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+1 702-893-8900

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The Crystals 3720 Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV, 89109

The Strip

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170 mCrystals tram station

260 mMonte Carlo tram station

270 mPlanet Hollywood

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Vêtements pour femmes


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21 avis sur Hermès

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R T.

Évaluation du lieu : 1
Henderson, NV

If — 10 was a rating this store deserves it. Absolutely NO customer service. I am thinking Hermes is just no longer the brand for me if the corporate allows customers to be completely ignored in the stores that are owned by the brand where we as customers drop that much money.

Rolan P.

Évaluation du lieu : 1
Los Angeles, CA

I walked in the store trying to look for a nice gift for my boyfriend… I asked the sale associate where is the men stuff? She just pointed at the men section! She didn’t smile or asked for her assistance or even want to talk to me! I went to the men section then walked out… Such a big brand but lack of customer service! I guess I’ll stick with Chanel! Oh and hi would be nice too!

Courtney H.

Évaluation du lieu : 2
White Plains, NY

I visited this store twice this week. On my first trip, I inquired about a leather bracelet and if they had other colors in stock. I was told my a male associate that the two colors on the floor were the only ones they had, though he didn’t check.
Came back two days later and wasn’t greeted right away, despite many unoccupied workers. I asked someone (again) if they had the bracelet in any other colors. He referred me to a female worker who was nice enough to actually check. Turns out they had 4 other colors underneath the display and I was able to purchase the one I’d wanted. Very disappointed the employee from my first trip didn’t even bother to check for me.

Elena H.

Évaluation du lieu : 5
San Francisco, CA

Visited this store last weekend and was pleasantly surprised with the help and customer service I received. Read the reviews and fortunately had a different experience here. I was able to purchase the exact items I was looking for (not common) and the SA made it really easy! Thanks A!


Évaluation du lieu : 1
Pasadena, MD

So disappointed in the lack of service at Hermes at City Center on Saturday. There were plenty of employees on the floor and very few customers, yet no one even greeted us. We were prepared to buy, but walked out. There are plenty of other retailers that welcome and appreciate the business. (Thanks Barney’s, Christian Louboutin, Chanel, LV, and Red Valentino).

Elizabeth H.

Évaluation du lieu : 1
San Francisco, CA

I have never been so mistreated by Hermès. My family is VIP on an international level with this brand, and this is the first Hermès boutique where I was so mistreated and left angry.
This boutique is extremely small, not well lit and not well stocked. The layout is extremely poor and not what I would normally expect from Hermès – You’re much better off going to the Bellagio where the sales staff are much more gracious and welcoming.
First of all, I am relaxing on vacation and was wearing a very casual outfit (but carry a size 28 RAC Special Order Kelly bag) and the saleswoman refused to make eye contact with me and didn’t even say hello!
I inquired about beaded mousseline shawls (~$ 6000) and the woman looked me up and down and didn’t even answer me if they had them! I have never been so disrespected and I will be writing corporate a personal letter. I will NEVER spend money in this store because the sales associates do not deserve the commission, plus the Bellagio can transfer any items you want to their boutique!
The salespeople do not deserve to be working there and corporate needs to definitely send in secret shoppers so that they see how horrible they are. Remember, if you work for a company, you are an ambassador of the product. And most of all, NEVER judge what a person is wearing in relationship to what you think they can buy – that’s a HUGE retail no-​no.

Josh H.

Évaluation du lieu : 5
Beverly Hills, CA

We stopped at this Hermes store on our way to Le Cirque. The staff was very attentive, but not pushy as is often the case in ultra high end retail stores. My wife was able to try on a variety of beautiful scarves, but we were never once pressured or made uncomfortable. Highly recommended if you’re looking for high end attire!

Bill C.

Évaluation du lieu : 3
West Los Angeles, CA

Better off at Bellagio

Serina c.

Évaluation du lieu : 5
San Diego, CA

Got my first birkin here and only had to wait like 7 months! Ladies put your name down at this location if you don’t wanna wait 2+ years. The hermes in my hometown san diego said I would be lucky if I got one in under 2 years.

Bunny G.

