Moonstone: The Meaning Behind this Crystal (2022)

13 Dec Moonstone Crystal: Meaning, Uses, Benefits & Healing Properties

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If you are entering a new journey in your life or want to start a new beginning, Moonstone can give strength, recharge your feminine energy and help you stabilize your emotion.

Cut down all the negativities and start anew, as our team will run you through the Moonstone meaning and everything you should know about it.

What Is Moonstone?

Moonstone is a feldspar mineral gemstonemade from complex silicate refined minerals, which creates a pearly opalescent look. It has a unique shimmer, and it comes in different sizes, colors, shapes, and grades of clarity.

Moonstone is a popular gemstone used by different civilizations as an accessory or decoration to bring nourishment to life. It is believed that Moonstone possesses healing powers and can be a good guide when starting anew. It can awaken feminine energy, recharge the mind and body, and can drive away negativities.

Brief History & Etymology

Moonstone has been around since Ancient Civilization and has been widely used by Greeks and Romans who worship Lunar Deities. It can be found in Switzerland, Myanmar, Brazil, while the most prized Moonstone origins are in Indian and Sri Lanka.

When it comes to Moonstone meaning, gemstones are associated with the moon’s rays and are highly valued by Shamans, Monks, Spiritualists because of their healing powers.

Meaning Behind Moonstone

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Moonstone represents divine feminine energy widely used by different cultures, societies, and civilizations who worship Feminine Deities. Moonstone enhances intuition, activates and reinforces femininity, and promotes abundance, lucid dreaming, and passion.

In addition, Moonstone is associated with the lunar cycle and has a symbolic connection with the moon that symbolizes fresh starts. It represents the rhythm of time and can be a great reminder that like the moon in the night sky, our day can end beautifully, and we can always begin a new phase in our lives.

6 Popular Moonstone Varieties

Peach or Yellow Moonstone

Peach or Yellow Moonstone is a bright and warm stone that can light up dark and perceive positivity in all situations. It can help sort emotion and can illuminate dreams and vision for a calm and clear path.

White Moonstone

White Moonstone is a clear white light gem that captures the promise and hope of the New Moon. It can magnify emotion without compromising the balance and produces better grounding for chakra. It can relieve stress, soothe the spirit and calm the mind, which is a great help when entering a new experience in life.

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Cat’s Eye / Blue Moonstone

Cat’s Eye or Blue Moonstone is a bright blue gem that brings balance energy and provides a good flow of yin and yang. It is a protective grounding stone that can stimulate intuition and enhance awareness. In addition, it can amplify fortune and good luck and can transform negative energy into positivity.

Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone is a great stone that provides soothing energy that helps the current mental state and chakra flow freely. It is a powerful stone that helps maintain a clear mentality and provides shields against negative energies. Rainbow moonstones encourage us to be open with a fresh start and a clear mind.

Star Moonstone

Star Moonstone is a four-rayed star gemstone known for its rarity and magical shimmer. It has power and energy like other stones, but Star Moonstone is bringing harmony, fortune, and fertility. Aside from its benefits, the Star Moonstone is a popular gem loved by jewelers and collectors because of its particular visibility.

Black Moonstone

Black Moonstone is one of the famous Moonstone crystals in Sri Lanka that protects children and women in fertility. It is a real gem of fertility, love, intuition, protection, spiritual purity, and emotion that can teach us the rhythm of life. Black Moonstone is also believed to support reproductive health and soothe fluctuating hormones like a Grey Moonstone.

Moonstone Healing Properties

Mental & Emotional

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The moon affects a person’s emotional balance, and with the use of Moonstone, you can elevate your feelings and make your mind clearer. Moonstone helps us embrace the cyclical nature of life and new beginnings without fear and anxiety. It has healing properties on both mental and emotional aspects that can help a person think with clarity.


Moonstone is a unique stone with psychic abilities and a connection to the chakras. It is a grounding stone that connects the Third-Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra to confine the periphery of a person. The stone’s metaphysical properties balance the two chakras, provide healing benefits, and give a calmer spirit.


Moonstone has healing properties that greatly help women who suffer PMS and fertility. Since Moonstone is associated with the divine feminine and Goddess energy, it is believed to soften symptoms and give a good hormonal balance to most females.

