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Shadowbringers Updated up to Level 80! Level up Mining Quickly! Stop wasting time! Power Level your Miner!

MIN Leveling Guide 70-80

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Miner Leveling Guide – Navigation:
MIN Level:[01-15]|[16-35]|[36-50]|[50-60]|[60-70] | [70-80]

So, back at it, ey? Thankfully, the Shadowbringers tier to L80 for your MIN is weirdly easy…. but don’t slack off now! Let’s get to it!

Before continuing, stock up on a few things!

Every journey begins with supplies and ends depending on how well you stocked up! Leveling Miner to 80 is no different.

Food: Mushroom SauteCordials

  • Preferred Food: Mushroom Saute NQ (Gathering 61, Perception 30)
  • Source: Crystarium NPC Hanji-Fae (X:9.6, Y:14.7) Near Musica Aethernet.
  • Cost: 3548 Gil

An ideal food buff MIN leveling. Raw stats like Gathering and Perception are infinitely more useful while leveling. GP is largely useless unless you’re hitting benchmark amounts. So don’t worry if your food buff doesn’t have it.

“Hey, it’s expensive!” If you’re not making money while gathering (even collectables give gil and scrips), there’s something wrong…

This guide is setup so that you do not NEED this for collectables, but it helps your gathering rating. It’s great for grinding mats.


This is somewhat important. If you’re gunning for many different collectables, then you’ll need more of these.

Where to get Cordials? Crafting or the Market Board. These are usually pretty cheap, although I cannot speak for what is cheap for everyone…

Other Sources of Cordials? From time to time, I use GC Seals to buy ’em. 500 per 1 seems bad but it’s “FREE”, due to the seals you get submitting gear and other things. For future reference, feel free to dump your excess GC seals on these or Ventures for future expacs.

Miner L70 to L71

Yet again we set off our Miner leveling journey in a new tier welcomed by the dreaded “DEAD ZONE”. Worry not! Mahiko San got your back! I also recommend you read every chunk, (for example read this chunk of text then level to 71 so on so forth)

L70 to L71 - The Dead Zone, and why?

Grinding kinda sucks, and you can’t do new collectables!

Random Gear Levels: I cannot know what kind of gear you entered Shadowbringers with so I cannot make general recommendations. It’s very likely you’re wearing some pretty sub-optimal gear.

Not much to grind! There are only TWO new items available for you to grind. Namely: Yellow Alumen and Coarse Saltpeter in Amh Araeng. Thankfully, these items are rather useful – unlike the item offered in our Botanist’s counterpart.

You also have ONE new unspoiled node (which happens to be your collectable WHICH YOU LIKELY CANNOT FARM).

Levequests are the KEY to escaping the MIN L70-L71 Dead Zone!

MIN L70 Levequests & Recommendation

LevelMIN LevequestPlateType & NoteMap
70Barmy for BallistasMerchant4 Node Evaluation (GREAT!!!!)Kholusia
70Jewelry for AllArcher8 Node Evaluation (Still Great!)Kholusia
70The Search for SlagHe-manGather 40 (JUNK)Kholusia

DoH Levequest RefresherNorvrandt Leve Plates

Not all DoH Levequests are created equal! You want the levequests which have these objectives:

  • 4 Node Evaluation
  • 8 Node Evaluation

As they are not only faster on average, but yield significantly more EXP. The other two objective should be avoided:

  • Gather 40
  • 32 or Fail

It’s a different world in MANY respects! Naturally, Norvrandt has DIFFERENT LEVE PLATES, too! Take Merchant” and “Archer (4 and 8 Node Evaluation, respectively). Avoid “He-man”, and “Cid Old Guy” (Gather 40 and 32 or Fail, respectively)

MIN L70 to 71 – Other EXP Sources

Burning Levequests aside, what else is there to help power through the dead zone?

Daily GC SubmissionWeekly Custom DeliveryGrinding...

Once a day, your GC asks you for some things you can gather – giving you a CHUNKY EXP REWARD in return. Check this by pressing CTRL+U, then clicking “Next Mission Allowance.

