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There aren’t many finishes that make an impression quite like gold. From picture frames to furniture legs, the best gold spray paints can create a high-end finish that would make even King Midas jealous.

While there are many options when it comes to choosing the best gold spray paint, you won’t get the ideal look with just any paint. When you’re trying to create a gold finish, it’s ideal to achieve a look that’s as rich and real as possible. Keep reading to find out how to choose the best gold spray paint to fake a high-end finish for your next project.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Rust-Oleum 342918 All Surface Spray Paint
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Rust-Oleum 1910830-6PK Specialty Metallic Spray
  3. BEST FOR COATING ENGINES: Dupli-Color Engine Paint with Ceramic Universal Gold
  4. BEST FOR DECORATIVE USE: Krylon K01000A07 Premium Metallic Spray Paint
  5. BEST RUST-RESISTANT: Krylon K05588007 COLORmaxx Spray Paint and Primer

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Gold Spray Paint

Before you grab a can of spray paint and go gold-crazy, there are some characteristics to consider when choosing the best gold spray paint for your project. Whether you plan to paint metal, wicker, or wood, this easy-to-read guide can help you make a well-informed choice.


While the size of the cans vary, most spray paints come in 12-ounce cans. But, even if the amount of paint is the same, they don’t all cover the same square footage. The expected coverage depends on the formula and the paint’s intended use.

Paints consist of pigments, solvents, and glue-like resins, but not all manufacturers use the same ratios or recipes. Paints meant to cover larger areas (up to 25 square feet in some cases) might have more solvents, making the paint a little thinner. Paints specifically designed to cover in one coat are often higher in resins and pigments, but they’re also thicker and sometimes come at the cost of square footage. Some only cover 10 square feet.

However, paints that contain primer can provide the best of both worlds: they apply with fewer coats and cover lots of square footage.


Finding the best gold spray paint often involves paying close attention to the actual color: Yellow with a silver flake does not a gold spray paint make.

Many gold spray paints create a finish that’s closer to bronze than gold. They feature a bit of red or orange, whereas gold is its own specific color. If bronze isn’t the look you’re going for, those paints simply will not do.

If they’re available, be sure to check out sample photos to ensure the paint will provide the finish you’re after. Also, keep in mind that additional coats can help bring a color to life.

Ease of Use

When you’re chasing the high-end faux finish, it’s about perceived perfection. That’s a more attainable goal when the product you choose is easy to use. The best gold spray paints make applying a gold standard-level finish a simple, straightforward process.

If you want a paint that will allow you to cover your project in as few coats as possible, it’s a wise idea to look for a paint-and-primer all-in-one. These products have primer mixed in with their paint, allowing you to cover an item with a consistent color without needing to apply a separate primer base coat.

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Another aspect relating to ease of use is the nozzle style. Some of the best gold spray paints have comfortable triggers or nozzles that won’t wear out your finger like a less expensive spray can’s tiny, sharp-edged nozzle.

Also, be sure to consider the drying time. The shorter the drying time, the sooner you’ll be able to recoat or move your project. Some paints dry in less than 30 minutes.

Our Top Picks

Now that you know a little more about what goes into choosing the best gold spray paint, you’re ready to start shopping. Below is a list of some of the best gold spray paints for you to compare. Some of these paints are better for a specific purpose, so it’s important to think about your intended use before deciding on one over the rest.


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Giving your projects the golden touch is a one-step process with Rust-Oleum’s 342918 Universal All Surface Spray Paint. This high-quality paint-and-primer spray uses an oil-based formula that promotes adhesion to a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, vinyl, fiberglass, wood, wicker, and concrete.

Not only does the Rust-Oleum Pure Gold adhere to lots of materials, but it also helps prevent rust on metal surfaces. It’s corrosion-, fade-, and chip-resistant, so it will create a long-lasting finish on both indoor and outdoor projects. One 11-ounce can provides up to 15 square feet of coverage, and it dries to the touch in under 30 minutes. It also has a comfortable trigger nozzle for easy application.

Product Specs

  • Color: Aged metallic vintage gold
  • Coverage: 15 square feet
  • Volume: 11 ounces


  • Ergonomic trigger nozzle
  • Impressive coverage
  • Resists chipping, fading, and rust


  • Nozzle can clog between uses

Get the Rust-Oleum spray paint at Amazon, Max Warehouse, and Value Home Centers.


