Guide to all the mythical quests in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous (2022)

Guide to all the mythical quests in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous (1)

A detailed guide for completing all the chains of the mythical quests of the path of the Angel, Demon, Eon, Hand of Heaven and so on

We will tell you about all the mythical tasks in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous .

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Dried up spring

When you exit the streets of Dresen, you will meet the Hand of Heaven. Talk to Odden, Regnard and Taerill. The first two will have additional quests "Ranhild's Day" and "Unconquered Spirit" for you. Taerill will simply ask you to find traces of Cathayr in the "Shadow of Doubt" quest, but he will emphasize that he is probably hiding in some cave near the Stone Tree. When you complete all the assignments from the three stargazers and one guard (there are four quests below), you can return to Eliandra and begin the ritual.

Go outside and kill the cultists. Return to the dungeon and talk to the leader who is in the back room behind the Katayr barracks. After that, report everything to the Hand of Heaven. Go outside together, talk to Echo Descari, and then leave this place. The task will end.

Ranhild Day

When the "Dried Spring" quest starts, go forward. Do not rush to communicate with Eliandra. Instead, turn into the room on the right and talk to the dwarf Odden. Agree to help. If you talk to Eliandra and offer to start the ritual, the task will fail. Exit the dungeon to the Palara Falls location and search it. There will be many enemies here, and among the hidden prey lying on the ground, you will find a doll. Return to Odden and show the book.

Unconquered spirit

Regnard is in the next room. Chat with him. He asks to bring him the sword of the mythical ruler Ailberie. If you talk to Eliandra and offer to start the ritual, the task will fail. Exit to the Palara Falls location from the dungeon and start exploring it. In one of the places there is a dead man with the right sword. Fight him, take the sword and take it to Regnard. Give him the sword and tell him to put in a word in front of Cathayr. He is in the armory to the left of Eliandra. Pass the check by bluff or diplomacy, and then tell Regnard the whole story.

Shadow of doubt

Talk to Taerill, who is in the Astrologers' hideout, like Odden and Regnard from the quests above. If you talk to Eliandra and offer to start the ritual, the task will fail. I don't know if I need to study the location itself. Perhaps you should exit the dungeon towards Palara Falls and climb the cliffs to search the corpse there. And then go back inside the dungeon and talk to Katayr, who is in the armory to the left of Eliandra. Tell us what you have learned, Taerill.

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By the will of the stars

At the beginning of the dungeon, there is a character signed as "The Worried Guardian". Chat with him to take his assignment. If you talk to Eliandra and offer to start the ritual, the task will fail. There are runes in the adjoining adit. Pick up the note lying there and hide behind a large stone. Listen to Vestari and go talk to Christie in the room next to Odden and Taerill. Then you can convince Eliandra using diplomacy. Then tell Christie and Vestary about everything and tell the guard that there is nothing to worry about.

Twenty one ritual daggers

In one of the rooms of the stargazers' refuge, in a curbstone lies the Aregau Saint's funeral dagger. Collect it, climb the steps behind Eliandra and the Heavenly Hand, and find the library. Chat with Nidalaf here. Show her the dagger and she will tell you about the other blades. This will begin the mission. Another dagger inside the dungeon lies in the garden, at the very beginning. Stand near the girl digging in the garden and wait for a successful check to be passed. Outside the dungeon, I found 18 more daggers: some fell from enemies, others were lying on the ground and were discovered as a result of a successful check. To get the last dagger, wait for the Spreading Wings quest. After killing the enemies outside, search the corpses and get a dagger.

Spreading wings

The quest will begin after you agree to conduct the ritual in a conversation with Eliandra. The quest will not be completed even after you deal with the leader of the cultists and leave Palara Falls. Eliandra will tell you about a certain place south of the Falls, but the Heavenly Hand will tell you that you cannot return to the location.

Follow the marker to the "Desolate Shack" location, far to the west. Go inside and examine the hut. Interacting with one of the objects will move you into a trap. Interact with the device to see the recording and talk to the demon. He will open the door. Exit into the corridor, walk past the path to the old wing. In the back room you will find a captive angel. Kill the crusader and talk to the elf and dwarf. Nearby there is a passage to the heart of the laboratory.

Follow the old wing, clear all the rooms. You can find several notes, a magic essence and a crystal "The Secret of Great Witchcraft". There will also be two doors locked by magic. Return upstairs and go to the heart of the laboratory. Depending on the characters you choose, you will see different visions. Kill the enemies and touch the crystal to see a second holographic recording. Interact with the magical haze door. You will receive a key. Open the door and go forward along the corridor to the large laboratory. Take the book from the table and see a memory.

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Talk to the demon. In this room there is a device where you can insert the crystals found with the holotape of Arilu Vorlesh. You can explore the remaining rooms or immediately use the gap and return to the hut. By the way, do not forget to return to the captive angel and rescue Targon. Return to Dresen and speak with Targona in the square at the entrance to the citadel.

In the shadow of a maddened forest

Go to the upper left quarter of the "Winter Sun" location. Here you will find the entrance to an insane forest covered in fog. A huge distorted bear will appear at the entrance. This will begin the mission. Make your way through the forest, killing enemies, and find the entrance to the cave. In the depths of the cave will be the old dwarf woman Soana. Talk to her. Don't kill yet. Go outside and fight Orso the bear. Spare the beast, return to Soana and choose what to do with her. We killed Soana and the quest ended immediately.