This is basically a FREE and FAT “levequest” that refreshes every day. Naturally, HQ gives more EXP but you can go for NQ if you’re in a hurry or in a pinch. Go out of your way to do them (or buy them off the MB), especially the “starred” entries.

These give decent EXP and scrip rewards and are very easy to do. You can only do 12 a week – not too bad, I suppose. Don’t skip out on these every week! They even give good rewards at max level.

  • Khloe Alpaioh and Adkiragh in Idyllshire.
  • M’naago in Rhalgr’s Reach.
  • Kurenai in Tamamizu.

Take note that these 12 weekly submissions are not only SHARED AMONGST ALL DoH AND DoL CLASSES,but also SHARED BETWEEN ALL “CLIENTS”. Each client can accept maximum 6 a week.

Using all 12 on one class SHOULD immediately remove you from the DEAD ZONE – but this is once a week.

You “CAN” grind right now but should you? While Yellow Alumen and Coarse Saltpeter are pretty useful, it’s not exactly fast… If you do choose to grind try to use some manuals and make sure your food buff is on.

The only grinding I did at this point was when trying to get my own HQ materials for GC daily submissions.

Unlock Crystarium Deliveries (“Class Quest”)

Shadowbringers gives us “Crystarium Deliveries“, which ARE NOT LIKE CUSTOM DELIVERIES. They are kind of like “SHARED CLASS QUESTS”. For Miner this means questing for the Facet of Gathering.

UnlockingHow does it Work?Try it out!

A lot of reminders and things to do here, but ultimately Levequests are the main source of EXP to get out of the dead zone, supported by GC submits & Class Quest.

New Skill @ 71 - Stickler

Stickler is a pretty cool skill, but has little to no use while leveling up. The following sentence describes Sticklers main use-case: “I’m out of GP, but will sacrifice a gathering attempt to push my rating a little higher”.

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Miner L71 to L72

Lots of things to do once your MIN hits 71 so READ UP! Before anything else, HERE IS A VERY CRITICAL GEAR UPDATE! So you can finally FARM COLLECTABLES FOR MEGACHUNKS OF EXP.


L71 Miner Gear UPDATE
SlotMIN L71+ Gear UpdateCheap Meld ICheap Meld II
Main HandHQ Deepgold PickaxeAny (Spiritbond)
Off HandHQ Deepgold SledgehammerAny (Spiritbond)
HeadHQ Brightlinen Turban of GatheringGuile VAny (Spiritbond)
ChestHQ Brightlinen Coat of GatheringGuile VAny (Spiritbond)
HandsHQ Smilodonskin Gloves of GatheringGuerdon VAny (Spiritbond)
BeltHQ Smilodonskin Survival BeltGuile V
LegsHQ Brightlinen Bottoms of GatheringGuerdon VGuerdon V
BootsHQ Smilodonskin Shoes of GatheringGuile VGuile V
EarringHQ Smilodonskin EarringsGuile V
ChokerHQ Smilodonskin ChokerGuile V
WristHQ Smilodonskin WristbandGuile VI
RingHQ Smilodonskin RingGuile VI
RingHQ Smilodonskin RingGuile VI

With these gear and melds you’ll easily be able to farm the collectables. Also you’ll have exactly 700 GP which is really important for the collectable rotation! Speaking of which…


70+ Min CollectableLMapAetheryteXYSlotTime
Raw Hematite70KholusiaStilltide342382ET
Raw Diaspore71Il MhegWolekdorf261366ET

Once you reach 71 and upgrade your gear – you can farm TWO COLLECTABLES! With this gear and melds you can pull off an “extra gather”…

L71+ Collectable Rotation

  • Make sure your Collector’s Glove is on.
  • Field Mastery II (optional or adjust)
  • Hit the correct slot
  • Gather the material (WITH COLLECTOR’S GLOVE ON!!!!)
  • (The following skills can AND SHOULD BE MACRO’D)

/ac “Discerning Eye” <wait.3>
/ac “Methodical Appraisal” <wait.3>
/ac “Discerning Eye” <wait.3>
/ac “Methodical Appraisal” <wait.3>
/ac “Single Mind” <wait.3>
/ac “Methodical Appraisal” <wait.3>

Click Collect until node vanishes.

