Hollow Knight: How to Locate Cornifer in Each Area (2022)

Hollow Knight is a big game. The world of Hallownest only seems to get more and more intricate as you explore every nook and cranny to find secrets, new areas, and pieces of the world's past that slowly show the depth and care put into it.

While discovering these mysteries on your own is part of the magic, doing it without really knowing where yo0ure going would soon prove impossible. That's where Cornifer the Cartographer comes in.

Cornifer is a special NPC that can be found in nearly every area in Hollow Knight, as he is integral to building a full-scale map of the world and everything you've found. This guide will go over how to find this humming hug in each area so you can find your way through Hallownest easier.

12 Forgotten Crossroads

Hollow Knight: How to Locate Cornifer in Each Area (1)

Cornifer's location in the Forgotten Crossroads is actually pretty easy to come by and can be reached almost as soon as you drop into it from Dirtmouth. As soon as you drop down into the crossroads, head left into the next room. This is a long, vertical shaft that connects the top and bottom of the area.

Drop down to the very, very bottom to fall through a hole. Once here, you should be able to hear Cornifer's humming and find him near the spot on the map above.

Since the Forgotten Crossroads is the first area, this will likely be your first encounter with Cornifer. He'll charge 30 Geo for the map, so make sure you've killed at least a couple of enemies before talking to him.

11 Greenpath

Hollow Knight: How to Locate Cornifer in Each Area (2)

Finding Cornifer in Greenpath is fairly easy when you know where you're going.

Upon entering from the Forgotten Crossroads, go all the way to the left into the next room, then drop down the vertical shaft. Be wary of the spikes, then head right. Traverse through the room until you see an opening that should take you to the point on the map above.

You should find both Cornifer and a Grub in this room.

Price: 60 Geo

10 Fungal Wastes

Cornifer is actually fairly deep in the Fungal Wastes, but it doesn't take too long to reach him if you keep moving. The Fungal Wastes are pretty much directly in the middle of Hallownest, so it has several entrances from several areas, but the easiest way to reach him is by falling in from the Forgotten Crossroads.

(Video) All CORNIFER (Cartographer) Locations [Tutorial] | Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight: How to Locate Cornifer in Each Area (3)

Upon doing so, head down to the very bottom of the shaft, then go left. You'll have to fight through a room with Shrumal Orgres before progressing into the next room and going all the way down again.

When you reach the bottom here, go left again till you see a place you can drop down, and continue down until you hear Cornifer's humming, which should guide you to a small opening as seen in the above map.

Price: 75 Geo

9 City of Tears

There is almost a straight shot to Cornifer as soon as you enter the City of Tears. When using the City Crest acquired from the False Knight to make your way through the gate, head right, and then up a small opening.

Hollow Knight: How to Locate Cornifer in Each Area (4)

From here, you will progress right through a room filled with platforms and continue until you reach a bench, with Cornifer sitting right by it.

Price: 90 Geo

8 Crystal Peak

Hollow Knight: How to Locate Cornifer in Each Area (5)

Reaching Cornifer in the Crystal Peak requires a bit of platforming skill, but it's not impossible. Make your way to the eastern top entrance of the Crystal Peak, so almost directly east of the Black Egg Temple.

Note: you need the Desolate Dive Spell to be able to break through the floor into the Crystal Peak from here. From there, go right and make your way through a series of conveyor belts to reach the inside of the mines.

(Video) Hollow Knight- Fog Canyon Map and Cornifer Location- With and Without Shade Cloak

Hollow Knight: How to Locate Cornifer in Each Area (6)

Make your way through a series of crystal enemies and enemies, making sure to go to the bench on the far right, before making your way upward. You will eventually see Cornifer's notes as you ascend through two rooms, and his humming will guide you to the point above.

Price: 112 Geo

7 Royal Waterways

Hollow Knight: How to Locate Cornifer in Each Area (7)

Note: you'll need the Lumafly Lantern to navigate the Royal Waterways.

Finding Cornifer in the Royal Waterways is fairly simple. After dropping down from the City of Tears, head all the way to the left, dropping down into the next room. Head left in this room as well, past the bench sign. Navigate through a bit of platforming around some floating enemies, remaining aware that they can puff up to attack you.

You will already see one of his notes, so keep heading left. Drop down and dash in the next room, then keep going until you reach a chamber where you will hear his humming. Defeat some enemies to open a door and you should end up on the map above.

