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When it comes to Dark Souls, some of the more popular ways to approach the game are Melee builds, Pyromancer builds and Sorcerer builds. Sorcery utilizes the Intelligence stat and lets the play cast spells through the use of Staffs (check out of our best staffs guide). While Sorcerer builds in Dark Souls 3 usually consist of distanced combat, using staffs to conjure soul arrows and darts, some melee Sorcerer hybrid builds use Sorcery to buff damage and weapon attacks.

When it comes to Sorcery, much like Pyromancy builds, there is no finite amount of builds. Experimenting and creating builds of your own can lead to a lot of fun and effective builds. This guide covers what we believe to be the most effective Dark Souls 3 Sorcerer builds. We hope you find this guide useful. For more Dark Souls, consider checking out Dark Souls 2 Boss Weapons.

For Sorcerer builds in Dark Souls 3, you require a staff and a high Intelligence level. If you plan on running a Sorcerer build, we recommend a Strength level of at least 50. You should also have a high attunement level of anywhere from 35-50 for those extra spell slots and higher FP. The remaining points can be allotted depending upon what build you plan on running.

While the Court Sorcerer’s staff is the best overall staff for Sorcerers due to its high INT scaling, Izalith’s staff is the best option for players planning on using Dark Sorceries. While no particular armour set is required when running a sorcerer build in Dark Souls 3, going with robes will help you with fashion souls We recommend the Black Set, Carlas Set and the Scholar’s set

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Pure Sorcerer Build

The BEST Dark Souls 3 Sorcerer Builds - VeryAli Gaming (1)

One of the most popular Dark Souls 3 Sorcerer Builds is the Pure Sorcerer build. Everything about this build is about Sorcery and Intelligence. The pure sorcerer build is a build that relies almost exclusively on Sorceries for damage and combat, with no emphasis on physical combat. When running a pure sorcerer build, we recommend an Intelligence level of 60, alongside high attunement. The remaining levels can go to vigour or endurance.

For your Sorceries, we recommend the Soul Dart or Arrow, Homing Soulmass, Farron Flashsword, Great Soul Dart and Pestilent mist. Your basic Soul Arrow/Dart will be doing most of the work against smaller enemy types and ads. Since it will be dealing a decent amount of damage at high Int levels, it will easily get you through smaller enemy types and will also be effective at eating up the health of larger encounters. It will also help in creating distance and causing minor damage during PvP encounters.

Homing Soulmass can complement your Darts/Arrows during encounters. It will also help as a defensive mechanism, especially during PvP. Having homing soulmass surround you will mean that your foe will be continually worried and will think twice before making moves.

Farron Flashsword and Great Dart will be your heavy hitters. Farron Flashsword will also help in situations where your opponents close into you. Pestilent mist is a good way to chip away the health of slower-moving large enemies and bosses resistant to magic.

We recommend using Saint’s ring, Magic clutch ring, Sage ring and Bellowing Dragon crest ring. Saint’s ring gives you an extra attunement slot which can be crucial for a build like this. Magic Clutch ring lowers your defence in exchange for higher spell damage. The trade-off is worth it for this is a ranged build and you should be trying to avoid contact/damage anyway.

Sage’s ring increases spell casting time. Bellowing Dragon Crest Ring increases Sorcery damage by 20%. This, coupled with the Magic Clutch Ring means that you will be dealing insane amounts of Sorcery damage.

(Video) Dark Souls III OP Build - NG+ Quick Early Game Walkthrough

A build like this will excel in both PVE and PVP. Once you get used to the casting and distance, you will be almost overpowered. You will be melting through your foes in seconds, with even the soul darts one hit killing most ads. The quick time to kill, very high damage, distance management and relative ease of use makes the Pure Sorcerer build one of the most fun and effective builds for almost every type of encounter in Dark Souls 3. Do expect rage texts from the invaders you send back home though. All in all, a pure sorcerer build in Dark Souls 3 is a very powerful and fun way to play through the game.

Dark Sorcerer Build

The BEST Dark Souls 3 Sorcerer Builds - VeryAli Gaming (2)

The Dark Sorcerer build is similar to a Pure Sorcerer build, except that it utilizes Dark Sorceries. While Dark Sorceries may seem a little daunting and confusing at first, we got you covered. For this build, you require the Izalith staff, for this staff is the best staff for Dark Sorceries. You should also have both Intelligence and Faith at at least level 35 (Izalith staff scales with faith too).