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Obtaining a high-end finish on a low-end budget gets a little easier with Rust-Oleum’s Specialty Metallic Spray. This six pack of 11-ounce spray cans features a classic metallic gold paint that can cover up to 12 square feet. It dries to the touch in 15 minutes, allowing fast follow-up coats.

This paint formula is suitable for indoor applications. It adheres to wood, metal, plaster, and more. The can’s tip is contoured to your finger to create a pleasant surface for your fingertip. You also can hold the can at any angle, allowing you to spray awkward objects like furniture without splatter.

Product Specs

  • Color: Gold
  • Coverage: 12 square feet
  • Volume: 11 ounces


  • Affordable pack of six
  • Quick drying time
  • Popular and reliable brand


  • Prone to flaking when touched often

Get the Rust-Oleum metallic spray at Amazon, Paint Supply, and Grainger.


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If you’re rebuilding your engine, now’s the time to add a high-quality spray to that block and intake. Dupli-Color’s Ceramic Universal Gold Engine Paint creates a high temperature-resistant finish that looks great and won’t blister or crack. The ceramic formula is durable and tough, handling temperatures as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also oil-, coolant-, and gasoline-resistant, so a small leak won’t damage the finish.

The Ceramic Universal Gold Engine Paint features Dupli-Color’s EZ touch tip, allowing you to apply several coats without finger discomfort. Each coat dries to the touch in 30 minutes, and you can handle your parts after an hour.

Product Specs

  • Color: Universal gold
  • Coverage: Unspecified
  • Volume: 12 ounces


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  • High temperature resistance
  • Fast drying formula
  • Resists cracking and blistering


  • Lots of preparation required for good results

Get the Dupli-Color engine paint at Amazon, R.S. Hughes, and Eastwood.


If it’s all about the premium-looking finish, it’s hard to beat Krylon’s K01000A07 Premium Metallic Spray Paint. This 8-ounce can provides up to 20 square feet of coverage, allowing you to lay several coats over large objects. It works on a range of indoor materials like wood, metal, plastic, paper-mache, glass, plaster, ceramic, paper, and wicker. In the ideal conditions of 50 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity under 85 percent, coats will dry in as little as 10 minutes.

Krylon designed the Premium Metallic Spray Paint to create a finish that resembles gold plating rather than gold paint. The high-gloss finish creates a smooth, deep luster to give your project that 18-karat gold look.

Product Specs

  • Color: 18 KT gold
  • Coverage: Up to 20 square feet
  • Volume: 8 ounces


  • Impressive coverage for a small can
  • Dries in as little as 15 minutes
  • Provides a smooth and deep gold look


  • Not suitable for outdoor items

Get the Krylon spray paint at Amazon, Michaels, and Create for Less.


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If you’re looking for a high-quality gold paint to protect some of your metal surfaces from rust, check out Krylon’s K05588007 COLORmaxx Spray Paint. It works for indoor and outdoor projects involving metal parts, but also on materials like wood, wicker, most plastics, glass, plaster, ceramic, fabric, and paper.

This paint-and-primer formula comes in 11-ounce cans, and each can provide up to 25 square feet of coverage. Each coat is dry to the touch in 20 minutes or less. It features a large, comfortable button-style nozzle that allows you to spray at any angle, which is ideal for large, heavy, or fixed items.

Product Specs

  • Color: Metallic gold
  • Coverage: 25 square feet
  • Volume: 11 ounces


  • Suitable both indoors and outdoors
  • Spray works from any angle
  • Ideal for most surfaces


  • Strong odor when used
  • Some users report color matching issues

Get the Krylon spray paint and primer at Amazon, Michaels, and MAX Warehouse.

Our Verdict

For a reliable gold spray paint that is suitable for multiple surfaces, consider our top pick from Rust-Oleum, which can be used to decorate items both indoors and outdoors. Shoppers looking to protect and enhance the look of their vehicle may be interested in the Dupli-Color Engine Paint, which provides a high temperature resistance to both protect the engine and make it look great.

How We Chose the Best Gold Spray Paints

When gathering our top picks for gold spray paints, we made sure to include a range of gold color types and finishes, from flat matte tones to shiny metallics that suit a variety of user needs. Our recommendations include 14 KT gold, vintage gold, and the classic universal gold, so there’s an option to cover most gold-colored needs.