[/su_tab ]

If you need a little reminder about what and how this works, here it is.

With Collector’s Glove on, instead of gathering an item you will enter a mini-game, with the goal of increasing the item’s collectability.

The material can withstand 30 “Wear” (many of your collectability skills interact with item wear). ASIDE FROM WEAR, you must still respect gathering attempts.

Once you’re happy with the collectability, click the Collect button until you cannot gather any longer.

MIN L71+ Gathering Nodes Unlocked! Grinding?

You can finally access a bunch of new items to gather. Open the gathering log by pressing (default) B, so you can review what new nodes were unlocked.

I try to gather at least 1 of each item for gathering log completion
(and a bit of bonus EXP!)

MIN L71+ Levequests?

I don’t think you should add Levequests in your routine while leveling up any longer. They’re great for muscling past the deadzone – but their only purpose from now on, IMO, is to “SPEED THINGS UP” (Also, leves are quite important for DoH classes if you’re leveling those). I will list the great L72 leves in the next section, if you’re interested.

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Miner L72 to 74

NO CHANGES IN THE METHOD YOU USE TO LEVEL UP for a good two levels. There’s a few things going on until then (listed in the boxes below). The moment you hit L74, please read the next section ASAP!

  • Collectables (Raw Diaspore > Raw Hematite)
  • > Levequests (only if you’re RUSHING)
  • > Grinding mats you need or sell.

While maximizing your daily GC submits and weekly custom deliveries (if you choose to use them on your miner).

MIN L72 Levequests

Like I said, I don’t recommend this anymore unless you’re really in a hurry. (They’re better off spent on Fishing and DoH, IMO). Of course, use them if you’re overcapped. Same old same old “Get evaluation, avoid the rest”.

MIN 72 Levequests

LevelMIN LevequestPlateType & NoteMap
72Secret StonesArcher8 Node Evaluation (Still Great!)Il Mheg
72Crystallized RevengeHe-manGather 40 (JUNK)Il Mheg
72New NecklacesCid-LookingGet 32 or Fail (JUNK)Il Mheg

MIN L72 to 74 Other events

L73 - New delivery for Facet of Gathering

As implied, your Facet of Gathering will accept 6 new submissions. Remember this is shared between your Botanist, too.

Non-unspoiled Collectables?

You have a new collectable option, Highland Spring Water, but it kinda sucks. It’s one of those “non unspoiled” collectables which are hardly worth. Note that I will almost never recommend these types of collectables.

Why? The typical node only has 4 gathering attempts – meaning you spend all your GP for likely a single gather (maybe 2), and the EXP isn’t even that good.

Nothing special in this tier – spam those collectables for godly EXP.

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Miner L74 to 76

Your usual leveling routine doesn’t change – but you have some gear upgrades you wanna take care of ASAP – and some optional ones to consider.

MIN L74 Gear update

But you do not NEED it until L76. Get is ASAP though.

L74+ Miner Gear UPDATE
SlotMIN L74+ Gear UpdateCheap Meld ICheap Meld II
HeadHQ Atrociraptorskin Cap of GatheringGuile VAny (Spiritbond)
ChestHQ Atrociraptorskin Vest of GatheringGuile VAny (Spiritbond)
HandsHQ Atrociraptorskin Gloves of GatheringGuerdon VAny (Spiritbond)
EarringHQ White Ash EarringsGuile V
EarringHQ White Ash NecklaceGrasp II

While there are many other pieces of gear available – EVERYTHING ELSE IS OPTIONAL.

WEAPONS!?Other Slots?

The L74 Weapons are a HUGE UPGRADE. It’s a titanic difference from the “catch up gear” the L71 tier was. However, you don’t NEED them to keep amassing collectables.

