Complete Guide to Gemini Birthstones: Meaning, Benefits & Uses (2022)

Want to learn all about the beloved sign, Gemini and its birthstone? We’re here to tell you more!

You fall under the twin sign of Gemini if you were born between 21st May and 20th June. Gemini’s are widely celebrated as some of the best minds to grace this Earth, while at the same time being feared and judged due to their sometimes two-faced and twin-like nature.

Gemini’s are often an absolute joy to be around, they can be fun, spontaneous, kind, soft and easy-going. But get them at the wrong time or in the wrong mood and they can be insecure, indecisive and unreliable. The beauty of a Gemini lies in their unbridled lust for life and their ability to wear their emotions on their sleeve.

Gemini’s are social beings, often surrounded by many friends. They are also usually very intellectual and emotionally intelligent too. They are usually honest and hardworking, but simultaneously often struggle with anxiety, fear and self-doubt.

Having the right stones and crystals to support you as you walk your journey in this life as a Gemini, can offer you great comfort and healing. Gemini’s are often stuck feeling like they require more balance in all aspects of life, introducing Gemini stones and crystals into your home, onto your body and into your meditation routine could assist in bringing that balance you may so desperately be craving.

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  • What Are The Key Traits Of The Gemini Birthstone?
  • Agate
  • Pearl
  • Citrine
  • Moonstone
  • Alexandrite
  • Tigers Eye

What are the Gemini Birthstones?

There are many different birthstones that fall under the Gemini zodiac.

These are:

  • Agate
  • Alexandrite
  • Amethyst
  • Apophyllite
  • Arfvedsonite
  • Aquamarine
  • Blue Sapphire
  • Celestite
  • Citrine
  • Chrysocolla
  • Emerald
  • Pearl
  • Moonstone
  • Serpentine
  • Tanzanite
  • Thulite
  • Tigers Eye
  • Tourmaline
  • Ulexite
  • Variscite

This may seem like an overwhelming amount of Gemini stones and crystals to choose from, especially if you are a first-timer, coming to find the stone that will support you or a Gemini loved one.

So, we have condensed the list for you into the 6 Gemini stones and crystals that are most often associated with this zodiac, and are probably the easiest to find in your local crystal store.

What Colors are Associated with Gemini Birthstones?

Complete Guide to Gemini Birthstones: Meaning, Benefits & Uses (1)

The most common colors associated with Gemini birthstones are yellow, white, orange and blue. Pearl, Citrine and Agate are the most popular stones in today’s society for the Gemini zodiac.

The shimmering white of Pearl and Moonstone, are known to represent the freedom, social grace and intellect that Gemini’s possess. The yellow/orange of a Citrine stone is known to bring its user warmth, positivity, happiness and an overall sense of optimism. The various blue shades of Apatite, Agate and Aquamarine represent Gemini’s innate ability to communicate honestly, maintain their high energy levels and spread love to those around them.

All Gemini stones are ready and waiting to bring closeness, confidence and light into your life, regardless of which stone you select.

What Are The Key Traits Of The Gemini Birthstone?

Gemini birthstone personalities can be flirtatious, friendly and have a beautiful way with words. They sometimes lack patience, get annoyed easily and are quick to get bored. Gemini seek people and occupations in life that stimulate them intellectually and they usually have an outstanding sense of humour. They are generally open, honest and aren’t afraid to speak what is on their minds, regardless of the consequences. Gemini’s crave interesting stories, new and fascinating pieces of information and love some friendly banter.

Keep reading to see the refined list of stones and crystals below that support these key traits of the Gemini birthstone.


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Agate is a truly versatile stone and comes in a variety of different colors. They are considered to be a semi-precious stone and come from the micro-crystalline quartz family. Agate is the most traditional birthstone associated with Gemini and is considered to bring about good luck for the twin zodiac.

Meaning & Benefits of Agate: Agate is known to assist in opening the throat chakra, therefore helping with public speaking and easily speaking one’s truth. It is known to bring calm to a scattered mind and an anxious person. This is one of the main reasons it is such a brilliant stone for Gemini, it is able to bring them into a state of calm and helps them bring balance to their twin-like nature. Agate is also great at inducing grounding and transmuting negative energy into positive.