In addition, it can greatly affect reproductive organs, which is ideal for people with fertility issues and such.

Other Benefits of Moonstone

For Zodiac & Birthstone

Moonstone is a mothering birthstone of people born under the zodiac signs Libra, Cancer, and Scorpion. Librans are known to be diplomatic and gentle but can be indecisive, and with this, Moonstone can drive away from the fear of decision-making. In addition, the gem can be a reminder that, like the moon, life can rise and fall, but you can find beauty in it.

For Chakra Balancing & Healing

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Moonstone is associated with Crown Chakra that can bring healing energy and keep the balance. It is linked to the heart chakras that can calm and drive away stress and negativity. Moonstone is also believed to bring relief from pregnancy-related ailments and healing to reproductivity problems and infertility.

For People & Relationships

Moonstone gives a sense of willingness and safety when building a healthy relationship with people. The balancing stone gives relaxation and peacefulness, which is vital in any relationship. If there are emotional storms, Moonstone is a powerful stabilizer that balances out emotion to recognize one’s mistake and help protect relationships.

For Therapies & Meditation

Meditation brings peace and balance that can benefit your emotional well-being and health. Moonstone is a great addition to the tools when meditating because it helps release negative thoughts and relieve pain. In addition, Moonstone can be added to the space since it can lend positive vibes to the surroundings.

For Spiritual Healing

Moonstone is strongly connected to spirituality, energies, and intuitions and can greatly help with spiritual healing. It can increase spiritual curiosity, nurture the spiritual energy and encourage acceptance, surrender, and patience. In addition, Moonstone is a great calming stone that helps when exploring the spiritual world.

For Health & Daily Wellbeing

Moonstone helps keep your body organs in balance and enhances the circadian cycle to cure insomnia. It brings serenity and calmness, which greatly helps with the well-being of a person. In addition, Moonstone is believed to help improve the digestive system, avoid water retention and enable blood cleansing.

Cleansing & Charging Moonstone

Moonstone is a gem that works best when cleansed and charged regularly. Healing crystals can drive away negativity, and washing out the negativity is keeping Moonstone fully activated.

To clean Moonstone, run through water to remove smudges and grit on the stone, and you can drop a gentle soap if it needs extra attention. It would be better to find a waterfall or river with flowing water to clean the Moonstone effectively. To recharge the Moonstone, leave it outside under direct moonlight.

How To Use Moonstone

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Moonstone jewelry is one of the most common ways to use stone. Jewelry like Moonstone rings and bracelets made from pearly stone can easily match any accessories. Moonstone is prized among collectors and jewelers, especially during the Art Nouveau Period. It is because of the healing properties of Moonstone and the elegance of the stones.

Moonstones can be more effective when in contact with skin. Moreover, our team recommends wearing Moonstone jewelry, especially when Waxing Moon or Full Moon, for increased power.


If you don’t want Moonstone jewelry, you can use it as home decor. Moonstones are used as a decoration for wall posters, coasters, and tapestries. Moreover, it can be used as home accessories to bring positive energy to your surroundings and help address health and psychic issues.

For people who follow Chinese Feng Shui, you can place Moonstone near the bed or under the mattress to invite receptivity and balance the feminine energies.


Women usually wear jewelry when going to work, but if you prefer not to wear Moonstone, you can place it at your office or workplace to invite positivity and serenity. You can decorate your office with gemstones that give healing, guidance and clears out the negative vibes that can affect your workplace.


What happens if a Moonstone gets wet?

Moonstone getting wet with water does not ruin gemstones. However, it is best not to leave it wet for too long as there will be a big chance of being in contact with the aggressive substance that may ruin the stone.

Is it bad luck to wear a Moonstone?

No, it is not bad luck to wear a Moonstone. Moonstone can bring good luck and positivity to someone’s life. Moreover, it can drive away negativity, restore balance and mark new beginnings.

Key Takeaways

Moonstone Crystal is a gemstone that helps channel the feminine side and support inner growth and strength. Incorporating Moonstone brings good fortune, emotional balance, positivity, and wisdom if you are entering a new phase in your life.

Now that we understand the Moonstone meaning, you can own, display or wear Moonstone to enjoy its benefits. Moonstone Crystal brings good luck, balance, healing, and psychic protection.

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