For your rings, we recommend the Prisoners chain and ring of favour to manage your HP and endurance for this build won’t leave much room for those two to be upgraded. Other than that, we recommend the Saint’s ring and the Bellowing Dragoncrest ring.

For your Sorceries, we recommend Affinity, Great deep Soul and Dark Edge. For a Pure Dark Sorcerer build, we also recommend going with a basic weapon and infusing it with the Dark Gem (check out our Infusions guide) which adds Dark damage and Int/Fth scaling to a weapon for there are not enough Dark spells to get you through the game along.

A Dark Sorcerer build with a Dark weapon and Dark Spells with high Int/Fth can be devastating. We also recommend Dark Coloured robes and remaining hollow for aesthetic purposes.

Dark Sorcerer builds in Dark Souls 3 should serve exclusively as a PvE build. This build will feel underwhelming in PvP but will be a lot of fun in PvE. The powerful Dark spells, along with your Dark weapon will tear through every enemy encounter.

Affinity, Great Deep Soul and Dark Edge will get through almost every ad and non boss encounter. During hard/boss encounters, you melee weapon will go hand in hand with your spells. They will work in conjunction to yield a lot of damage and a very fun playthrough.

Melee Sorcerer Hybrid

The BEST Dark Souls 3 Sorcerer Builds - VeryAli Gaming (3)

Another popular way of playing as a Sorcerer is the melee Sorcerer hybrid build. Such a build utilizes your high Strength and couples that with a melee weapon. For a melee sorcer build in Dark Souls 3, we recommend an Intelligence level of 40-50 and a Strength or Dexterity level of at least 40. The remainder should go into Vigour, Endurance and Attunement.

A melee sorcerer build will be both a long-range and short-range combat type. You will be using your damaging sorceries to cause damage from a distance and plan your next move while simultaneously going in and attacking with your melee weapon.

You will require a staff in one hand and a Strength or Dexterity weapon in your other hand. For your staff, we again recommend the Court Sorcerers Staff and for your weapon, we recommend going with a basic, buffable Strength or Dexterity weapon. Some good options are the broadsword and longsword for Strength and the Washing pole for Dexterity.

For your rings, we recommend going with the rings we recommended for the Pure Sorcerer build but swapping the Sage ring for the ring of favour. For your Sorceries, we recommend Great Magic Weapon, Homing Soulmass and any Soul Dart or Arrow.

You will be using the Soul Dart as a means to cause damage from a distance and to take on smaller ads. Great Magic Sword will give your melee weapon a major magic buff, increasing the damage. This will come in handy against bosses, mini-bosses and encounters with multiple ads. The homing soul mass will help in times of panic, complement your soul dart, and keep PvP opponents second-guessing and maintaining distance.

Melee sorcerer builds in Dark Souls 3 will be good for both PvP and PvE. They are, however, more geared towards PvP. Such a build will excel during PvP encounters. You will be ready for all sorts of encounters, from invading a gank squad to a 1V1 with a Mage or a pure Strength build.

Since a melee sorcerer build puts heavy emphasis on both casting and melee combat, it will be decent for PvE runs too. The Great Magic Weapon buff will make such a build especially effective when facing tougher enemy types. All in all, this build is a great all rounder for all kinds of players and one of the best sorcerer builds in Dark Souls 3.


Here are the locations for every item mentioned in this guide:

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-Soul Dart/Soul Dart:

Can be purchased from Yoel of Londor for 1,000 souls.

-Farron Flashsword:

Can be purchased from Orbeck of Venheim for 3,000 souls.

-Pestilent Mist:

Can be purchased from Orbeck of Venheim for 1,000 souls.

-Great Soul Dart:

Can be purchased from Orbeck of Venheim for 2,000 souls after you give him the Sage’s Scroll.

-Homing Soulmass:

Can be purchased from Orbeck of Venheim after giving him Logan’s scroll.


Can be purchased from Karla, the Dark Sorcerer for 15,000 souls.

-Dark Edge:

Can be purchased from Karla for 8,000 souls.

-Great Deep Soul:

(Video) Strength/Faith vs MLGS/MLBH dark mage

To acquire this sorcery, you will have to join the Aldrich Faithful covenant. You will be rewarded this Dark Sorcery for reaching level 1 of Aldrich Faithful.

-Great Magic Sword:

Can be picked up from a corpse near the shortcut gate to the Road Of Sacrifices.

Izalith Staff:

In the smouldering lake, you will come across a hostile large rat. Behind that rat is a hidden wall with a chest. Behind the chest is another hidden wall. Hitting the second wall and then jumping down to a ledge will lead you to the Izalith Staff.

