How To Get Primal Crystal And Tame A Crystal Wyvern (2022)

Taming a Crystal Wyvern and harvesting primal crystal is endgame content for experienced players who have the weapons, armor, and building skills to complete the task. However, it’s also a lot of fun to prepare for!

If you want to go wyvern hunting and are hoping to tame a crystal wyvern of your own, make sure you’re ready to tangle with such a fierce creature before you engage.

About Primal Crystal

How To Get Primal Crystal And Tame A Crystal Wyvern (1)

Primal crystal is a resource that you can only get on the Crystal Isles map. It doesn’t spawn on other maps. Also, it degrades over time and doesn’t keep the primal status forever, so it’s something you want to get when you have a use for it.

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Primal crystal is difficult to obtain because it can only be harvested from an unconscious or dead crystal wyvern. Since you might need a great deal of it, the best way to get primal crystal is to create a trap where you can have the upper hand over the dangerous wyverns.

How to Get Primal Crystal

You have to harvest a primal crystal from a dead alpha wyvern or take it out from the inventory of an unconscious wyvern. One of the best ways to do this without dying is to create a trap to lure a crystal wyvern into. Once they’re in the trap, you can stand above them and tranquilize or kill them as needed to get the crystal.

  1. Scout a location close enough to crystal wyvern dens that you can lure them to the trap. However, you also want it to be far enough away that constant wyvern attacks don’t hinder construction and other activities.
  2. Build a trap. I recommend using the behemoth gate so that the large wyverns fit in and can’t massively damage it. Start by laying down foundations in at least a shape at least ten foundations across.
    How To Get Primal Crystal And Tame A Crystal Wyvern (2)
    It sounds like a lot, but you want the space to lure the beast inside. The gate and the archway take up 12 foundations of space, but the archway doesn’t have to be placed on a foundation.
  3. Place the gateway down on the front foundations.
  4. Place the gate down inside the gateway.
  5. Place a small doorway on the back of the pen. Consider using metal for this.
  6. Place a matching door in the doorway. Leave it open so that you can escape the trap without having to interact with a door.
  7. Build walls all around the trap. The gateway is 12 walls high, so plan to go up at least that high.
  8. Place a roof on the trap. Build a trapdoor into the ceiling to easily access the pen to tranq or kill the crystal wyvern.
  9. Close the trap when you’re done.
  10. Go near enough to a wyvern to bait it to follow you. Plan to have a fast mount or way to get away from the wyvern because otherwise, it will kill you before you both reach the pen.
  11. Enter the pen with the wyvern behind you. Look to ensure that it followed you in.
  12. Either close the gate when you go in – and risk death – or have a friend hiding nearby close it once the wyvern is inside.
  13. Run to the back door and exit it. Close it behind you.
  14. Ascend to the roof. When my tribe did this, we used to climb the wall with a grappling hook and descend with a parachute.
    How To Get Primal Crystal And Tame A Crystal Wyvern (3)
    However, you can use a jetpack or build a staircase or ladder up the side. Do what works best for you.
  15. Open the trapdoor. Use a tranq gun and darts to tranquilize the wyvern until it’s unconscious.
    How To Get Primal Crystal And Tame A Crystal Wyvern (4)
  16. Go to the bottom of the trap and approach the wyvern. Click to get your primal crystal.
  17. Open the behemoth gate so that the wyvern can exit when it wakes. Be wary, though, because it might aggro on you again as it leaves. You can also leave it trapped until crystal spawns in its inventory and repeat the process.

You can also kill the alpha crystal wyverns and harvest their bodies to get the primal crystal.

If you aren’t sure where to build your trap, explore the map and find where the crystal wyverns live. Patrol the area for a while and watch where they travel. Once you find a space that you think might work, think about constructing a small base where you can rest, get warm, refresh your needs, and craft new weapons and armor if needed.

(Video) How to get Primal Crystals!! THIS PRIMAL CRYSTAL FARM IS SO EASY!! Ark Crystal Isles

Make the trap near the base but far enough away that the wyvern you lure in won’t damage your building when you lure it in. I speak from experience when I say that you can lose hours of work very quickly if multiple wyverns get grumpy around your base.

