Lost Ark: All currencies and how to get them (2022)

Lost Ark: All currencies and how to get them (1)

In the new MMORPG Lost Ark, there are a variety of different currencies. In this guide, we will tell you what they are, what they are used for, and how to get them.

In addition to normal money, you can trade in Lost Ark with a large number of currencies. You need them not only for trading at the auction house but also for trading with NPCs.

As a reward, you can get valuable items, upgrades for your equipment in the endgame, cosmetic items, or new maps for the Lost Ark mini-game.

You can either buy these currencies with real money or earn them in-game through various activities, and with a few exceptions, they are account-wide. You can find out what they are and how to do it in this guide.

The currency that can be bought

Royal Crystals

Lost Ark: All currencies and how to get them (2)

what are they good for The crystals can be spent to buy exclusive items in the cash shop. This includes, for example, pets, mounts, or cosmetic outfits. On the other hand, you can also exchange them for blue crystals or gold.

If you want to change your character's appearance, change the name of your guild, or buy a new character slot, you will also need these types of crystals.

how to get them This type of crystal is the premium currency of Lost Ark and can only be purchased with real money in the Lost Ark cash shop.

Blue Crystals

Lost Ark: All currencies and how to get them (3)

what are they good for These types of crystals are more versatile than the royal ones. You can use them to buy cosmetic items like mounts and pets in the cash shop. But they also give you booster items that complete certain activities immediately.

The crystals are also necessary to expand your inventory or to buy new slots for your character's skin presets.

how to get them Blue Crystals are earned through various in-game activities or as daily login rewards. They can also be purchased from the Royal Crystals shop or purchased with gold currency.

gold coins

(Video) Lost Ark - Ultimate Currency Guide | Every Token Explained, Identified, And Located

Lost Ark: All currencies and how to get them (4)

what are they good for Gold is the common currency for trading between players in the auction house, where you pay with gold. It's needed later in the endgame when you want to reroll the stats on your gear.

If you urgently need Blue Crystals and don't want to spend real money in the shop, you can exchange them for gold. You have to take into account that the exchange rate can change.

how to get them You get the coins from a variety of activities in the game. Quests, raids, relationships with NPCs, certain dungeons, etc. can all provide gold as a reward. Alternatively, it can be bought with the Royal Crystals.


Lost Ark: All currencies and how to get them (5)

what are they good for Pheons are a bit of an odd currency as they essentially serve one purpose. If you want to buy armor or accessories at the auction house in Lost Ark, you have to pay a small number of pheons in addition to the usual gold. Other than that, it has no other use.

how to get them Pheons can be purchased in the Lost Ark cash shop for royals or crystals. However, sometimes they can also be earned during in-game events.

(Video) Lost Ark currencies guide - How to get ALL currencies in Lost Ark

The currency that must be earned

silver coins

Lost Ark: All currencies and how to get them (6)

what are they good for Silver is the basic currency in Lost Ark, which is used for a variety of things. You can use it to repair your armor at the blacksmith, buy items from NPCs and if you use the triports to teleport, you also pay for this with silver.

However, silver is also used in large quantities if you want to re-roll the effects and status values ​​on your armor or gems.

how to get them Much of the activity in the game will yield you, Silver, in one way or another. It drops in small amounts from enemies, from treasure chests, or as a reward from dailies and quests. Sometimes you also get platinum coins that you can sell to NPCs for a lot of silver.

stones of providence

Lost Ark: All currencies and how to get them (7)

what are they good for You need these cute stones in large quantities if you want to buy cosmetic items from NPCs. Even if you want to improve your relationship with various NPCs, these stones will speed up your work because you can exchange them for Gift Boxes.

how to get them You get these stones as a reward from various quests given by NPCs. Killing certain rare monsters will also give you smaller amounts of Destiny Stones.

pirate coins

Lost Ark: All currencies and how to get them (8)

what are they good for The Pirate Coins are used for all activities that are somehow related to your ships. Whether upgrading, buying materials, or hiring new NPCs for your team, you need these coins for everything.

how to get them The quickest way to get these coins is through the events at sea. Otherwise, you get them from the treasure chests you fish out of the sea while sailing, by defeating ghost ships, or a whole range of other activities on the sea.