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Pearl is another loved Gemini crystal. It is known to assist in bringing balance to the separation and polarity that Gemini’s often feel. Astrologers believe that Gemini’s are ruled by the planet Mercury, the Pearl is known to enhance and attract the power of Mercury, so naturally, these two go hand in hand. Pearls have always been considered precious and come in a few different colors, not just white.

Meaning & Benefits of Pearl: Pearl is a beautiful stone that captures the duality of this human experience. It is a constant bridge between the opposites in life, like life and death. It is known to transmute the negative into positive and can bring joy to the saddest situations. It is an uplifting, gentle beauty that can bring huge support to a Gemini. Despite its value and rich beauty, Pearl is a modest stone that brings humility and modesty to anyone who uses it. If you are a Gemini and struggling to find the balance between humility and ego then using Pearl can help you regulate this.


Complete Guide to Gemini Birthstones: Meaning, Benefits & Uses (4)Sunny Citrine is a mineral class of quartz. Its colors range from pale yellow to bright shades of orange/amber. This joyous stone is said to bring light wherever it may go, just like a Gemini. This stone will help and guide any Gemini that has lost his/her light and needs help reigniting their spark.

Meaning & Benefits of Citrine: Citrine is the stone you want by your side if you’re going through a rough time, its bright and sunny disposition allows it to easily transmute the negative into positive. It absorbs low vibrational frequencies and expels them back out into the world as love and joy. It is a healing stone that can gift you an instant “pick me up” should you need it.


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Moonstone is part of the feldspar crystal family and has a gorgeous pearly shimmer to it. It is often translucent in color, but most commonly is found in white and grey. It can also be found in orange, blue, green, pink and brown too. This magical Gemini birthstone represents the feminine in each of us and is the symbol for new beginnings. It is perfect for Gemini because it is known to help with decision making, when a Gemini is feeling indecisive or lost then reaching for a Moonstone could bring the clarity they need.

Meaning & Benefits of Moonstone: Moonstone brings deep levels of healing to the body and to the feminine energies of its user. It can help Gemini’s regulate their ever wavering emotions and bring balance to their twin-like nature. Moonstone is also an amazing stone to assist with any female reproductive issues. If you are a Gemini who is feeling scattered, emotional and unable to regulate yourself right now, then grab a Moonstone today and keep it with you until you feel better.

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Complete Guide to Gemini Birthstones: Meaning, Benefits & Uses (6)Alexandrite is a chrysoberyl and is part of the oxide mineral family. It is made up of beryllium, chromium, and aluminium oxide. Chromium is what gives it its shimmering blue-green color. This cleansing beauty is such a supportive stone, it is known to bring good luck, joy, good fortune and assist you in seeing your dreams come true.

Meaning & Benefits of Alexandrite: Alexandrite is the perfect stone for any Gemini struggling with low self-esteem and negative self-image. Keeping this stone with you and allowing it to work its magic will be very beneficial for someone who has lost their joy or needs guidance to find pleasure in life again. Alexandrite helps its users to find encouragement within themselves and cleanse away any negative self-talk. It is a detoxifying stone too, helping the body cleanse itself of all impurities and restoring top physical health.

Tigers Eye

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Tigers Eye has a beautiful silky texture and comes in brownish-reds with black/iron looking stripes. Each piece of Tigers Eye has wildly unique markings. This golden stone is known to harness the masculine within us and carry a high solar vibration that makes them bring huge amounts of healing to Gemini’s. Combining Tigers Eye with a Moonstone will help balance the masculine and feminine within you.

Meaning & Benefits of Tigers Eye: Gemini’s can often be drawn to negative people, either by wanting to rescue them from themselves or they are drawn to the drama the person is creating. Tigers Eye will help Gemini’s shield themselves from these kinds of situations, it can act as a protective shield from toxic people and harmful situations. Tiger’s Eye will offer Gemini’s protection and the ability to see through false people. It is a deeply grounding and protective stone.

It’s clear that no matter what personality type, there is a Gemini crystal to suit those born under this star sign!

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