We also did our research to find the most trusted manufacturers in the market, providing reliable and easy-to-use spray paints that dry quickly, provide ample coverage, and resist cracking, splitting, peeling, and wrinkling. Most of our recommended products dry in under 30 minutes and a single 11-ounce can cover anywhere from 12 to 25 square feet, depending on the surface.


If you’re still a bit uncertain about how to use the best gold spray paints, this section is for you. It’s a collection of some of the most commonly asked questions about gold spray paint.

Q: How hard is it to use gold spray paint?

By tweaking their formulas, manufacturers can create spray paints in a wide variety of colors and finishes. Gold spray paint is just as easy to paint with as any other color, and it’s readily available.

Q: What can I spray paint gold?

You can spray paint nearly anything gold, but there are a few items that lend themselves quite well to the gilded look. Picture and mirror frames, small desk and shelf decor items, floor and desk lamp bases, and small furniture items all look interesting in a gold finish.

Q: Does spray paint stick to metal?

In most cases, spray paint does stick to metal. Make sure to look for a spray paint that lists metal on the label as a surface it will cover. It does help to prepare the surface with a bit of sandpaper and denatured alcohol first, however. Simply sand the surface to loosen any rust or oxidation, and then wipe it with the alcohol. This prep work will help your paint stick better.


How do you make gold spray paint look real? ›

How can I make something look convincing like real gold? Spray paint 1-2 coats of Rustoleum Metallic Finish Gold first and let dry. Then, apply Antique Gold Rub n Buff for added dimension to look the most like real gold.

How do you make gold spray paint shiny? ›

Then clear and then finish it up with a dusting of gold. And what that does is the clear gives it

What is No 1 paint? ›

1. Asian Paints Ltd. Founded in 1942, Asian Paints is India's leading and Asia's third largest paint company, with a turnover of Rs 193.50 billion.

What color is gold closest to? ›

While many metals have a silver color, the color of gold is unique amongst metals with the closest element in color being copper.

What is the most popular spray paint? ›

Top 7 Best Spray Paint Compared
  • #1 Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Multi Purpose Spray Paint.
  • #2 Krylon ColorMaster Spray Paint.
  • #3 Rust-Oleum American Accents Spray Paint.
  • #4 Rust-Oleum Universal All Surface Spray Paint.
  • #5 Krylon COLORmaxx Spray Paint.
  • #6 Rust-Oleum Universal All Surface Paint and Primer.
27 Jun 2022

Does metallic spray paint need primer? ›

Using a primer will help provide superior adhesion and hiding. We recommend priming especially for bare wood and metal.

What is the hardest color to spray paint? ›

Black and red are—by far—the hardest colors to care for. They need to be cleaned, waxed, and buffed often due to how easily they show everything. Dirt, mud, scratches, dents, dings…you name it, it's clear as day on a black or red paint job.

Is there a real gold paint? ›

Shell gold, the original gold-leaf paint, is generally supplied as a small rectangular tablet of finely powdered real gold mixed with a little water-soluble binding medium.

How do you make gold paint brighter? ›

To create a brighter gold, you can add a 2:1 ratio of yellow to orange paint, then include some white if you feel it is necessary. To create a deeper gold, combine red and brown to create a maroon color, then add yellow to make the color brighter.

What colors make metallic gold? ›

In this first method, we are going to answer the question of what two colors make gold. The two colors that you can combine to create a beautiful warm gold shade are yellow and brown. Because gold is typically on the warmer side of the color spectrum, you are going to want to use a warm yellow and a warm brown.

How do you get a high gloss finish with spray paint? ›

Coat the project completely with a layer of clear gloss finishing spray. This coat will boost the shine of the piece to give it a professional finish, and provide an extra layer of protection against scratches and nicks.

How long does gold spray paint dry? ›

Drying time is usually 6-8 minutes but can vary depending on substrate, ambient temperature, humidity levels and thickness of coats applied. The three stages of drying are apx: touch dry in 6-8 mins, working dry in 60 mins and chemically cured in 12-24 hours.