Évaluation du lieu : 1
The Woodlands, TX

My sister was in town and loves going in to browse at the upscale shops.
When we walked in we noticed there were plenty of «sales people» just standing around who weren’t overly excited to see us. I’m sure one of them among other professions was a former prison guard from Cell Block H.
There was no smile, no greeting, no welcome.
Children of the Corn!
We started browsing looking at the leather goods inside the glass cases and then one «lady» started following us (just in case us Mexicans might steal something).
This former prison guard never asked if she could help us, she just followed us.
Then I asked her a question and she answered in a bored manner while looking out the window and never making eye contact with me.
The only thing she didn’t do was start filing her nails and popping her gum. I thought for sure that was next. This woman would be more excited to get a colonoscopy than to work here.
No wonder Oprah won’t carry a Hermes bag anymore! (The way she was treated in Paris it’s no surprise).
Don’t let this group of grouches ruin your fabulous shopping day… just keep walking to LV next door or DIOR or Lanvin, or Gucci, or Tiffany or Dolce, or Burberry, or… this is Vegas… lots of other places to spend your money where you’re treated with respect. Don’t do it here!
Dumb Dumbs!

Esmee D.

Évaluation du lieu : 2

2 stars because I was finally acknowledged after 5 min of being eye balled and stalked by a rep. I had to ask of course. I’ve been to the Encore and have had 2 lovely encounters with the SA’s there that were very helpful and eagerly assisted me with a smile
.It was quite opposite at Crystals when visiting my first time. They do have a larger selection which is appealing. The sales assistant chatted very lightly but didn’t seem too interested in showing me much. My fiancé walked out of the store because of the not welcome vibe he picked up from the women. I also walked out after noticing the snooty looks I was given by the other 2 girls behind the counter. Maybe if I wore my Jimmy choos and my Hermes dress instead of my jeans, could I have been treated with a little higher regard.

P. C.

Évaluation du lieu : 1
Los Angeles, CA

My friend and I waited ten minutes before their doors opened and once opened we were the first and only customers. We were immediately greeted by a sales lady and she attempted to help my friend who wanted to check on the status of a wallet she had pre-​ordered with another sales rep (will refrain from using names) who happened to be on vacation. So my friend was sad that her wallet wasn’t in yet but still wanted to leave with something so she decided to get a belt and asked to see such. We were led to the back of the store where a nice belt in Hermes orange box was presented. As for the buckles, we were only offered two (1 in chrome finish and 1 in brushed finish). My friend asked my advice and I was not impressed with either so I asked the lady if they had something more interested for instance if the H buckle came in half chrome, half brushed look. She says that they actually have several more with textured finishes BUT they were more expensive. Immediately my friend felt insulted. Maybe our casual blouse and jeans blew any chance of receiving high end service. Mind you, my friend who lives in a million plus dollar home, owns a $ 100k mercedes Sclass AMG, had previously purchased a 5figure handbag from this company, was carrying a several thousand dollar channel handbag, sporting carats of diamonds on finger and ears and yet was judged that maybe she couldn’t afford a belt buckle that was priced $ 60 more? Lucky for this sales lady, my friend is a nice person and went ahead with the $ 800 belt which she paid for in cash. But she was nonetheless offended and took our business to another nearby boutique. Lesson be learned, don’t judge a person no matter what. Per Juilia Roberts in the movie pretty woman, «Big mistake. Huge. Sorry gotta do more shopping.»

Chloe H.

Évaluation du lieu : 5
Fremont, CA

I had a pleasant experience buying my first Hermes here. Friendly staff. Will definitely come back again.

Regina C.

Évaluation du lieu : 3
Henderson, NV

Came into this boutique yesterday and upon entering, all the salesperson greeted me, but one saleslady just had to scanned me from my top, to my bag, and onto my shoes. Hello!?! You greet by making eye contact lady! Gosh, I wonder if the company put these sales people to Customer Service 101.
Anyways, the salesperson that I usually here to see is helping another customer so I sat down on one of the comfy sofa and peruse the catalog. Some clothes are really classy and elegant, some are just outright strange looking.
They also just came out with accessories for your accessories… such as a cute little horsey made of the same leather as the Hermes bag, to attach to the Hermes Bag. Price? $ 485. Cute, but not worth it to me.

Tiffany C.

Évaluation du lieu : 2
Chino Hills, CA

Courtesy and respect is a no#1 priority no matter what store you are in.
However, that was not the case for this Hermes store. As I went in, the majority of the the salespeople were fine. However, there was this one lady that was rude to me. I was looking and trying on leather bracelets, and I also wanted to know the price for both of them. We were conversing in Cantonese, and in the end, she made a rude comment to me, saying that «Our customers never ask for the price; they only come to look at the designs.» That was just beyond rude. Seriously, if you don’t have anything nice to say, please don’t say anything.

