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When you want optimum results, Australian Gold’s tanning commitment to the perfect tan blazes the competition. Designed around the concept that healthy beautiful skin achieves a more superior dark color, each formula contains vitamin therapy and omega tanning oils to nourish your skin. Maximize your indoor tanning effects and avoid the flakes at Stay moisturized and stay tan longer through superior bronzing power for a perfect sun-kissed glow. So grab your flip flops and breath in the tropical beach smells ofAustralian Gold tanning lotions.

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Australian Gold | South Beach Tanning Salons (2)


Get your base tan the perfect dark shade in no time with the Australian Gold Dark Tanning ACCELERATOR Lotion. The formula contains a blend of exotic natural oils derived from plants and herbs found only in Australia. When applied to the skin, the formula gives the melanin-producing cells in the tissue a wakeup call, allowing them to start manufacturing pigment the moment UV exposure begins in the tanning bed.

The formula is so effective that it’s the most widely sold indoor tanning lotion on the market!

The incredibly effective natural bronzing complex found in the Australian Gold Dark Tanning ACCELERATOR Lotion isn’t the only reason for its massive popularity. While the formula turns up the volume on your tanning results, it also lessens the harmful impact of tanning on your skin. The product contains Australian Gold’s Biosine complex and vitamins A and E, which limit cellular damage from UV.


In addition, the lotion gives the skin a burst of moisture, effectively preventing tanning-related dehydration and irritation.

  • 8.5 oz. bottle
  • With Native Australian oils and vitamins A and E, Dark Tanning Accelerator.
  • For indoor and outdoor tanning.


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DHA and Natural Bronzers combine to provide amazingly instant results and darker, longer-lasting color. Exclusive Biosine Complex® carries nutrients, moisturizers and protectants to keep skin hydrated for maximum results.

  • Intense DHA Bronzer Blend: DHA is flawlessly blended with Natural Bronzers that provide instant color results and delayed, darker longer-lasting bronze hue
  • Echinacea Extract: Pure extract that provides powerful antioxidant properties that help nourish and condition skin for overall improved skin appearance
  • Biosine Complex®: Advanced combination of ingredients soothe, soften and moisturize for maximum tanning results
  • Skin Softening Blend: Mixture of Oils, Vitamins and Aloe Vera nourish and moisturize for a hydrated, radiant glow
  • Classic CocoaDreams fragrance


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They can see it in your face with this top of the line facial tanning lotion! Featuring a unique fomula that helps to stimulate collagen production while providing a smooth tanning canvas for even, dark color. Unique DermaDark® Bronzers allow for a streak-free golden hue, with or without the use of UV. This specially formulated facial bronzer allows for use daily as part of your daily skincare routine for a beautiful complexion.

  • DermaDark® Bronzing Blend:A powerful, natural color-enhancing blend for quick streak-free, dark color
  • Cashmir Silk™ Blend:Exquisite Silicone blend that provides a luxurious feel and extreme hydration for a silky, smooth bronzed hue
  • Luxurious Skincare:Infuses delicate facial skin with over twenty-one Vitamins and nutrients that help neutralize free radicals to help prevent fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin Hydration:Blends Shea Butter and Aloe Vera to deeply moisturize for a more youthful complexion
  • Fragrance Free


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Sometimes being devious isn’t a bad thing? Dominant instant bronzers deliver natural dark color while working with DHA for a longer, delayed golden hue. Quench skin’s thirst with Twisted Skincare Cocktail, infused with Absinthe Extract, which nourishes deeply for alluring, sinfully soft skin. Enticing Hemp Seed Oil firms and hydrates for a radiant, tantalizing glow. Others will need to proceed with caution, as yourDeviously Black®color will be hard to ignore!

  • 45X Ruthlessly Dark Bronzers:Ultimate blend of natural bronzers and DHA provide desirable, intense color
  • Twisted Skincare Cocktail:Greedy concoction of Vitamins, Oils and Absinthe Extract purifies, helps heal and nourishes for devilishly smooth skin
  • Enticing Hemp Seed Oil:Conditions and moisturizes for a radiant, hydrated bronze glow
  • Skin Softeners:Concentrated amount of complete skincare that reveals sensually, soft skin
  • Be captivated by this Mesmerizing Oasis fragrance


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Take your color to the next level with this Lightweight Dominant Dark Intensifier, that flawlessly delivers a quick-absorbing formula for maximum darkening potential. Radiant Confidence Complex combines luxurious skin care ingredients to nourish and moisturize that tough exterior, while Coconut Water refreshes and softens for exceptionally smooth skin.ColorGuard™ Tattoo Technologyhydrates deeply to give tattoos vibrancy and helps to prevent those works of art from fading. Be daring and fierce with vivid color fromIntense by G Gentlemen®!