Uses for Primal Crystal

There are a few different things you can do with primal crystal, the most common of which have to do with taming wyverns.

  • When they come out of their eggs, you use primal crystal to feed baby crustal wyverns.
  • Baby wyverns continue to eat primal crystals until they’re fully mature, and if they aren’t fed, they can die.
  • Use primal crystal as the passive taming food to tame adult crystal wyverns.
  • If you want to fight the Crystal Wyvern Queen, primal crystals are one of the items you need to summon her.
  • Primal crystals lose health over time and become standard crystals. Crystal isn’t a difficult resource to obtain, so don’t do this on purpose.

How to Tame a Crystal Wyvern in ARK

While you can steal an egg and hatch a crystal wyvern as a baby, you can tame these majestic creatures as adults. Unlike some other wyverns, they are tamable.

About Crystal Wyverns

There are three kinds of crystal wyverns.

(Video) How to Get Primal Crystal & Tame a Crystal Wyvern on Crystal Isle

  • Blood crystal wyverns use blood to attack. The attack continues to do damage over time and returns health to the wyvern as it disappears from its targets.
  • Tropical crystal wyverns use water instead of fire to attack enemies. It knocks enemies back and drains your health and stamina.
  • Ember crystal wyverns have a long and fierce breath attack. While it doesn’t sweep quite as wide as the other wyvern variants, it does start to do more damage over time as you continue to use the fire breath.

You may want to decide which you want first before taming one since the process can take a while. Other crystal wyverns take more damage from a tamed wyvern who matches their subtype.

Also, it’s important to remember that crystal wyverns aren’t aggressive until you attack them. Once attacked, though, they become fierce foes.

Taming a Crystal Wyvern

How To Get Primal Crystal And Tame A Crystal Wyvern (5)

One of the exciting things about taming a crystal wyvern is that it’s a passive tame. You don’t have to knock it out or fight with it to tame it. The hard part is getting the primal crystal you need to befriend it.

Your character must also be a level 65 to passive tame a crystal wyvern. If you’re a lower level, the option to feed it won’t appear even if you have plenty of primal crystal in your inventory.

(Video) Easy Crystal Wyvern Taming with Primal Crystals in ARK: Survival Evolved.

  1. Place the primal crystal in your last inventory slot.
  2. Walk up to the crystal wyvern.
  3. Press the button that the screen indicates to feed it.
  4. Follow it and wait for it to get hungry again.
    How To Get Primal Crystal And Tame A Crystal Wyvern (6)
  5. Feed it more primal crystal when prompted.
  6. Repeat this until the wyvern is tamed.
    How To Get Primal Crystal And Tame A Crystal Wyvern (7)

This works for all varieties of basic crystal wyvern. You cannot tame the heirs, though you can steal their eggs, hatch a baby crystal wyvern, and feed it primal crystal until it’s mature.

The hardest part of this is being able to tame a flying creature that is fast and active. Some people attempt to approach it when it’s blocked in the front by an environmental hazard. Others move a giant, tame dino set to passive in front of it to stop it from flying right away. The player taming the crystal wyvern can stand on it as long as they stay still and only click the key to feed.

Other people use a grappling hook to cling to the crystal wyvern. They pull themselves up as close to it as they can to feed it when the option appears. Keep medical brew on your hotbar to ensure environmental damage doesn’t kill you as the wyvern flies around.

If you do one of these methods, slot your parachute or another device that will help you make it from the sky to the ground without damage. You may find yourself abruptly launched into the air.

(Video) How to Get Primal Crystal and Tame a Higher Level Crystal Wyvern - Ark Crystal Isles

At the end of the day, taming a crystal wyvern isn’t hard as long as you’re willing to take the time to make a trap so that you have a source of primal crystal. Once you do, you have a strong and valuable tame who can move you quickly across the map or help you defeat large and scary enemies.


Do you need Primal crystal to raise crystal Wyverns? ›

Ensure you have at least a few of Primal Crystal in hand before attempting to raise Crystal Wyvern, as their drop rate are low. Placing Primal Crystals Into Crystal Wyvern's Inventory will increase their spoil timer.