-Court Sorcerer’s Staff:

The court Sorcerer’s Staff is obtained after beating a mimic in the Profaned Capital. Un the Profaned Capital, you will come across a building that resembles a battered church, said mimic will be in the second floor of that building.

-Sage’s Ring:

To the left of the Road of Sacrifices swamp, you will come across a hollow room with an enemy. There you can pick up the Sage’s ring.

-Saint’s Ring:

Can be purchased from Irina of Carim for 3,000 souls.

-Ring of Favour:

From the Pontiff Sulywahn bonfire, tread ahead and pass the area with the giants and the dead giants. Upon entering the first building, go to the left corner and hit the wall. It will be a hidden wall and will reveal a ladder. Going down that ladder will bring you to an area with very difficult Sulyahn beasts. Beating those will give you the Ring of Favour.

-Prisoner’ Chain:

To obtain this ring, you will have to beat Champion Gundyr. After beating him, transpose his soul to get the Prisoner’s chain.

(Video) Dark souls 3

-Magic Crest Ring:

In Irythyll of the Borreal valley, head o where the Pontiff Knights and Fire witches stand together and act in conjunction as if standing on a stage. Kill them and head to the right of the platform, strike the wall for it is a hidden wall. Here you will find the Magic Crest ring laying atop a corpse.

-Bellowing Dragon Ring:

In Irithyll Dungeon, head to the room in the corner of the main area that is opened using the Jailer’s key. You will find the Bellowing Dragoncrest ring here.

Now that we are done with the Sorcerer Builds, let’s answer some common questions.

What is the best Sorcerer build in Dark Souls 3?

This comes down to personal preference. There is no single greatest sorcerer build in Dark Souls 3. All the Dark Souls 3 sorcerer builds mentioned in our guide and all the infinite builds you can create yourself by trial and error can be equally effective. It all comes down to which build you have the most fun with. However, some of the most popular Sorcerer builds include the pure Sorcerer build and the Sorcerer melee build.

What is the best Sorcerer build for beginners?

In our opinion, the best Sorcerer build for beginners is the Pure Sorcerer build. Yes, it has a slight learning curve, especially for those transitioning from melee builds. Diving straight into a pure Sorcerer build, however, will mean that you will quickly get acquainted with spells and intelligence scaling. You can then branch out and experiment with other builds.

What is the best Sorcerer build for PvP?

This entirely depends on what type of encounters you want. Both the melee Sorcerer hybrid and the Pure Sorcerer build are exceptional PvP options. If you want more close-quarters combat, the Melee Sorcerer combo can be very devastating, making you go in and out of combat in an instant. It will also keep your opponent vary of your next move. The Pure sorcerer build can be equally effective. The ability to deal tons of damage very quickly from a distance can be a big advantage. Most players will be overwhelmed by your Sorceries, and some might just give up without trying.

(Video) Duel Charms Better Then You Think? (DS3 Guide)


What is the best sorcerer build in ds3? ›

For a melee sorcer build in Dark Souls 3, we recommend an Intelligence level of 40-50 and a Strength or Dexterity level of at least 40. The remainder should go into Vigour, Endurance and Attunement. A melee sorcerer build will be both a long-range and short-range combat type.

What stat makes Sorceries stronger? ›

Intelligence is the stat for casting Sorceries and for increasing your magic resistance. Attribute required to perform sacred incantations. Also boosts power of faith-scaling incantations. Faith is the stat for the other kind of magic, Incantations.

What is the best weapon for a sorcerer Dark Souls 3? ›

The players who rely on magic-based attacks and spells, Crystal Sage's Rapier is the best weapon for sorcerer Dark Souls 3. This weapon is the best for long-range and close attacks. It is evident from its appearance. It has the ranking of A as per Intelligence.

What is the best sorcery catalyst in Dark Souls 3? ›

Court Sorcerer Staff (Sorcery)

The Court Sorcerer Staff is community-ranked as the most powerful catalyst in Dark Souls 3 for sorcerers that do not use dark spells.

Is Sorcerer a good class ds3? ›

Sorcerers have the highest intelligence and attunement in the game. This is great in terms of your magic damage output, as well as the range of spells you have quicker access too. That being said, it also has the lowest vigor out of any starting class.