  • Lightweight Dominant Dark Intensifier:Unique blend of specialty silicone and intensifying ingredients for decadent dark results and smooth, touchable skin
  • Radiant Confidence Complex:Superior skincare, including a blend of Caviars, help to protect and repair for a tanning canvas every guy will be proud to show off
  • Hydrating Coconut Water:Generous amount of Coconut Fruit Juice works to regenerate, revitalize and soften for resilient, dark color
  • ColorGuard™ Tattoo Technology:Tiger Grass creates a moisture-seal blend that helps prevent tattoos from fading
  • Drive the ladies crazy with this Rugged fragrance


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It’s time to turn the heat up for intense hot color! Invigorate your tan with this Hot Citrus Tingle that will leave you breathless, while Tyrosine provides a beautiful, golden glow. A lavish Conditioning Complex soothes the tingling sensation to leave a flawless, flushed bronze hue, while Hemp Seed Oil moisturizes for a tantalizing glow. Pure Heat™ will get you intoxicatingly hot, flawless color!

  • Hot Citrus Tingle:High level of tingle blended flawlessly with Citrus for a sizzling flushed glow
  • Golden Glow:Powerful Tyrosine helps give a natural bronze hue
  • Conditioning Complex:Aloe Vera, Oils and Vitamins help soothe and moisturize for longer lasting dark color
  • Enticing Hemp Seed Oil:Conditions and moisturizes for a radiant, youthful glow
  • Classic CocoaDreams fragrance


Australian Gold | South Beach Tanning Salons (8)


This same amazing formula you know got a little love added to it, meaning darker results even faster! Henna and Caramel are blended with Beta Carotene to deliver instant, flawless bronzed perfection, while Herbal DNA ensure intense moisture retention and powerful skin-loving antioxidants for a gorgeous glow. Classic Biosine Complex® allows for maximum tanning performance and Silky Skincare leaves you touchably soft. So go ahead…get Cheeky with it and show off that dark color!

  • Natural Bronzing Blend:Streak-free blend of Henna, Caramel and Beta Carotene impart immediate dark color results
  • Herbal DNA:Combines Wheat Sprout and Purple Sweet Potato to nourish and moisturize for a beautiful tanning canvas
  • Biosine Complex®:Advanced combination of ingredients soothe, soften and moisturize for maximum tanning results
  • Silky Skincare:Aloe Vera and Vitamins help neutralize free radicals for a youthful complexion
  • Classic CocoaDreams fragrance


Australian Gold | South Beach Tanning Salons (9)


Do not underestimate the influence of theDark Side™! This30X Relentlessly Dark Bronzerharnesses the power of DHA, flawlessly blended with Macadamia Oil, for a developed bronze hue. Amazing skincare ingredients join forces in theColor Alliance Blendto nourish and restore for an overall alluring complexion. Indulge your color withHemp Seed Oiland a decadentSkin Softenerthat will leave your skin irresistibly smooth, with a velvety after-feel that others will lust after. Did you choose wisely?

  • 30X Relentlessly Dark Bronzer:Fusion of DHA and Macadamia Oil, perfectly blended for seamless even coverage and gradually built dark color
  • Color Alliance Blend:Balanced blend of Black Truffle and White Tea Extracts help to purify and revive for improved skin appearance
  • Selfish Skin Softener:Decadent dose of Silicone hydrates and softens the skin for a velvety, silky feel
  • Enticing Hemp Seed Oil:Conditions and moisturizes for a radiant, youthful glow
  • Mystify and tempt with this Bourbon Berry fragrance


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You worked hard for your tan, now keep it Forever After®. This intensely moisturizing lotion features a triple action anti-wrinkle, firming and slimming complex and Hemp Seed Extract for unparalleled results and a warm, creamy vanilla fragrance to entice your senses.

  • Lipocare Blend:
    • Anti-wrinkle, firming and slimming complex designed to visibly firm and contour the skin
  • Hemp Seed Extract:
    • Moisture intense extract that is also a remarkable natural delivery system of many great ingredients
  • Amplified Moisture Blend:
    • Natural humectants condition the skin for 24-hour, all day moisture
  • Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Blend:
    • Creates a beautiful canvas for visibly younger, toned skin
  • Feel like royalty with this Warm Creamy Vanilla fragrance



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Is Australian gold hot a tingle cream? ›

Australian Gold Pure Heat

This lotions uses a top-quality Benzyl Nicotinate extract - derived from stinging nettles - which provides a warm, tingling effect on skin. This is caused by the subsequent skin irritation which in turn increases skin's microcirculation.

Can I use Australian gold hot outside? ›

Globally-loved bestselling Intensifier with an Aloe Vera base. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor tanning (layer with sun protection when sunbathing). So gentle this can also be doubled up as a daily Tan Extender.

Can you use Australian gold on your face? ›

Not to be applied onto the face or sensitive skin.

How does Australian gold accelerator work? ›

Unlike fake tan, tan accelerators like Australian Gold Accelerating Lotion work by stimulating melanin production in your skin to bring out your natural colour when you're exposed to the sun.

