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I. What are Oracle cards? History of Oracle

In the past, Oracle means “God’s delegation”. Ancient Greeks valued prophecies, which were announcements from the Gods. They believed everything had been born and controlled by the “Supreme”. Everything had its own voice and message.

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The most popular prophecy-givenplace is the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, which was known as the oldestprophecy-given place in Greece. It was believed that the Female Dancers, whichwere called “Virgin Prophetesses” would temporarily be goddesses and receivedthe prophecies. Besides, other positions in the temple would representdifferent fields of life. People of Athens could send questions about differentproblems to God followed by the above-mentioned structure. Based on the ancientmaterials, which were written by the historians, questions can be in manyareas, from big to small such as war, love, illness of a person or sometimeseven just how to be wealthy.

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Certainly, Oracle does not onlyexist in Ancient Greece. They could have existed since the beginning ofhumanity. Every time or everywhere, it is a signal that carries messages asGod’s prophecies. Everything connected to this mysterious spiritual methodattracts and inspires whoever wants to know more about the mysteries of theuniverse.

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When people feel more than theexistence of human knowledge, everything that belongs to the infinite universealways has unanswered questions. We always want to receive instructions fromthe invisible existence or supernatural forces. That encourages the inheritanceof Oracle cards and the journey that leads humanity to the infinite worldstarts. That also means there’s more than one “beginning” of the “destinyprediction”. However, compared to giving simple instructions or good/badresults such as divination, it always equips itself with differences.Everything seems to be separate from the real world.

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If we have to say something aboutthe instruction cards are highly spiritual such as Oracle, surely everybodymust admit that they are very different. It can be said, in the Ancient Greeceperiod, they are the communication methods which the People of Athens used tosend their wishes and concerns to the Gods.

Oracle is:

  • “I think I want this, but is it a good thing?”
  • “I will act like this, but does it satisfy the Gods?”

A historian captured the way howvisitors of the Temple of Apollo ask their questions. They came from everyclass and were not discriminated. With them, to connect to the Gods become anambition or belief that could turn all their wishes into realities, even themost impossible ones.

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There is one theory that said, citizens after sending their questions to the Gods, the answers will be given by the “Virgin prophetesses”. Sometimes, it could be just a leaf, a feather or a piece of paper with ambiguous poems. And after listening to the messages from Gods tenderly, this is the time for you to consider what to do next. The upcoming actions or success in the future will be decided by yourself. That is the most important message that Oracle cards carries. The future cannot be decided beforehand if the querent does not try to change. Somebody’s destiny could depend on the Gods. They could negotiate and discuss finding the best way to get what they want. But bear in mind that, everything also relies on your own attitude and actions.

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II. The real function of Oracle cards

In fact, Oracle cards are reallyeasier to use than other fortune telling tools. That existed based on thecommunication between human and gods. Do not forget that the relationshipbetween human – gods have existed over hundreds of years and become atight-knot.

In fact, Oracle Cards are reallyeasier to use than other fortune telling tools

Functions of Oracle could be summed up in these two lines:

  • Earnest but not too serious;
  • Humble but not too quiet.

If you use these cards as acompanion on your journey to self-develop, set the right goal. Do not thinkthey are cards with interesting images and symbolic instructions. Let your mindbe opened and the power to connect with your spirit be evolved. Each cardcarries a different message. Consider them as a method to send wishes to theGods and ask them to enlighten your way to the future.

III. The Structure of Oracle cards

Oracle cards does not follow anystandards. We can see that each deck will have different structure (elements,rules), how to apply and receive meanings based on one certain field (such asmanga, herbs, etc). The number of cards in one deck is not 78 as Tarot. Thereare 90 cards but sometimes, only 10 cards with priority.

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Frequently, Oracle cards are about the general meaning of the problems that the reader is facing. Everything does not lie in the prediction of how it will happen in the future. Remember the history of the development of the cards to understand that all the cards are about God’s guidance. Other objective points of view will be considered carefully and the main message that it carries is to give the best advice.

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Sometimes, you may feel like Oraclecards are more difficult than Tarot. Poems or images are not based on anystandards or rules. They require users to have a certain ability as well asgood sense organs to make the most of how the cards work. Besides, you shouldalso have general knowledge about different aspects of life in order to be ableto understand the deepest level of meaning in the cards.

IV. How to read Oracle cards

Basically, Oracle reading is thesame as Tarot, the reader will focus on the question before shuffling thecards, then choose a card and write down any impressive emotions they have whenthe card is revealed. Probably they will still need more cards to clarify thequestion. With each card they have, the reader will have more necessary answersto the question they receive. The number of chosen cards usually is based onindividual feelings and the current spread. Some readers will only use 3 cardsto read the past – the present – the future while other readers prefer having a12-card Oracle spread or even more. These Oracle cards will be arrangedcorrectly to be a full spread.

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Probably you will want to choosequickly one card to have more supporting information for the problem you needto solve, as well as being more confident with the given decision. If you’reswimming in the pool of options, and do not know what’s the best one foryourself at the moment, consider having a different way to have a spread toseek for yourself the most accurate choice.