Price: 75 Geo

6 Fog Canyon

There are actually two ways to reach Cornifer in the Fog Canyon, though he remains in the same place, which is about here:

Hollow Knight: How to Locate Cornifer in Each Area (8)

The first way starts at the Queen's Station. Go up and to the left into the Fog Canyon, then make your way all the way to the top of the room and go left again. From there, continue upward, and then go right. You should already hear Cornifer, but there is a Shade Gate blocking your way.

(Video) Hollow Knight Crystal Peak Map | Cornifer Location

This requires the Shade Cloak to get through. Once through, simply follow his notes upward and find a path to the left leading to him.

The second path requires Isma's Tear and can be accessed from the Fungal Wastes. About northwest of the Leg Eater, there is a small opening filled with acid that leads directly to the Fog Canyon. You basically need to just make your way left until you reach the room Cornifer is in.

Price: 150 Geo

5 Queen's Gardens

The easiest way to find Cornifer is to go up from the Queen's Station, and head into the Fog Canyon. From there, go up to about the middle of the room and look left for a secret passageway. You will need Isma's Tear to get through his passageway. Swim through, and you are in the Queen's Gardens.

Simply continue left, then drop down to the bottom of the next room and go right. You will have to fight some mantis enemies before you can continue right.

You should see his notes right away toward where the bench is. Simply follow them and his humming to find him.

Price: 150 Geo

4 Kingdom's Edge

Hollow Knight: How to Locate Cornifer in Each Area (10)

Cornifer is extremely easy to find in Kingdom's Edge. From the King's Station bench, simply to the bottom right of the King's Station through the opening into Kingdom's Edge. Then, once you make it through the corridor into the area, simply drop down just a little and to the left to find him near the red arrow on the map above.

Price: 112 Geo

3 Howling Cliffs

Hollow Knight: How to Locate Cornifer in Each Area (11)
(Video) Deepnest CORNIFER (Cartographer) Location [Tutorial] | Hollow Knight

Cornifer can be found relatively easily in the Howling Cliffs. You are most likely to enter this area for the first time from the northern opening in Greenpath, so as soon as you enter from there and make your way past the Baldurs, simply make your way up the platforms till you reach the opening indicated on the above map.

Price: 75 Geo

2 Deepnest

There are actually two places you can encounter Cornifer in Deepnest: in the lower section and the upper section, as listed here:

Hollow Knight: How to Locate Cornifer in Each Area (12)

It is easiest to find him in the lower section, which can be accessed from the entrance to Deepnest found to the left of the room where you fight the Mantis Lords. Simply defeat the Mantis Lords to open the way to the area, continue left, then go up and to the left to find him.

He will not be humming because he is too scared to reveal his location to the enemies around.

The second location is for if you enter from the north, entering from the Queen's Gardens. You simply need to make your way downwards before continuing to the right. You'll need the Lumafly Lantern to better navigate the area, but as seen above, his location is relatively close to the Failed Tramway.

Price: 38 Geo

1 Ancient Basin

Hollow Knight: How to Locate Cornifer in Each Area (13)

Cornifer can be found quite quickly after falling into the Ancient Basin. When falling in from the Royal Waterways and further falling into the area itself, simply make your way to a small cavern to your right. In fact, you should hear his humming soon after dropping in.

Price: 112 GeoNEXT: Hollow Knight: How To Get The Grub Map

(Video) Hollow Knight- Royal Waterways Conifer & Map Location


Can you find Cornifer in the Resting Grounds? ›

He cannot be met in the Resting Grounds and always leaves this letter in the Stag Station of the Resting Grounds instead. Cornifer also never leaves a letter in Deepnest.

Where can I find a Cornifer? ›

The easiest way to find Cornifer is to go up from the Queen's Station, and head into the Fog Canyon. From there, go up to about the middle of the room and look left for a secret passageway. You will need Isma's Tear to get through his passageway. Swim through, and you are in the Queen's Gardens.

Who is Cornifers wife? ›

Iselda is an NPC in Hollow Knight. Iselda is Cornifer's wife and is one of the game's merchants.

How do I get to the map Maker in Fog Canyon? ›

Use the Shade Cloak to jet through it, then ascend the platforms to reach a small alcove at the top of the screen. Buy the map from Cornifer, then hop back down the platforms and take the exit on the right, into the next area.

What makes Cornifer leave an area? ›

Just came to Fungal wastes but Cornifer isn't there. Cornifer won't stick around the same space forever, and will eventually move on to other areas. If you missed buying the map of the area from him directly, you can go back to Dirtmouth and speak with his wife Iselda in the store and buy maps from her.