How do you spray paint gold color? ›


Which paint is best in the world? ›

2021 Global Top 10: Top Paint and Coatings Companies
  1. The Sherwin-Williams Co.
  2. PPG.
  3. AkzoNobel.
  4. Nippon Paint Holdings Co.
  5. RPM International Inc.
  6. BASF Coatings.
  7. Axalta Coating Systems.
  8. Kansai Paint Co. Ltd.

Which paint is best? ›

Enamel is among the best house paint colours in the market. Enamel paint has a hard, glossy and opaque finish that is a result of its chemical composition.

What is the most popular color gold? ›

Yellow gold jewellery is still the most popular colour, but today gold is available in a diverse palette. The process of alloying—mixing other metals with pure 24 carat gold—gives malleable gold more durability, but can also be used to change its colour.

Which color gold is the strongest? ›

yellow gold, white gold is stronger and more durable, meaning it is less susceptible to scratching and denting. Like all precious metals used for rings, white gold requires some maintenance. Cleaning and polishing is a must, and this metal needs to be dipped every few years in order to retain luster and color.

What is the official color of gold? ›

Golden yellow

What is the longest lasting spray paint? ›

1. Rust-Oleum Protective Enamel. When it comes to spray paint, Rust-Oleum is a long-time go-to brand for professionals and hobbyists alike. Its protective enamel spray is number one on our list for its versatility, ease of use, and resistance to rust.

What is the number one selling paint? ›

The survey revealed that 49.5 percent of the respondents used Sherwin-Williams brand paints the most.

What paint do professional painters use? ›

When painting contractors seek out quality paint for their jobs, they often choose Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams – two of the best selling brands on the market. Professional painters the world over have used these paints to great success for many years.

How do I get a smooth finish with spray paint on metal? ›

Tips to Use Spray Paint for Metal Surfaces
  1. Prepare the Work Area. ...
  2. Protect Surrounding Surfaces with Drop Cloths. ...
  3. Clean the Metal. ...
  4. Remove Flaking Paint and Rust. ...
  5. Apply Primer. ...
  6. Shake the Can Well. ...
  7. Spray in Thin Coats and Repeat if Necessary.
2 Apr 2019

Should I sand metal before spray painting? ›

Proper surface prep is essential for spray paint adhesion, so sand or brush off all loose paint and rust spots. Because shiny objects seldom allow paint to bond well, use the metal brush and sandpaper to lightly scour and dull the surface till it looks lightly scratched, almost like brushed nickel.

Can you use vinegar to clean metal before painting? ›

Painting and Staining

Metal: Before painting a metal item, wipe the surface with a solution of 1 part vinegar to 5 parts water. This cleans the surface and makes peeling less likely. Galvanized metal should be scoured with vinegar before painting.

What color is the strongest color? ›

Black. As the strongest of all colours, black is often used only sparingly – such as for text – but it works quite well as a primary colour element (like for backgrounds).

What paint gives the hardest finish? ›

Enamel paint is one of the strongest and most sought-after types of paint, but not many people know why they want it. It is made with enamel that leaves a glossy shimmer on surfaces.

What color paint hides flaws best? ›

We all know that lighter colors emphasize imperfections while darker colors hide them. This also has to do with light and reflection. Lighter colors reflect more light while darker shades absorb it.

What is the rarest gold color? ›

What Is The Rarest Type Of Gold? With the advent of modern smelting techniques, most colors of gold can be produced artificially, but pure, 24K gold is still the rarest.

Is gold leaf better than gold paint? ›

Although “gold” paint is useful for certain projects, genuine gold leaf is much better in both appearance and durability, and absolutely necessary for exterior gilding projects.

What does the color Vegas gold look like? ›

Vegas gold is a moderate yellowish shade with the hex code #C4B454, and a relatively subdued color given its association with the casinos of Las Vegas.

How do you make the perfect gold color? ›

Combine equal parts brown and yellow to make a goldenrod shade. For a brownish-gold, stir together red, blue, and yellow. To make a deep gold color, combine equal parts black, red, and yellow. Once you mix your gold color, you can adjust the tone by adding yellow, red, blue, or white until it's the color you want.

What color looks good with gold? ›

The trick is to pair metallic gold with warm, deep-tone neutrals, such as charcoal or slate gray, chocolate brown, rich olive green, and dark tan or beige. White works, too, but be sure to choose a warmer shade so the contrast doesn't appear too cool when paired with gold.