How many primal crystals does it take to tame a wyvern? ›

Give or take, you need to feed a Crystal Wyvern at least eight Primal Crystals with a one-minute break in between every feed. And when the Crystal Wyvern is flying around everywhere when you are feeding it, taming it will become challenging.

How do you get primal crystal in crystal Isles? ›


Do female crystal Wyverns give primal crystal? ›

You can harvest primal crystals from tamed females every 2 hours. Crystal Wyvern Tips | Dododex.

Can you tame crystal Wyverns with regular crystal? ›

You can tame any level wyvern with regular crystal.

Do primal crystals expire? ›

Primal Crystal DOES NOT spoil slower in preserving bins or refrigerators. ONLY CRYSTAL WYVERNS CAN SLOW THE SPOILAGE. Simply put them in their inventory. With that being said, it is best to get taming immediately after gathering the primal Crystal.

What Wyverns give primal crystals? ›

To get Primal Crystals, you must knock out a Crystal Wyvern and harvest Primal Crystals off their back. Once you've harvested once, it'll take about an hour for the Crystal Wyvern to "recharge" and allow you to harvest more.

What is the best Crystal Wyvern? ›

Out of the three types of crystal wyverns: Ember wyvern: does the most damage but needs high stamina to be effective. Blood wyvern: best for PvE and is very good at killing players once picked due to their breath giving them a link to where the player is.

Can you get primal crystal from killing Wyverns? ›

Another way to get Prime Crystal is to kill Alpha Crystal Wyverns, as these will drop an amount of 20 to 30 primal crystals when killed.

What do you need to tame a Crystal Wyvern? ›

ARK How To Tame Crystal Wyverns & Farm Primal Crystals - YouTube

Can you tame Crystal Wyvern heirs? ›

They aren´t tameable by any means. You can stole eggs from them (near the griffin trench), but a normal crystal wyvern will hatch out.

What is the easiest way to get primal crystals? ›


What is a Crystal Wyvern heir? ›

The Heir, unfortunately, can't be tamed. The eggs produce the normal Crystal Wyverns you see flying around the map. The only difference there is to the Heirs and the regular Crystal Wyverns is that the Heirs fly faster and wear a skull over their faces.

Can you cross breed Wyverns? ›

You cannot breed Wyverns at all, regardless of their type (barring mods). Although it states having a Wyvern makes it easier to get more eggs, this relates to their actual movement speed making it easier to steal eggs. Messages boards confirm that you can't breed your own Wyverns.

How do you raise a Crystal Wyvern? ›


How do you raise a Crystal Wyvern egg? ›


Can you get primal crystal from killing Wyverns? ›

Another way to get Prime Crystal is to kill Alpha Crystal Wyverns, as these will drop an amount of 20 to 30 primal crystals when killed.

Can you harvest primal crystals from dead Wyverns? ›

2 Of The BEST Ways To FARM PRIMAL CRYSTALS On ... - YouTube

Ark Survival Evolved Crystal Wyvern guide will tell you all you need to know about this creature. From Taming to Spawning.

In that ARK map, we have the Crystal Wyvern creature.. This creature has three types: Tropical Crystal Wyvern, the Ember Crystal Wyvern, and the Blood Crystal Wyvern.. Ember Crystal Wyvern is the most damaging Crystal Wyvern ARK.. But when it comes to Crystal Wyverns, you can do much more.. Now ride your pteranodon, provoke a Wyvern, and then go through the behemoth door and stone pillars.. But when you feed a Crystal Wyvern a Primal Crystal, it goes away flying.