Can you get a map for the abyss? ›

This area does not have a Map, instead being shared with that of Ancient Basin.

What kind of bug is Cornifer? ›

The Real Life Bugs of Hollow Knight - YouTube

Is Cornifer in the abyss? ›

Location: Cornifer Can be first encountered at the Forgotten Crossroads. Progression: Cornifer moves to all areas except The Hive, The Abyss, and Resting Grounds for each time an area boss has been defeated. While if all the maps have been purchased, he can be found in Iselda's shop, sleeping.

Where can I buy maps in Hollow Knight? ›

Maps. Maps can be bought from Cornifer in each area, or, if the Knight misses him (usually by beating the area's boss before speaking to him), Iselda sells them in their shop in Dirtmouth for a slightly higher price.

Can you fight Iselda? ›

"Anyone can swing a nail. Iselda, however, can fight with impeccable speed and grace. She rivals anyone who says they can beat her.

Is Iselda a warrior? ›

Iselda used to be a fighter; however, when she followed her husband Cornifer, his thirst for exploration leading them to Hallownest, she put down her weapon to enjoy a quieter life in Dirtmouth.

How long is Hollow Knight? ›

HowLongToBeat calculates a playthrough at around 21 hours -- and that's just for the main story. If you add in optional areas, that figure inflates to 26 hours, which is staggering for an indie game. And if you're a real completionist, you're looking at a whopping 42 hours of playtime.

Where do I get Shadow Dash? ›

How to Quickly Find the Shade Cloak Ability (aka Shadow Dash) - YouTube

How do I access my Cornifer in Fog Canyon? ›

Hollow Knight- Fog Canyon Map and Cornifer Location - YouTube

How do you get rid of black barriers in hollow Knight? ›

Hollow Knight- How to Get Through Black Wall Barrier (Quick Tip)

Where is Cornifer in the hive? ›

The map for The Hive is found with Cornifer in Kingdom's Edge but the area is mostly linear so it's almost impossible to get lost. Head all the way across to the left, down and then all the way to the right to find a Bench suspended in bee's wax. Break the wax to let the Bench fall so you can use it.

How many bosses are in hollow Knight? ›

Counting the variations, there are 47 bosses in the game. That number includes one “joke” boss that cannot damage the Knight (Zote), but excludes the two that are never actually fought. Some bosses also make a second appearance in the Colosseum of Fools.

How do you get the 15 lifeblood mask? ›

Hollow Knight- Blue Door in the Abyss: Lifeblood Core Charm Location

What does the Void Heart do? ›

Void Heart is a charm that unlocks multiple aspects of the game. Once players have acquired this charm, they will be able to access 4 different endings, but will not be able to obtain the first ending unless you start a new game.

Where is Shade Cloak? ›

The Shade Cloak is located in The Abyss. First things first, though, before the player can acquire the Shade Cloak, they must have already acquired the Mothwing Cloak, which is acquired after defeating Hornet for the first time in Greenpath.

What animal is Grimm? ›

While uncertain what species Grimm is given all characters in the game are bugs, the most accepted theory is that Grimm is a moth, particularly a Calyptra, or the vampire moth. Grimm is a popular subject of memes, jokes and trends amongst the Hollow Knight meme community due to his character.

What bug is NOSK? ›

Nosk is a heavily infected, warped Corpse Creeper. There is even some design elements between the two you can draw and assume are changed due to the infection changing the body.

What bug smells like bananas? ›

These things smell like Banana bread when you tick them off. Don't know what a "pine bug" is, but this is the western conifer seed bug, Leptoglossus occidentalis (family Coreidae). They are known to seek winter shelter in and about human habitations. Aside from the smell, they are harmless.

What can you do with rancid eggs? ›

Hollow Knight- Rancid Egg Uses - YouTube

What is in the left of the abyss? ›

To the left you'll find an Ancient Egg that you can sell to Lemm for 1200 Geo. To the right is the Lifeblood Core charm that adds 4 Lifeblood Hearts to your health. When you pick up the Lifeblood Core you'll end up back at the Lifeblood Gate. Drop down to the bottom of the Abyss.

What to do after getting the Void Heart? ›

To get this ending, obtain the Void Heart and enter the Black Egg. When Hornet interrupts, don't strike the Hollow Knight with your Dream Nail, but continue your attacks. Hornet will eventually pass out and the fight continues. Beat the Hollow Knight to get this ending.

What is the best charm in Hollow Knight? ›

One of our best picks for the best Charm in Hollow Knight is Quick Focus. This Charm can be used to speed up your Focus healing power, halving the time it takes to recover from damage. In tricky boss battles, this can be a literal lifesaver when at low health.