Which is the best class in Dark Souls 3? ›

Knight Stats And Gear

Knights are the most commonly picked class in Dark Souls 3, and for good reason. Knights start with the Longsword, one of the best weapons in the game. They also have a 100% physical absorption shield. What's more, they focus on raw damage thanks to a high strength and dexterity stat.

What stats should a Sorcerer have? ›

The sorcerer's spellcasting ability is based on their charisma, so naturally, charisma is the number one priority when it comes to stats. Assign the highest value to charisma, and work that score up to a full 20 as soon as possible to make sure the sorcerer is at their best.

Does dexterity increase casting speed? ›

Dexterity controls the player's Attack Power for weapons that scale with Dexterity and increases casting speed for most spells. Some weapons require a minimum dexterity level to be wielded properly.

Is magic glint blade good? ›

Magic Glintblade is excellent for killing NPC Invaders and other enemies that dodge, because they dodge when the spell finishes casting and not when the blade fires, and usually get hit by the spell.

What is best spell buff ds3? ›

The Priest's Chime offers the best scaling and Spell Buff stat out of all Sacred Chimes while the player is under 45 Faith, making it ideal for the early and mid-game.

What is the best catalyst in Dark Souls? ›

The Oolacile catalyst reaches its cap at a whopping 12 Int! It is by far the strongest catalyst at that level, with 180 Mag Adj. To get higher than that with any catalyst, takes 27 Int.

Where is the best catalyst in Dark Souls? ›

All Catalysts in Dark Souls
Attack Power‍ Damage Reduction (%)
NameAcquired From
Manus Catalyst190 26Ascended with Soul of Manus at the Giant Blacksmith (AotA only)
Tin Darkmoon Catalyst44 26Ascended with Soul of Gwyndolin at the Giant Blacksmith
Beatrice's Catalyst40 26Found in Valley of Drakes
8 more rows
Mar 19, 2021

What Dark Souls 3 weapon does the most damage? ›

1 Old King's Great Hammer

With 328 physical attack and 126 fire attack, the Old King's Great Hammer stands as possibly the most powerful weapon in Dark Souls 3.

Can you buff a crystal weapon? ›

Crystal magic weapon buff will do more damage, but the trade off is cast time and buff time. In pvp terms, an opponent could hit you while you're buffing and/or can wait out the buff until it's gone, leaving you significantly weaker.

How do you pick Heysels? ›

you can get 2 picks in one playthrough. Kill heysel (ember up!) in top swamp, and then again in lower (toxic) swamp before going to the cathedral of the deep. The second pick will drop from the slug creature outside Rosaria's bedchamber.

How do you make Sorceries stronger in ds3? ›

Dark Souls 3 - SORCERER BUILD [GUIDE] - YouTube

What is the best staff in ds3? ›

1 Staff: Court Sorcerer's Staff

For those looking to build their character to an Intelligence above 60, then the Court Sorcerer's Staff is the best weapon in the game without question. It provides the largest spell buff thanks to its skill, Steady Chant, and scaling.

What is the max soul level in Dark Souls 3? ›

The maximum Soul Level is 802, where each attribute is at their maximum value of 99 points. Visit the Build Calculator page for soul leveling calculations.

Is Dark Souls 3 difficult? ›

The Dark Souls series is notorious for its difficulty, but these bosses really gave players trouble. The series is renowned for its grueling boss fights, yet Dark Souls III is possibly the most divisive game in the series.

How long is ds3? ›

This means that one's experience with Dark Souls 3 may very well run much longer than its averages of 32 hours for the main story and 96 hours for a completionist run. The Dark Souls games have become extremely popular and influential across the gaming industry, and they are well worth a playthrough because of that.

What race is best for Sorcerer? ›

Half-Elves are quite possibly the best race in the game overall. So, taking that power and putting it onto your Sorcerer is an excellent option for those looking for a power boost.

What background is best for a Sorcerer? ›

Sorcerer Backgrounds
  • AcolytePHB: Insight and two languages.
  • City WatchSCAG: Surprisingly good, though you probably won't get much use out of Athletics.
  • CourtierSCAG: You probably don't have the Wisdom to back up Insight, but it's still great on a Face, and you get a Face skill and two languages.
Jul 9, 2022

What are the best skills for a Sorcerer? ›

Critical Surge is a must-have for the Sorcerer in almost any role. Stamina and Magicka DPS love this ability because it gives them Major Brutality and Sorcery, which increases their weapon and spell damage by 20% for 33 seconds.

Does Dex affect weapon art speed? ›

No, it doesn't.