What color does gold and silver mixed together make? ›

The naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver is commonly known as electrum. Its colour depends on the ratio of gold and silver in the mix: a whitish alloy appears below 50 per cent gold, turning to greenish yellow as the amount of gold increases, and bright yellow at around 85 per cent gold.

What's the best gold paint for walls? ›

The Best Metallic Gold Paint For Walls -American Brands
1Rust-Oleum 253537 Metallic Accents Paint,…7.90
2DecoArt Americana Decor Metallics 24K…9.20
3TotalBoat TotalGold Gold Metallic Paint…9.55
4Krylon K03910000-14 Glitter Finish Quart,…8.50
6 more rows
24 Sept 2022

What is the difference between gold leaf and gold paint? ›

Gold paint offers an economical alternative to gold leaf in achieving a somewhat acceptable metallic appearance, unlike gold leaf its longevity is far from being as great. Just like most paint, climatic factors like hot and cold cycles, exposure to the elements will all affect how long it will last on a sign.

Which is better 1K or 2K paint? ›

1K paint dries faster and is easier to use, offering excellent durability. 2K paint dries slower and is more difficult to use but is more durable. Most painters use 1K paint because it is tough enough to get the job done and significantly easier to work.

Is there a real gold paint? ›

Shell gold, the original gold-leaf paint, is generally supplied as a small rectangular tablet of finely powdered real gold mixed with a little water-soluble binding medium.

What color is better than gold? ›

Platinum used in jewelry, on the other hand, is more pure—typically between 95-98% platinum—with the remaining percentage rhodium and silver. Stronger and more durable than gold, platinum is the heaviest and densest precious metal.

What color is modern gold? ›

In interior design, fashion, art and anywhere else color are expressed, gold is a warm yellow color made to resemble the eponymous precious metal (Au on the Periodic Table of Elements). It's a warm color, and when incorporated into metallic designs, radiates a subtle shine.

What color looks better with gold? ›

What Color Goes Best with Gold? The best colors that go with gold are black, white, blue and purple-blue. Black and white can create a classy color combination with gold for a modern luxury vibe. Blue is the complementary color for gold, meaning it can be found directly across it on the color wheel.

How long does gold paint last? ›

Gold Colored Paint

Typically, exterior paints are effective for the first five years while the UV inhibitors in the paint are viable. Around the five-year mark these inhibitors begin to breakdown.

What color is Yukon gold? ›

Yukon Gold is a midtone, bright, sunny citrus yellow with a mustard-yellow undertone. It is a perfect paint color for an interior breakfast area. Pair it with contrasting dark furniture.

Why is gold leaf so cheap? ›

The reason why some gold leaf can be cheap is that it is either imitation gold leaf or not very high in karat purity. That said though, even high karat gold leaf may be more affordable than you'd expect.

Why does 2K paint crack? ›

Paint cracking can be caused by another of factors, including poor flash time between coats, force drying of undercoats (or excessively thick ones), improper paint mixture, excessive hardener use, and exposure to extreme temperatures or moisture.

How many coats of 2K paint should I use? ›

Two to three coats are normally required, note 2K coverage is usually excellent. Spray gun set up will depend on your equipment. Normally a high pressure spray gun is used at around 45-50psi. In the right conditions the paint should be fully cured in about 20 hours when air dried, (leave overnight).

Do I need primer for 2K paint? ›

Generally I stick to 2K high build primer with 2k top coat or basecoat depending on what you are spraying. 2K doesn't always go over anything I have had on several occasions had a reaction with 2k over rattle can primer. (Panels prepped by other people) All wiped down with panel with etc,etc.

What is the rarest gold color? ›

What Is The Rarest Type Of Gold? With the advent of modern smelting techniques, most colors of gold can be produced artificially, but pure, 24K gold is still the rarest.

What color gold is worth the most? ›

This measurement describes the gold purity. Pure gold is 24K and has a bright yellow color. Pure gold is the most expensive: The lower the karat number, the less gold there is in the alloy, and thus the lower the price.

How do you make gold paint look gold? ›

To create a brighter gold, you can add a 2:1 ratio of yellow to orange paint, then include some white if you feel it is necessary. To create a deeper gold, combine red and brown to create a maroon color, then add yellow to make the color brighter.


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