If you don't kill Soana, go outside and the same Orso bear will attack you. Deal with him, spare or kill him, and then return to the cave and talk to Soana. Then you still have to kill the shaman if you want to follow the path of the obedient. The path of chaos allows her to be kept alive. You will receive the broken amulet of the shamaness, and free the spirit of Orso.


This quest will begin after you ascend to the Middle City in Alushinirr and kill the demons that attacked you. Return to the Nexus and speak with the Hand of Heaven. Return to the Middle City, go to the left of the elevator, turn the camera so that the building drops down to the niche, and go through the portal upstairs. Kill the demon to help a familiar dwarf. Search their bodies. You will receive a one-time Echo key. One key may not be enough, so you can look for a new one. Either way, return to the Nexus, talk to everyone and go through the portal to Alushinirra. Targona stands next to him. Talk to her and agree to accompany the angel. Kill all demons along the way. This will take you to a stone arch - a portal that leads to Echo Descari. You can go through now or later when you find another key. I could not find two keys, so I went there with one. Defeat the Ravager and save Eliandra.

The light inside

The quest will begin after the "Fire in the depths of the waterfall" story mission. Mutasaphen's laboratory will appear on the map. Go there, talk to the angels and go inside. Free Targona. Do not free the crystallite, it is very dangerous. A conversation with Mutasaphen awaits you outside the door. Using the Path of Light, you can bring Targon back to life. The task may not disappear from the diary.

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To be continued...


How do you unlock all 6 mythic paths? ›

Unlock All 6 Mythic Paths before Drezen Guide - YouTube

How many mythic paths can you have Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous? ›

There are a total of 10 different Mythic Paths to choose from, with some of them being unlockable further in the game than others.

How many mythic paths can you have Pathfinder? ›

You will have access to only six mythic paths at rank 3 when you first must choose the mythic path you are on. At rank 8, you can select any of the late-game mythic paths by completing a quest that allows you to re-choose your path. Your mythic path will also have a great influence on companions.

How do you unlock mythic paths guide Pathfinder wrath of righteous? ›

In order to unlock it, players only need to reach Mythic Rank 8. Thus, they'll unlock this one before several other Mythic Paths become fully available to them.

Can you unlock multiple mythic paths? ›

Like can you ever only choose one at a time? You are not forced to choose a path until you receive Mythic Level 3 (end of Act 2), at which point you can choose between the paths you have unlocked.

How do you unlock the mythic trickster? ›

Unlocking the Trickster Mythic Path requires a bit of wisdom and cunning to unearth a lie and convince the liars of the player's superiority. Travel to the Blackwing Library in the City of Kenabres, where you'll find a group of cultists in the library posing as crusaders.

How do I get the dragon mythic path? ›

Unlocking The Mythic Golden Dragon Path

The Storyteller can be found in the Blackwing Library, and Stauton Vhane can show you where it is. After you rescue the wizened old elf, he's available in the tavern to tell you not only about the scale but several other items of interest that your character can pick up.

Can you swap mythic paths? ›

Can I switch Mythic Paths? Yes. Here's how the process usually goes: As mentioned, Mythic Hero is from Mythic Rank 1 to 2.

How do you get Aeon mythic path? ›

At the end of Act 1, you must click on the Wardstone. Continue through any dialogue and select the option to look on the angels with the Aeon's eyes. This will unlock the Aeon Mythic Path but you do not necessarily have to choose it.

Which mythic path should I choose Wrath of the Righteous? ›

Angel Mythic Path is the embodiment of the Divine in Wrath of the Righteous. As you are dealing with a demon incursion, Angel's path seems the most obvious path to choose.

How do I choose Azata? ›

Pathfinder: WoTR - How To Unlock The Azata Mythic Path - YouTube

How do you unlock Aeon Pathfinder? ›

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Should I give Zacharius the wand? ›

Go into the newly revealed hallway, and at the end of it is a Library, where you will find the undead, Zacharuius. Giving him the wand will make him promise to meet you in the future and unlock the Lich Mythic Path for you.

How do you unlock the mythic path in Swarm? ›

As Act 5 begins, you need to head towards the Drezen to the Vescavor Queen. Here, select the Devour the Queen option, but you can only select this option if you have completed the research. Once you devour the Queen, you will have crossed the last hurdle to unlock the Swarm That Walks Mythic path.

How do you get Aeon mythic path? ›

At the end of Act 1, you must click on the Wardstone. Continue through any dialogue and select the option to look on the angels with the Aeon's eyes. This will unlock the Aeon Mythic Path but you do not necessarily have to choose it.

How do you get a mythic path legend? ›

This late-game Mythic Path is nigh unmissable, so you don't have to do much to unlock the Legend Mythic Path. Once you reach Mythic Rank level eight you will have to choose to become a Legend. This choice is always present regardless of what actions you take throughout the game.

How do I increase mythic level in Wrath of righteous? ›

Mythic Paths offer an additional layer of progression in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Compared to regular leveling in the game (i.e., killing enemies to gain XP), Mythic Paths follow a different system. The only way you'll actually attain Mythic Ranks is by completing some of the main quests in the campaign.


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