What does the False Knight drop? ›

The Knight comes to a big room with enemies, only for the False Knight to drop from the rood and crush them instead. False Knight's weapon is a mace, which he slams onto the ground to cause a small shockwave that the Knight must jump over.

How many masks are in Hollow Knight? ›

Mask Shards are to Hollow Knight what Heart Pieces are to The Legend of Zelda. Find four of them and you'll earn yourself an Ancient Mask that will boost your health by one. There are 16 Ancient Masks in Hollow Knight, so if you find all of them that's four extra health points.

Where is the map in Resting Grounds? ›

Head back up to the main chasm in the Resting Grounds climb up the right side and take the middle right exit towards the Stagway sign. Sit on the bench, then hit the lever to summon the bell and open the gate. Call the Stag and return to Dirtmouth and purchase the Resting Grounds area map.

Should you defeat Revek? ›

Attempting to Dream Nail Revek at any point will simply cause him to dodge and then relentlessly attack you. There's no way to kill him right now, so don't even bother. Instead, you need to ignore his warning and start Dream Nailing the Spirits in the Glade.

Where should I go after Resting Grounds? ›

From the Resting Grounds, you can make your way back to the City of Tears. You'll only use the latter level as a pathway to get to the next level: the Royal Waterways. Exit the Seer's hut and drop to the very bottom of the area. Once there, jump on the tomb to your right.

Where are the Resting Grounds Hollow Knight? ›

The Resting Grounds are a network of caverns filled with graves located above the City of Tears.

What happens if the Delicate Flower breaks? ›

^Yeah, you just have to go back to her. Word of advice: Sit on the closest bench to her location and DON'T sit on any benches on your way to the Queen's Gardens. That way, if you break the flower, you can quit the game and spawn at that bench so that you don't have to walk the WHOLE way back to her.

Can you parry Hollow Knight? ›

While some bosses have a parry move, it is also possible for the Knight to parry certain attacks of enemies and bosses. Most attacks that have a white line trailing them can be parried. These attacks can only be parried with regular Nail strikes, and not with Nail Arts, Spells or any other form of damage.

How do you get 100 essence in Hollow Knight? ›

Elder Hu – Elder Hu is located in the Fungal Wastes, in the room just below the entrance to the Fungal Waste from the massive lift in the City of Tears. He'll drop 100 Essence once defeated.

What happens if you collect 2400 Essence? ›

For 2400 Essence, you get The Ascension Achievement.

What happens if you Dream Nail Marissa? ›

If the Knight has the Dream Nail, Marissa can be heard singing on her stage in the Pleasure House. She appears on the stage when the Knight approaches it. After explaining her backstory to the Knight, she asks if they would like to listen to her sing.

What happens when you Dream Nail a ghost? ›

There are two conflicting theories as to what happens when you Dream Nail a ghost. Some people believe that the ghosts are absorbed into the Dream Nail, while other believe that Dream Nailing a ghost helps them move on to the afterlife.

What is the Dream Nail for? ›

The Dream Nail is a sacred weapon and talisman, which can cut the veil that separates the waking world from dreams. It appears to have been made by the Moth Tribe. The Dream Nail allows its user to not only read the thoughts of an entity, or even inanimate objects, but also enter specific sections of the Dream Realm.

How do you teleport with a Dream Nail? ›

To activate this ability, first, hold the down button and the Dream Nail button to create a dreamgate. Followed by pressing down the up button and the Dream Nail button to teleport into the created dreamgate. Dreamgate is simply a portal that The Knight can create and use to travel into certain areas of the map.

Where do I upgrade Dream Nail Hollow Knight? ›

  • From the City of Tears. If you take the lifts, you should eventually find a door on the left that will lead you to a big lift up to Resting Grounds. ...
  • From the Forgotten Crossroads, ...
  • In Crystal Peak,
25 Jan 2022

How long is Hollow Knight? ›

HowLongToBeat calculates a playthrough at around 21 hours -- and that's just for the main story. If you add in optional areas, that figure inflates to 26 hours, which is staggering for an indie game. And if you're a real completionist, you're looking at a whopping 42 hours of playtime.

What can you do with rancid eggs? ›

Hollow Knight- Rancid Egg Uses - YouTube

What makes the forgotten crossroads infected? ›

This deserted village, like most of the Forgotten Crossroads, is heavily Infected after obtaining the Monarch Wings or defeating one of the Dreamers.


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