There are also some subtypes of these coins that are particularly valuable and can be exchanged for a large amount of the normal pirate coins.

Silmael Bloodstone

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Lost Ark: All currencies and how to get them (9)

what are they good for Also known as Guild Crystals, they are exchanged at the Guild Trader for various rewards. It can be chests with silver, various boost potions, or equipment upgrade materials.

how to get them The bloodstones can only be obtained from guild activities. This includes daily logins to the guild, donations to the guild, research,, or guildwars as soon as they become available in our country.

Coins of Courage

Lost Ark: All currencies and how to get them (10)

what are they good for All items that can be purchased in Lost Ark PvP are purchased with Coins of Courage. In addition to the usual cosmetic things like titles, auras, or mounts, this also includes more useful things.

For example, you can exchange them for EXP potions, update materials for your armor, or other important resources.

how to get them These coins are obtained from various PvP activities Lost Ark has to offer. If you fight other players in the arena in different modes, you will get Coins of Courage as a reward at the end.

(Video) Lost Ark: Cash Shop Currencies Explained - Breaking Down Crystals and the Currency Exchange

Both victory and defeat grant coins, but of course, there are more coins for a win.


Lost Ark: All currencies and how to get them (11)

what are they good for The fragments are also one of the more basic currencies of Lost Ark and are only used to buy special crates. These boxes contain secret cards that you need to be able to enter special dungeons.

The loot in the dungeons is valuable and ranges from gems to catalysts to books that improve your engravings.

how to get them You get Rift Fragments as a reward for completing Chaos Portals. They are special events in the open world that take place at specific times and only allow a limited number of players.

Shards of Harmony, Life und Honor

Lost Ark: All currencies and how to get them (12)

what are they good for The three are high-level endgame currencies. You need them to be able to improve your equipment. You add them to an armor item like EXP and once the gauge reaches 100%, the item can be upgraded at all. The splitters are also required for this.

Different types of shards are used for different tiers of gear. For example, T3 needs yellow shards.

Another special feature of these splitters is that, unlike all previous currencies, they are not account-wide. They are bound to your characters and must be earned by that character.

how to get them The shards are available as a reward for completing Chaos Dungeons, for daily quests, for dismantling high-level gear, and from many other endgame activities.


How do you find all the currencies in Lost Ark? ›

There are two ways to access the different currencies in Lost Ark. Firstly, accessing the Currency Inventory by clicking the chest icon on the top of your screen. Secondly, is to open your inventory and select the 3rd tab that looks like a book to open the Storage tab.

How do you get 15000 Pirate Coins in Lost Ark? ›

Island Quests

From there, you can complete a series of quests that will net you a total of 15,000 Pirate Coins. If you're looking to get the Song of Resonance, you can then sail south from Freedom Isle to Blackfang's Den.

How do I get more research Coins in Lost Ark? ›

How to Get Pirate Coins in Lost Ark – Daily and Weekly Activities
  1. Log in rewards will occasionally give you some Pirate Coins.
  2. Adventure Islands. ...
  3. Exchange Sea Coins for Pirate Coins at a Tea and Libra Vessel. ...
  4. Sailing challenges. ...
  5. Kalthertz prisoner exchange.
May 20, 2022

How many currencies are there in Lost Ark? ›

There are a total of 12 currencies in Lost Ark.

Is crystalline aura worth? ›

Overall, whether or not Crystalline Aura is worth it for you will come down to the bonuses and benefits it offers. By the time you reach the endgame, the savings on silver costs and the pet repairs and inventory management systems will make the subscription worthwhile.

Is Lost Ark Online P2W? ›

P2W usually refers to the advantages gained in a PvP environment. If a player can beat another player by spending in the game, it is P2W. In that regard, Lost Ark is NOT PAY TO WIN.


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