Carolyn N.

Évaluation du lieu : 1
San Francisco, CA

This store’s return policy is ridiculous (not just this store but ALL of Hermes stores). Once you purchase something, you cannot get a refund… only exchange or store credit.
So while I was eyeing Louis Vuittons, my bf bought me Hermes (as a surprise). Girl tries to return Hermes 20 hours later and store says no.
I’m no longer buying any Hermes from here on out… and I give my other Hermes pieces evil looks when I see them in my jewelry box.
The good news about the crap they sell here is that you can SUPER EASILY find REAL Hermes in almost new condition on Craigslist because you know why?
You can’t return shizzle there!!!
Damn you French peeps… and Kanye West for sporting Hermes to make it look super uncool to own.

Cassie P.

Évaluation du lieu : 3
Newport Beach, CA

This is the newest Hermes store in Las Vegas (the one in Bellagio is closed for remodeling). I was expecting a fab collection of all things Hermes. I was left disappointed. It is sparse at best. A tiny selection of leather goods. Most bags on display were canvas. It was a bit sad.

Raven V.

Évaluation du lieu : 2
Las Vegas, NV

Hermes, you fudged up big time by moving to Crystals. Gah, I hate that place. I cannot come visit you, and after seeing your sparse, annoyingly small boutique (more like a booth with walls). You were so perfect at the Bellagio.

Vicki Y.

Évaluation du lieu : 4
Paris, France

For a city like Las Vegas, where every hotel & show is blown up to a grand, impressive scale, the new Hermès boutique in the Crystals shopping center is surprisingly small. The layout of the display cases is a little awkward as well — everything is very visible and sort of laid bare for anyone passing by to see, in a way.
All in all, I have to say I didn’t feel the cozy, welcoming ambiance that I usually get from the other Hermès boutiques. There seemed to be an overabundance of hard, shiny surfaces that reflected sound & light a little too harshly for my tastes. Of course, the items themselves are lovely as ever, but if you’re looking for the more traditional H shopping experience, I would recommend sticking with one of the other locations.

Nana K.

Évaluation du lieu : 1
Alameda, CA

I wish I would have been lucky enough to come in on a day when the staff felt like treating customers with courtesy and respect.
I walked in with my sisters and my fiancé earlier this month. One of my sisters and me have always toyed with the idea of owning a Birkin bag so we wanted to personally see if it was truly worth all the fuss. Well, I’m not sure if I plan on ever getting one based on the way we were treated once we entered the boutique. We were the only ones in the entire store and there were two women standing behind the counter, an older white woman and a filipino woman. They barely glanced at us, much less greet us, when we walked in, even though they weren’t doing anything.
I lingered around the scarves for awhile, then the bags, waiting for someone to ask if I needed help. Never happened.
After about 10 minutes of being completely ignored, we decided it was time to leave. NEWS FLASH to bitchy luxury salespeople out there: Just because you SELL luxury goods doesn’t mean you’re worth more than the customers coming in to BUY them. (I get the same treatment from Gucci, btw. Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Chanel, on the other hand, have superb customer service because their salespeople understand the meaning of COMMISION. But that’s a whole ‘nother story.)
I didn’t care much for their bag collection, the colors that they had available seemed rather drab, in my opinion. And although my family and I do drop serious bank on luxury goods now and then, I realize that in the end, a purse is a purse. Whether you get it from Hermes or Target. To tell you the truth, it takes some kind of a**hole to buy a bag worth as much as a car just to shove their financial superiority (or major debt) in other people’s faces. I mean, what other purpose would purchasing a $ 14K (and up) purse serve?
Personally, I just don’t feel like being THAT kind of a**hole.

Caroline A.

Évaluation du lieu : 5
Fairfax, VA

Small boutique, but has the nicest sales associates of any Hermes I’ve been to. I looked at several of their ribbed silk scarves, but am having a hard time picking out a color. The sales woman put several around my neck and showed me all the different ways to tie them. I wanted to hug her.
This store carries bags, scarves, enamel bracelets and fragrance. They’re hoping you win big and spend here. :)

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