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In RuneScape 3, Woodcutting is a gathering skill that involves cutting down various trees and foliage. Generally you will receive logs or some type of resource when cutting trees. These logs can be sold or used for other skills such as Firemaking, Fletching and even Construction!

In our Woodcutting guide for RS3, you will learn the quickest and most profitable methods for training your skill, all the way up to level 99/120.

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The main tool that you will be using while training your Woodcutting skill is a hatchet. As you progress through the levels, you will have access to better hatchets that will cut trees faster.

Protip: you can add a higher level hatchet into your toolbelt, and it will work as all previous hatchets. For example, adding a Dragon Hatchet to your toolbelt at level 1 will grant you all previous hatchets. You do not need to buy each one individually!

The Crystal Hatchet can be made by adding 4,000 Harmonic Dust to a Dragon Hatchet. This dust is obtained throughout Prifddinas, primarily by playing the Harps. Crystal and Dragon Hatchets can both be augmented using Invention.

HatchetWoodcutting Level Req.
Dwarven Army Axe1
Bronze Hatchet1
Iron Hatchet1
Steel Hatchet6
Black Hatchet6
Mithril Hatchet21
Adamant Hatchet31
Rune Hatchet41
Dragon Hatchet61
Inferno Adze61 (Reqs. 92 Firemaking & All Fired Up Quest)
Crystal Hatchet71


Urns fill up with experience as you are training woodcutting (does not work with Ivy!), and when full are teleported off for a hefty experience boost. With the recent urn update, these can be stacked in your inventory and automatically teleported away when full. These are a must have tool if you’re trying to achieve the best experience rates. Even the lower level Urns are very effective.

Each Urn requires an Earth Rune to be placed in it in order to start collecting experience. This requires a certain crafting level as well. Refer to the chart below to choose the type of Urn that best fits you.

UrnCrafting Req.XP Granted
Cracked Woodcutting Urn4160
Fragile Woodcutting Urn15425
Plain Woodcutting Urn44825
Strong Woodcutting Urn611,662.5
Decorated Woodcutting Urn761,900

RS3 Woodcutting Guide 1-99 (Updated) - GameDB (1) RS3 Woodcutting Guide 1-99 (Updated) - GameDB (2)

A standard Woodcutting setup.

(Video) 1-99/120 Woodcutting Guide 2021 | RuneScape 3


The Lumberjack Aura has five tiers available. Each of them offers a progressively higher chance to cut logs while the Aura is active. When activated, the Aura lasts for 1 full hour, and has a cooldown period of 3 hours.

Auras are purchased through the Loyalty Points system. You are granted an increasing number of points each recurring month of membership.

AuraCut %age IncreaseLoyalty Points
Lumberjack Aura3%5,000
Greater Lumberjack Aura5%14,000 (19,000)
Master Lumberjack Aura7%33,500 (52,500)
Supreme Lumberjack Aura10%58,500 (111,000)
Legendary Lumberjack Aura15%119,000 (230,000)

Boost Items

There are many different equippable items that can help you out with Woodcutting. Some offer experience boosts, others offer useful perks that will increase profits.

ItemEffectObtained By
Lumberjack Outfit1% experience boost per item, 6% total boost for the setTemple Trekking/Burgh de Rott Ramble Minigame (dropped by Zombies)
Woodcutting Accumulator2,500 experience per use. When you fail to cut a log, it fills the device similar to an UrnCrafted with Invention or Purchased from the Grand Exchange
Log-splitting Scrimshaw15% chance to destroy a log when cut, giving an experience boostPlayer Owned Ports or Purchased from the Grand Exchange
Strung Rabbit FootIncreases the drop rate of Crystal Geodes & Bird Nests that contain eggsPurchased from the Grand Exchange, requires level 24 Hunter
Sentinel Outfits5%-7% experience boost, many various perks depending on the outfit typeTreasure Hunter


Augmenting your hatchet will not only allow you to gain some great Invention experience, but also improve your overall Woodcutting experience per hour. Refer to the Component Combinations section for the best compoments to use when attempting to make each perk.

PerkEffectComponent Combinations
Honed (tiers 1-5)Increases your chance of a successful cut by 2% per tier
  • 5 Sharp
  • 4 Precise, 1 Sharp
  • 5 Silent
Furnace (tiers 1-3)Chance to consume any resources in exchange for double experience. 5.5%-16.5% chance depending on tier
  • 5 Sharp
  • 5 Dragonfire
  • 5 Imbued


Requiring level 33 Summoning, the Beaver familiar gives you an invisible Woodcutting boost of two levels. This amounts to roughly a 3.5% cut rate increase. Beaver pouches are relatively cheap, and are a great boost for training. It will also collect various logs and planks while it is summoned!

Fast Method

Levels 1-15: Regular Trees

Regular trees can be found almost everywhere in RuneScape. A good place to start would be outside of the Grand Exchange.

RS3 Woodcutting Guide 1-99 (Updated) - GameDB (3)

Levels 15-30: Oak Trees

A bit south of where we just were, near the Varrock West bank, are three Oak trees placed near each other. Whether you want to bank the logs or not, this is a conveinient location.

