intrinsic qualities of balance and harmony within unakite helps massively in finding this balance – and reminds us that, whatever age we might be, there is always the chance of a fresh start and a broad road awaiting us.

It also helps you to have the mindset to stick with those things you find almost unbearable after a time, with the promise that a new dawn is just around the corner.

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This is a highly nurturing stone, which is also part of why it was traditionally given to children.

You can imagine it like an understanding parental figure, listening to you rant and then comforting you afterwards.

It is a stone that can help you through moments when you have no idea how to help yourself – and however old we get, we all have moments like that.

Unakite is an excellent stone to aid in the decision-making process, especially when the decisions you are having to make have you trapped “between a rock and a hard place” as the saying goes.

Unakite fostered balanced emotions and perspective, and can help you look with a clear-eyed view on situations that may really seem to have no right answer.

It is a stone that is highly attuned to the earth, both the element and the planet – remember, feldspar makes up a greater percentage of the Earth’s crust than any other stone!

The stabilizing energy of earth can guide you through the more difficult times in your life with confidence.

You needn’t work yourself into an anxious fit over each problem that comes your way, but it is important to treat decisions with sobriety and with the seriousness that they deserve, which unakite can help you do, even as you don’t allow yourself to be emotionally rattled by them.

This stone has a highly balancing energy, and is an excellent one to introduce into your life if you are seeking a balanced relationship.

When I describe a relationship as “balanced,” what I mean is that it is a relationship in which you do not feel the need to sacrifice joie de vivre and spontaneity to a sense of commitment, nor do you need to sacrifice your commitment to the relationship in the pursuit of an elusive idea of “fun.”

As in all things, it is possible for both of these to exist at the same time, and it is simply a matter of consciously striking that balance with your partner’s help!

How to Use Unakite for the Best Results?

If you are a gardener, the place some unakite stones near whatever your favourite plants in your garden are. There are multiple reasons to do this.

Firstly, the green and pink of the stones is similar to the appearance of many growing plants, which have green leaves and pink flowers and fruit.

Placing your unakite in the vicinity of growing plants places its energy “at home.”

There are practically no other kinds of green and pink stone around, making unakite both striking as much as it is nourishing and healing.

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This stone has long had a connection with children, and so it can make your garden a safe place for little ones to play – as well as help new shoots and plants make their way safely up from beneath the soil to embrace the sun.

Secondly, whenever you place a stone near growing things, its energy will filter into whatever you are growing.

If you are growing vegetables or other foodstuffs, then every time you eat them, you will be given a “shot” of unakite’s energy, in the aura of which your food grew.

Thirdly, placing unakite in your garden will serve as an efficient reminder of its meaning.

Gardening is just one of many processes or activities that are functional while also being categorized as “hobbies” and therefore “fun.”

By placing your unakite in the vicinity of your garden, you will be reminding yourself that it is possible for something to be useful and fun at the same time, and never to let one of these properties distract you from the other.

The same can be done with unakite in different areas of your life. Any hobby you have that is both fun and functional can benefit from unakite’s energy.

Tuck a piece of stone into your knitting or sewing basket, place it with your baking or cooking supplies, or carry one with you when you go to the gym or engage in other physical exercise.

In any of these places, it will spark joy and improve your enjoyment of your hobby, and at the same time, it will inspire you to work hard and improve yourself on the path towards achieving measurable success in all of your activities.

You can also wear unakite, especially unakite tumble stones, as jewellery.

It is a beautiful and striking stone that many people love simply for its aesthetic value, but when you wear it and feel its physical weight tying you to the earthly world, you can also be reminded of its power to bring joy and success into your life.

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Unakite healing properties are enriched all the more when the stone is in close proximity to your skin, and it allows those energies to reach the parts of you most likely to benefit from healing and help in this way.

Of course, with all these instructions in mind, you’ll also find a more generally pleasant feeling in your home overall if you let your unakite sit somewhere good and central.

Its vibrations will reach out throughout your home, creating a happy atmosphere but also one rich with ideas and optimism of what the next day will bring.

The Best Combinations to Use with Unakite

If you are using unakite as a stone that represents earth within a set of elemental stones (which is an excellent way to use it), then you can pair it with stones that represent the other three elements (air, fire, and water) in order to achieve cosmic balance.

Since this is a balancing stone to begin with, pairing it with other elemental stones will enhance that property and ensure success in any field that requires you to appreciate more than one aspect of a situation at a time.

Stones that represent the other elements of air, fire, and water may include clear quartz, fire agate, and aquamarine, respectively, but there are many options available.

Unakite represents the heart chakra, so it can also be used in a collection of chakra stones.