New Items

Cooked High Protein Fish Meat: Requires just High Protein Fish Meat to craft, so take care when storing it in your BD WorkBench.. Rotten Gloop Acts as a Prime taming food between Spoiled Meat and Kibble for all Carrion Eaters that can be tamed with Spoiled Meat, crafted in the Preserving Bin section of the Better Dinos Workbench.. Requires 1 Blood Pack, 20 Spoiled Meat, 1 Spoiled Milk, 5 Stimberry, 1 Savoroot to craft. Crafted in the preserving bin section of the BD Workbench, takes 1 Honey, 1 Mammal Milk, 1 Stimulant, and 10 Mejoberries to craft.. These are the mod unique resources that can be obtained from harvesting the corpses of or in some other way obtained from the Better Dinos.Obtained from harvesting the corpses or Basilosaurs, this Oil is also passively generated in the inventory of tamed Basilosaurs, and is pooped out by all Tek Dinos except for Tek Mosas.. Will continually increase a babies food at the rate of 10 per second for 120 seconds, after feeding a baby dino Milk, it will then only request Milk as its preferred comfort food.. Does the exact opposite of Mammal milk and drains food water and health (of players, not dinos), except when given to baby Crabs, Moths, Spiders, Reapers, Mantis' or Scorpions in which case it will have the same effect as regular milk on other babies.. Unique saddles to this mod, most are crafted in the BD Workbench although a couple are available in the players inventory.. Corrupted Costume: Engram learnable at level 50, crafted with Corrupted Polymer, Toughened Hide, Silicate and Element DustCan be worn by any dinos that have a corrupted formWill retain the dinos original colours, Rock Drakes will retain their feathersWhen worn the costume will gradually lose durability, keep Corrupted Nodules or Organic Polymer in the dinos inventory to prevent this, it will consume 1 Nodule/Polymer every two minutes.Whilst wearing the Corrupted Costume, the targeting range of all wild Corrupted creatures is reduced to 1000 (about 3.3 foundations) and your dino will receive 20% less damage from wild corrupted dinos.Ini option to prevent the buff and have the costume as purely cosmetic.Works by totally swapping the mesh of the dino wearing it so caution should be used if equipping on a non-vanilla or non-BD dino as it may have an inadvertant effect on attack sockets, resizing the mesh etc.. Wire Fish Baskets will retain buffs of captured creatures, and when used for taming will give the tamed creature additional tamed levels.

This guide will tell you every single piece of information you need to know about Kraken's Better Dinos, from details about how every dino is changed by the mod, spawn codes, information about items,

replace) a vanilla dino class with a modded dino class that has the same file name, so vanilla 'Dino_Character_BP' gets replaced by modded 'Dino_Character_BP' This has the effect of tricking the game into thinking the modded is the vanilla when it loads the game meaning that once more when installing the mod, all dinos that have been changed using this method will be automatically replaced by their modded version, and should the mod be removed they will simply revert back to being completely vanilla again.. PassiveTameBabies= Allows all wild spawned babies to be passive tamed regardless of their regular taming methods.. Must be able to be tamed.. Spawning Dinos with KBD. Buffed Dinos: This dino is vanilla and has all of its changes made by the addition of a default buff.. Dinos that can be captured by the Araneo's web bola attack are as follows: Achatina, Anky, Archa, Argent, Arthro, Astrodelphis, Dimetro, Baryonyx, Beaver, Beelze, Beetle, Bigfoot, Bloodstalker, Boa, Deaodon, Deinon, Dilo, Dimorph, Diplocaulus, Doed, Equus, Galli, Glow Pets, Hesperornis, Hyeana, Ichthyornis, Iguano, Kairuku, Kapro, Kentro, Lymantria, Lystro, Mantis, Megalania, Megaloceros, Noglin, Onyc, Oviraptor, Ovis, Ptero, Para, Pego, Phiomia, Purlovia, Raptor, Ravager, Saber, Sarco, Scorpion, Shadowmane, Stygi, Terror Bird, Thorny Dragon, Thyla, Troodon, Tropeo, Vulture, Wolf. Increased attack ranges on both attacks.. Setting to True will prevent Deinons from spawning with increased wild levels and keep them as normal. Note that it will only do the increased damage against the KBD versions of these creatures.. Increased Claw Attack base damage to 25 and added it to the C attack key.. This creature is Buffed Base damage increased to 45 and improved attack range.. This creature is Buffed Take reduced damage from Melee attacks.. This creature is a Same Named Remap Has a 10% increase in size, tamed health, damage, and speed.


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