(Video) Runescape 3 | 1-99/120 Woodcutting guide 2019

RS3 Woodcutting Guide 1-99 (Updated) - GameDB (4)

Levels 30-35: Willow Trees

There is an abundance of Willow trees right outside of Draynor bank. This is a great location to cut them. Willow logs aren’t worth much, and you’ll only be here for a short amount of time, so banking isn’t necessary unless you plan to use the logs for other purposes.

RS3 Woodcutting Guide 1-99 (Updated) - GameDB (5)

Levels 35-47: Teak Trees

Cutting Teak trees inside of Tai Bwo Wannai is a great method for fast experience. You will need 100 Trading Sticks to enter, but these can be purchased from the GE for a low price. There is no bank nearby, so you’ll want to “powercut” these. This just means that you should drop the logs as you cut them to maximize your experience per hour. You can bind the logs to your ability bar to make this quick and easy.

RS3 Woodcutting Guide 1-99 (Updated) - GameDB (6)

Levels 47-80: Acadia Trees

Found within the Imperial District of Menaphos, Acadia trees are one of the best methods for training your Woodcutting quickly. Think of them as an improved version of Teaks. They can also be found in the VIP Skilling area of Menaphos if you have access to it.

Levels 80-99: Acadia Trees with Crystallise

(Video) 1-99/120 Woodcutting Guide 2021 - Fast & Afk - Detailed Recommended Items - Runescape 3

This will also require 88 Magic and (optionally, but recommended) 80 Prayer.

Once you reach level 80, you are able to complete the Within The Light quest to gain access to the Crystallise spell, and the Light Form prayer. By using the spell on a tree, you will not receive any resources, and instead gain a 50% experience boost. If the prayer is active at the same time, it will be a total boost of 87.5% increase experience.

Profit Method

Follow the Fast Method above until level 90.

Levels 90-99: Elder Trees

Unfortunately, most trees in RuneScape 3 do not provide a good source of profit. Logs like Yews and Magics used to be great, but with the rise of loot table drops of these items, their prices fell greatly. I do not recommended Woodcutting for profit until at least level 90. Elder Logs are not found on any monster drop table, so their price will be consistently high. Once you reach level 90, you can cut these trees for some great cash while AFKing!

RS3 Woodcutting Guide 1-99 (Updated) - GameDB (7)

Elder trees are unique per player. Each tree can be chopped for a total of 5 minutes before depleting, taking 10 minutes to respawn. There are a total of 10 Elder trees around the map, so you’ll never run out. The best rotation is as follows:

South of Yanille > North-West of the Tree Gnome Stronghold bank (use bank if necessary) > South of Draynor Village bank (bank again before teleporting back to Yanille)

AFK Method

Follow the Fast Method above until level 68.

Levels 68-94: Choking Ivy

(Video) RuneScape 3 - 1-99/120 Woodcutting Guide

Ivy is considerably the most AFK Woodcutting method in the entire game. It can be found in various areas around the game growing on the sides of walls and buildings. It will yield absolutely no resources except the occasional Bird Nest. Click to cut, it’s as simple as that!

The easiest way to reach Ivy is by using the Varrock lodestone and running north into the castle courtyard. Head east towards the farming patch, and you’ll find five patches of Ivy to cut.

Levels 94-99: Crystal Trees

There are seven choppable Crystal trees scattered around the map. Only one tree is active at a time. You can find the location by right clicking on an inactive Crystal tree and using the ‘Look at’ option. Using this will prompt a message in your chatbox that says “The tree leans slightly towards the [direction]”.

RS3 Woodcutting Guide 1-99 (Updated) - GameDB (8)

Use your map to determine which tree is the active one based off of the following locations. Alternatively, use a Friends Chat such as ‘Tree Hunt‘ which calls out new active trees.

LocationNearest Teleport
Near the Gnome Ball FieldSpirit Tree, Eagles’ Peak Lodestone
South-east of the LighthouseGames Necklace, Enchanted Lyre
Seers’ VillageSeers’ Lodestone
Dark Wizard’s TowerFalador Lodestone
West of BrimhavenKaramja Lodestone
South of YanilleYanille Lodestone
West of the ObservatoryRing of Duelling (Castle Wars teleport)

Arc Training

Follow the Fast Method above until level 90. You will need 96 Fletching to do these methods efficiently.

Levels 90-96: Bamboo

If you’re looking to complete the Arc’s content and also want some Woodcutting experience, Bamboo is a great way to go. You can cut as much regular Bamboo as you want in Waiko, averaging about 80 bundles per hour. The experience here isn’t great, and in fact it is even slower than Ivy. It is incredibly AFK, however.

RS3 Woodcutting Guide 1-99 (Updated) - GameDB (9)

(Video) Runescape 3 - 1-99 Woodcutting guide F2P

Levels 96-99: Golden Bamboo

Upon reaching level 96 Woodcutting, you will have the chance of finding private islands with Golden Bamboo spawns. Each node will grant you enough resources for a total of 100 bundles. This method gives over double the experience rates of regular Bamboo, reaching up to 120k per hour. That, combined with the AFK factor makes this method a great choice for training.


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