  • Whetheryou care about love, career, health or simply how to make daily choices toevery situation, Oracle cards will effectively support you. When you have toface a difficult situation, the cards will show you the way and transmit theloving messages from the angels above to you.

V. 7 steps to have an accurate Oracle reading

Oracle cards are easy to use and tounderstand than Tarot. Most of them have a friendly design in different aspectsof life. The description of the symbols, as well as words about the message onthe card, are very detailed and easy to understand.

Obviously, it is a great way tocontact to Gods. But if you want to ensure your connection with them are notinterrupted by evil spirits, follow these 7 simple steps:

1. Step 01 – Purify your spiritual mind and body with one opening Ritual

Connecting to the Gods to gives youa particular time to focus on your needs. Set yourself in the mood of “Do NotDisturb” and turn off your phone as well as other input-output devices, thenwash off noisy and tiring things which are messing up your mind. This is thetime you should create an utterly peaceful zone to avoid temptation from theoutside to enter your zone and affect your spiritual conversation.

All the rituals related to Oraclecards are just a combination of actions based on habits of helping you focusyour mind to your current doing things. The more concentration in the firstritual, the clearer the received message will be. The ritual you choose doesnot need to be complex or fussy. You need to understand that the right elementsare necessary to relax your mind, focus it to the “Intention” that needs to bedone. The spiritual space will help you to feel relaxed and relieved, withoutany distractions.

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A special reading tablecloth for the Oracle cards, candles,a flower (can be a dried one), or purifying stones that can help you remove allthe dust from the outside life. They can create a peaceful, quiet place tocommunicate with the Gods.

2. Step 02 – Ask clear and practical questions in an Oracle spread

While reading Oracle cards, youshould have a notebook to write down exactly what you want to know. When thinkingof a question, avoiding the “Yes-No” one. Remember that questions with acomparison like that will limit the ability for the Gods to have opportunitiesto open your mind for the new ideas and create alternative options. Besides,questions of this kind normally drag your concentration to the elements towhich you might not pay attention yet.

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One thing that is usually told bythe people with experience with instructions is to give clear questions to havepossible results in action in details, or to have the necessary information tosolve a problem effectively. If you need information about someone, you shouldpresent the problem to be able to see their personality or true intention. Ifyou are having a hard time or upset, send the message to Gods on how to havehappiness or what is preventing you from being happy. Try to understand thedeepest meaning of the message. Gods will give you what you want whatever itis.

3. Step 03 – Protect your spiritual energy while reading Oracle cards

There are a lot of individuals inthe other world. Same as the people who live here, there are good people, wisepeople, stupid people, mischievous people, and a few evil people. Be carefulwith whoever you let into your spiritual zone and give advice to.

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There are many ways to protect yourspiritual energy but at the lowest level, picture yourself in a beautiful lightcrystal bubble. Observe – and feel the surroundings. This is the time to filleach of your cells with the glittering light, dazzling. Feel the warmth of it.Believe that it is there, to protect you when you are in a spread.

4. Step 04 – Summon angels to come to you

This is a simple step but oftenmissed: summon your gods to come to you and ask them to answer your questionsvia the Oracle cards.

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5. Step 05 – Choose the right Oracle spread

The details for every card you havein a spread can increase your knowledge about the message that Gods are tryingto send to you. Although Celtic Cross is a popular spread that could be appliedfor almost every situation, you can choose other spreads to match with thesituation. A suitable spread will let Gods carry the messages that need to beresponded.

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The Oracle cards can also use onesimple spread such as having a spread with a simple question. Firstly, youshould concentrate on the problem that needs to be solved and shuffle, afterthat, take one random card (normally the top or the bottom card). This cardwill give you the answer to your question.

Another simple Oracle spread is Three-Card reading. Simply, you can ask the cards one question and shuffle. Pick 3 top cards (or bottom cards), and place them in a row. The left card will represent what causes your problem. The middle card will show the action that can solve your problem, and the right card will show a possible outcome of your problem.

6. Step 06 – Learn the message through the Oracle cards

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Be open-minded and trust that the Godsknow what you really need. You should understand that no message is receiveduntil the action occurs. To achieve this, you need inner energy, rather than achange on the outside (a change within you, a change in attitude, consciousnessor expectation). No matter what that is, you cannot get the message until yourmind uses knowledge to make life better.

7. Step 07 – Be grateful, and find peace in the love of the Angels

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No matter what challenges you arefacing or if there are dramas in your life, do not worry. You should not thatGods are always there for you to help you in hard times. Even when everythinggets tougher and worse, you can always get out if you follow the instructionsthat they bring to you. Let’s Gods heal your soul and give you the right adviceto show you the way of light.

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Through Oracle cards, we will have a great way to communicate with the Supreme. If you follow the instructions, surely everything you will receive will be very accurate. Gods always want to help everyone to have the life they deserve. Then why are you still confused with the support you already had?

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