If you grind a lot for your own materials or for selling, GET THEM NOW! The higher gathering chance helps you save GP for more farmy +yield skills instead of +gathering chance.

The small speed gains in leveling are welcome, too, but not a reason you should consider them.

Boots, Belt, and Legs are the weakest slots for any DoH, and I only changed up the accessories to reach a new GP threshold.

If you can afford it, sure, I suppose… It helps a tiny bit. No big deal either way.

What I did: I simply did my thing until all the items I needed replacing spiritbonded. Keep note that YOU CAN EXTRACT MATERIA. Don’t worry if you don’t pick them up ASAP @ 74 – but the sooner the better.

MIN L74 Levequests

Same old, same old here – I don’t recommend ’em but if you’re rushing here you, go! Remember – avoid non-evaluation!

MIN 74 Levequests

LevelMIN LevequestPlateType & NoteMap
74Knowledge is PowerMerchant4 Node Evaluation (GREAT!!!!)Rak’tika Greatwood
74Rocks from Rak’tikaArcher8 Node Evaluation (Still Great!)Rak’tika Greatwood
74Jewels for JewelryHe-manGather 40 (JUNK)Rak’tika Greatwood

Well, that’s about it. Aside from these minor gear upgrades, it’s same old same old collectable spamming Raw Hematite + Raw Diaspore until L76.

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Miner L76 to 77

A new collectable gets unlocked – Raw Triplite! It vastly speeds up the process, but you need to have gotten the L74 gear upgrades outlined above!

MIN L76 New Collectable!

70+ Min CollectableLMapAetheryteXYSlotTime
Raw Triplite76Amh AraengInn at Journey’s Head2028712ET
Raw Hematite70KholusiaStilltide342382ET
Raw Diaspore71Il MhegWolekdorf261366ET

You will NOT reliably be able to collect Raw Triplite.

MIN L76 Levequests

No changes to my advice here – avoid using them unless you’re capped or impatient. Evaluation leves > all.

MIN 76 Levequests

LevelMIN LevequestPlateType & NoteMap
76The Magic of MiningMerchant4 Node Evaluation (GREAT!!!!)Amh Araeng
76Road to RecoveryHe-manGather 40 (JUNK)Amh Araeng
76Jewelry is ForeverCid-LookingGet 32 or Fail (JUNK)Amh Araeng

Aside from the new collectable, just keep doing what you’ve been doing!

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Miner L77 to 80

You’re at the final stretch to level 80 Miner! Thankfully, there’s no real change on how you should go about it.

  • Gather your Raw Triplite > Raw Hematite > Raw Diaspore
  • Levequests if you’re in a hurry
  • Daily GC submissions and other extraneous EXP sources.
  • Grinding!

MIN L77 Optional Gear upgrades


SlotMIN L77+ Gear UpdateCheap Meld ICheap Meld II
Main HandHQ Titanbronze PickaxeAny (Spiritbond)
Off HandHQ Titanbronze SledgehammerAny (Spiritbond)

These are very useful for when you want to grind or gather materials on your own, but have almost no relevance to collectable farming. Personally, since I gather for my own DoH classes, I opted to pick these up / make them. Aside from these, the shirt may prove useful to you.

MIN L78 Levequests

You know the drill by now. Only use this if you’re in a hurry or capped at 100 leves. Avoid non-evaluation.

MIN 78 Levequests

LevelMIN LevequestPlateType & NoteMap
78Crystal MedsMerchant4 Node Evaluation (GREAT!!!!)Lakeland
78Lakeland’s LegacyArcher8 Node Evaluation (Still Great!)Lakeland
78Back StrongerCid-LookingGet 32 or Fail (JUNK)Lakeland

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Miner Level 80 – What to do!?

That’s it for the 70 to 80 Mining Shadowbringers tier! Discussing the end-game here seems a little weird so I might revive or remake the good ol’ DoL End-game guide – stay tuned!

Miner Level:
MIN Level:[01-15]|[16-35]|[36-50]|[50-60]|[60-70] | [70-80]

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