The heart chakra rules emotional openness and our emotional relationships with others, and unakite stones can help us develop the ability to “be ourselves” within our social environment.

It can help us balance the necessity of conforming to social standards in order to develop relationships with the importance of embracing our natural selves regardless of those standards.

This is an important balancing act, and going too far in either direction is problematic, so unakite can help you find a balance that makes sense for your unique and personal life.

If you are using unakite as a chakra stone, then you can pair it with any other chakra stones in order to achieve specific desired outcomes and address specific issues.

For example, if you are having trouble developing relationships with the people who surround you in your society because you seem to eccentric or your imagination is too wild, then you may have a blocked heart chakra and an overactive third eye chakra.

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In order to solve this, pair unakite (for the heart chakra) with a chakra that will balance the energy of your third eye, such as clear quartz or amethyst.

Unakite jasper can help you to bring these sides of yourself into a more cohesive balance, but you won’t feel as though you are sacrificing yourself or giving up what makes you you in the process. It can be wonderfully liberating!

Finally, unakite can effectively be paired with stones that promote growth and psychic development, such as angelite, larimar, or celestite.

All of these stones are mind-opening ones that can help us see more clearly into the sometimes seemingly inscrutable powers of the universe.

When combined with the grounding and balancing the energy of unakite, these stones can remind us not to sacrifice cosmic wisdom for our earthly values.

Altogether, unakite stone really does know how to play nice with any kind of energy you are trying to encourage more of with your crystal collection.

There’s certainly no right or wrong way to use it, as despite it being such a unique stone overall, it isn’t overpowering of other energies because of it.

Instead, you’ll find that it harmonizes well and provides a superb counterpoint to anything you might be putting together, collection wise.

It’s strong and stoic when it needs to be, and gentle and loving when the time comes too.

How Much is Unakite Worth?

Unakite can be easily purchased in jewelry stores at affordable prices. You can buy them rough or tumbled for just a few dollars.

But when it comes to Unakite, know that what you’re truly investing in are their aesthetic and metaphysical properties.

Top-grade Unakite has an impressive polish and is typically used in crafting jewelry and other decorative gemstone carvings.

Unakite usually occurs in the river valleys of Virginia in the United States after having been washed down from the Blue Ridge Mountains.

It has also been sourced in countries like China, Brazil, and South Africa.

Unakite is a combination of Green Epidote and Red Jasper that have been solidly bound together, resulting in a beautiful pistachio and pink color.

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The gentle peach against a cool green background makes Unakite a much beloved and valued gemstone.

Unakite will remain a highly valued stone because many collectors and crystal healers consider it a stone of vision.

It has the ability to balance your emotion with your spirituality. It also provides grounding properties when you need it.

Unakite is also known to facilitate rebirthing and gently eases conditions that hamper your mental and spiritual growth.

This stone will remain popular with both collectors and non-collectors also because of their physical healing properties.

Unakite supports a person’s recovery from a major illness. It is believed to treat the female reproductive system and promotes healthy pregnancies.

The healing energies of this stone are also believed to increase weight and encourage the growth of hair and skin tissues.

Unakite properties such as these often distinguish the stone just as much as its highly appealing visual imagery.

(Video) UNAKITE 💎 TOP 4 Crystal Wisdom Benefits of Unakite Crystal | Stone of Rebirth

The value that this stone has both as a collector’s piece as much as a psychic and spiritual enabler have helped it to become more and more popular as time has gone on.

The ability this stone has to connect you to your inner child, but also provide the voice of wisdom you need to lead life in the most sensible, yet not creatively sterile, way possible is truly precious.

These unakite metaphysical properties or hard to find in just such a pattern in other stones and gems.

You might want to have another think if you’re planning to sell your Unakite jewelry because you can truly benefit from its physical and metaphysical properties.

When used as a companion stone, it is believed to help you keep a balance between your physical and spiritual lives.

All you need to do is to just allow them to support you in creating the life that you desire. Owners of Unakite love its ability to remove obstacles in your path to personal growth.

If you’re going through a particularly hard time and feel like all your energies are being sucked away, holding a piece of Unakite will be very helpful.

This stone will help you release the anger and pain that you cannot seem to let go. There are many uses for Unakite, and this makes it a wise investment.

You may use your Unakite not only for decorative and jewelry pieces but to build up your self-confidence as well.

It will boost your courage and help you in taking control of different aspects of your life.

This stone will give you the confidence to transform your negative energies into powerful and constructive energies.

Unakite has the ability to strengthen your capabilities. It can help you in living up to your own expectations.

It will make you consider your own strengths and weaknesses to save you from your own faults and failures.