Does Radagon Icon work on incantations? ›

The Radagon Icon shortens the casting time of all spells and incantations when worn, equal to around 30 extra Dexterity.

Is sorcery better than Incantations? ›

Sorceries are extremely powerful and generally consume more FP than Incantations. Incantations have pyromancies and Sorceries have meteors. Sorceries look way cooler than Incantations. Incantations don't track enemies.

What staff boosts Glintstone sorcery? ›

Prince of Death Staff, Gelmir Glintstone Staff, and Albinauric Staff can reach higher Sorcery Scaling because you can invest in two attributes to boost Sorcery Scaling, but you will only reach this with significantly more attribute investment.

Is the Carian Glintstone Staff good? ›

Carian Glintstone Staff is a Glintstone Staff in Elden Ring. The Carian Glintstone Staff scales primarily with Strength and Intelligence and is a good Weapon only for characters with the highest Intelligence, commonly used by sorcerers or any other magic build.

What is the best staff in ds3? ›

1 Staff: Court Sorcerer's Staff

For those looking to build their character to an Intelligence above 60, then the Court Sorcerer's Staff is the best weapon in the game without question. It provides the largest spell buff thanks to its skill, Steady Chant, and scaling.

Is there a mage class in Dark Souls 3? ›

The Sorcerer is a starting Class in Dark Souls 3. A loner who left formal academia to pursue further research. Commands soul sorceries using high intelligence."

How do you build a sorcery? ›

Elden Ring Sorcery Build Guide - How to Make a Magic Build - YouTube

How do you build a mage in Dark Souls 3? ›

Getting Started

Pour most of your souls into Intelligence (30), and then Vigor (no more than 20, for now) or, optionally, Attunement (no more than 18). Once those stats are achieved, basically focus on raising Intelligence up to 40-60 as soon as you can, increasing Vigor and Attunement as needed along the way.

What is the best staff for sorcerers? ›

1 Azur's Glintstone Staff

Though locked off for flex builds, Azur's Glintstone Staff stands as the best staff in the game for sorcerers. It can be found behind many secret paths inside Raya Lucaria Academy.

Is the court sorcerer staff better than Sorcerer staff? ›

In terms of raw Spell Buff, the Court Sorcerer's Staff will become the strongest staff at 50 Intelligence and beyond, claiming the top spot from the Sorcerer's Staff.

What staff has the highest sorcery scaling? ›

1) Prince of Death's Staff +25

As long as the player's Faith and Intelligence are within five levels of one another, this will be the strongest staff option. It boasts the highest sorcery scaling in the game at 430, and has an A-Tier attribute scaling in both Faith and Intelligence at +25.

How do you beat Lothric as a Sorcerer? ›

You can literally attack Lothric until he dies without either of them attacking back. I'll also explain how the cheese works. To do this as a sorcerer you only need to attune a ranged attack spell. I recommend Great Heavy Soul Arrow (GHSA) since it has the highest damage per focus point of any sorcery.

How do you make Sorceries stronger in ds3? ›

Dark Souls 3 - SORCERER BUILD [GUIDE] - YouTube

What is the strongest magic in Elden Ring? ›

Comet Azur is not simply the most potent Elden Ring spell, but also the most overpowered strike in the entire game. Elden Ring's Kamehameha spell, Comet Azur, is similar to that. It continuously fires a large beam that is strong enough to kill bosses in a single blow.

Which class is mage in Elden Ring? ›

The Best Mage Build in Elden Ring

We recommend using the Astrologer Class if you want a powerful and well-rounded Mage build in Elden Ring. Of course, you can also make a reliable build with the Prophet Class too, but Astrologer is our first go-to pick.

Can you be a wizard in Elden Ring? ›

Sorcerers and Mages in Elden Ring need a couple of things to be fully functional. They require sufficient Intelligence, Arcane and Mind stats and access to powerful sorceries and staffs.

Which stat increases magic damage ds3? ›

Intelligence is a stat in Dark Souls 3. This attribute is required to cast sorceries and pyromancies and also boosts Magic Defense.

How do I use great magic weapon? ›

Great Magic Weapon is a Sorcery in Dark Souls. To cast a sorcery, you must use a Catalyst or Special Weapons that can cast Sorceries. Sorcery which improves upon Magic Weapon. High magic augmentation: right weapon.
Great Magic Weapon
Slots Used1
Spell Uses3
2 more rows
Apr 19, 2020

How do you beat the Sorcerer? ›

How to beat RENNALA Boss - Sorcerer (Int/Dex) Build Gameplay


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