Unakite will stimulate your general condition and support all the healing processes in your body and environment. When it comes to gemstones, the value does not always have to be monetary.

Sometimes it’s their physical and metaphysical healing properties that make them much more valuable!

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Unakite
Unakite: Meaning, Properties and Powers (2)

Unakite is an incredible stone for self-development.

Its nurturing “personality” can guide us as we learn more about ourselves and develop a sense of who we truly want to be.

Its blend of innocence and experience, represented by the pink and green colours in it, will help us come to a balanced perspective about ourselves and the world.

The power of unakite can remind us that we do not have to sacrifice things that make us happy now for things that will bring us success in the long run, nor vice versa.

This is a lesson that all of us in modern society need to learn and to be reminded of regularly, as it runs very counter to the vast cultural narrative that sets these two ideas up in opposition!

Do you feel that you frequently sacrifice happiness in the present for stability or success in the long term?

Or the opposite – are you frequently making decisions that will harm you in the long term in order to maximize your happiness in the moment?

It doesn’t have to be such a binary, and unakite can help you come to a state of being where you can be happy both in the moment and in the future.

Are you conscious of a tendency to sacrifice either present or future happiness in favour of the other? Is this something that you would like to change in your life?

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What are the properties of unakite? ›

Unakite Metaphysical Properties

Unakite is said to be a stone of vision, opening the third eye and useful for scrying. It is also believed to be a stone of balance, grounding the self while bringing emotions and spirituality together.

Can you wear unakite everyday? ›

You'll typically find unakite in boho or hippie style jewelry, as beads or cabochons paired with silver or cord. These are ideal for casual everyday jewelry.

Where do you put unakite in your body? ›

Take a few deep breaths to calm and center yourself. Try placing a unakite crystal on your third eye or heart center to move the energy in these areas. You can also try wearing a unakite bracelet to keep its healing vibrations around you as you go about your day.

What crystals work well with unakite? ›

Unakite is a high vibrational crystal and should be paired with stones that match its vibration or exceed it. Some examples of crystals that pair well with Unakite and enhance its magical abilities are: Moldavite, Hermiker Diamonds, Datolite and Phenacite. Remember that Unakite enhances anything it is used with.

What chakra is unakite for? ›

It is a Heart Chakra gemstone that assists us in regulating our feelings and maintaining harmony in our work and personal life. Unakite is a beautiful gemstone for accessories creation.

What kind of stone is unakite? ›

Unakite is an altered granite composed of pink orthoclase feldspar, green epidote, and generally colorless quartz.

Is unakite good for anxiety? ›

Unakite thumb stones are an excellent choice for relieving stress, depression and calming sensitive emotions as it supports anyone who feels a little lost or overwhelmed.

How old is unakite? ›

Unakite is named after the Unaka mountain range in Tennessee where it was discovered in 1874 by Mr. Bradley. It is now mined all over the world- including South Africa, Brazil, and China, though is still prevalently found in America.

Is unakite man made? ›

Unakite is a metamorphic rock that forms when granite (an igneous rock) is altered by hydrothermal metamorphism. During metamorphism, plagioclase in the granite is replaced by epidote to produce a rock composed primarily of green epidote, pink orthoclase, and clear to milky quartz.

What is another name for unakite stone? ›

Unakite, also known as Epidotized or Epidote Granite, is a very common type of Granite with Epidote, Pink Orthoclase, and Quartz inclusions.

Which gemstone is good for mental health? ›

Turquoise. This blue crystal is said to help heal the mind, body, and soul.

Is unakite good for anxiety? ›

Unakite thumb stones are an excellent choice for relieving stress, depression and calming sensitive emotions as it supports anyone who feels a little lost or overwhelmed.

How strong is unakite? ›

Unakite is a relatively hard stone which grades 6 to 7 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness.

What is another name for unakite stone? ›

Unakite, also known as Epidotized or Epidote Granite, is a very common type of Granite with Epidote, Pink Orthoclase, and Quartz inclusions.

Which gemstone is good for mental health? ›

Turquoise. This blue crystal is said to help heal the mind, body, and soul.

How old is unakite? ›

Unakite is named after the Unaka mountain range in Tennessee where it was discovered in 1874 by Mr. Bradley. It is now mined all over the world- including South Africa, Brazil, and China, though is still prevalently found in America.

Is unakite man made? ›

Unakite is a metamorphic rock that forms when granite (an igneous rock) is altered by hydrothermal metamorphism. During metamorphism, plagioclase in the granite is replaced by epidote to produce a rock composed primarily of green epidote, pink orthoclase, and clear to milky quartz.


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