Does Tingle tanning lotion make you darker? ›

Tingle products deliver a warming, reddening effect on the skin. The active ingredient in Designer Skin's tingle lotions is Benzyl Nicotinate. Tingle products increase the skin cell's microcirculation and oxygenation to produce deep, dark tanning results.

Does Australian gold work in the sun? ›

Answer: It can be used in the sun or at the tanning booths.... It does not have any protection factor, if using outside by itself only about 15 mins depending on your skin type. You can wear it under suntan lotion which has some spf (sun protector factor) 2-4-6-8-15 etc.

How long should you leave Tan Accelerator on? ›

Unfortunately, there is no accelerator that contains UV protection in which case we recommend no longer than 8/9 minutes when using an accelerator. Which one is right for me? If you are new to tanning or have pale sensitive skin we would recommend starting with an accelerator maximising lotion.

Do you put Tan Accelerator on after or before sun cream? ›

Tan Accelerator first, BEFORE any SPF, but, having initially primed and prepped your skin, you can, of course, top up with a quick cooling spray of Zhuzh! Tan Accelerator at any time - you cannot overdose on Zhuzh!

How long does Australian gold bronzer last? ›

Spray on hands then apply to face. Reapply: After 80 minutes of swimming or sweating, immediately after towel drying, and at least every 2 hours. Children under 6 months: Ask a doctor.
SPF 15 Spray Gel Sunscreen with Instant Bronzer.
Active IngredientsPurpose
Octocrylene 2%Sunscreen
2 more rows

How often should I apply Australian gold? ›

How many times should I reapply? You should reapply sunscreen after 40-80 minutes of swimming or sweating, immediately after towel drying and at least every 2 hours.

Is Australian gold good for pale skin? ›


The natural results of this lotion make it perfect for those with pale skin or those looking to build a natural-looking base tan. The Ultra-Toning Blend combines Caffeine and Ginseng Extract, which are both known for their toning and brightening properties.

How long does Australian Gold take to work? ›

Australian Gold Self Tanning Lotion: Summary
FactorAustralian Gold Self Tanning Lotion
ApplicationApplication is very simply and clean.
Drying TimeIt dried in around 45 minutes, this is longer than average.
Smell (Before)It smells like men's body wash and DHA.
8 more rows

Is an accelerator or bronzer better? ›

Accelerators are great if you are new to tanning, if you have very limited sun exposure or if you are struggling to deepen your tan. Ingredients such as L-Tyrosine stimulate the production of melanin in deeper skin layers. Bronzers depending on their strength are suitable for any skin type.

What's the difference between an intensifier and a bronzer? ›

Here is the breakdown: Intensifiers: designed to enhance your natural color without DHA with the use of natural bronzing ingredients, such as caramel or silicone. Bronzers: incorporates a variety of the ingredient--DHA- that accelerates your skin to darken, such as White DHA, Brown DHA, or any proprietary blend of it.

How can I tan faster in a tanning bed? ›

Here are some tips to help you tan faster within a sunbed and make your tan last longer!
  1. Exfoliate your Skin prior to Tanning. ...
  2. Keep your Skin Hydrated and Moisturised. ...
  3. Apply a sunbed cream or tanning accelerator prior tanning.
  4. Remove any kind of makeup and other cosmetic products. ...
  5. Choose foods that accelerate tanning.
1 Aug 2022

How long should you wait to shower after using tingle tanning lotion? ›

To ensure that you get the ideal results from your spray tanning treatment, wait for at least three to four hours before hopping into the shower.

What is the hottest Tingle tanning lotion? ›

Inferno is the the world's strongest tingle lotion and is for experienced tanners only! Formula contains Extreme Critical Intensity™ ultra tingle and increases blood flow and tanning cell activity. Warning: Ultimate Inferno is the world's strongest Critical intensity tingle.

How many times should you go on a sunbed to get a tan? ›

Depending on your skin color, in general the average person can develop a base tan in 3-5 sessions which then can be maintained with regular sunbed use. Two sessions a week should be enough to further deepen your tan in a safe and gentle manner.

Can you use Australian gold on sunbeds? ›

Australian Gold Rapid Tanning Intensifier Lotion

This best-selling lotion can be used for both indoor and outdoor tanning. Use alone on a sunbed for a gorgeous glow and great skincare, or layer with an SPF and use whilst sunbathing to enhance your tanning results!

Does Australian gold bronzer stain? ›

Australian Gold SPF 15 Spray Gel with Instant Bronzer One of my absolute favorite sunscreens with instant bronzer. I never burn when I apply this, and I always have an instant glowy, bronze after tanning. It's easy to apply, and it's affordable. It does not stain the hands, but it is oily.

What is 10 minutes in a tanning bed equal to? ›

In a recent survey of adolescent tanning bed users, it was found that about 58 percent had burns due to frequent exposure to indoor tanning beds/lamps. 10 minutes in a tanning bed is equal to four hours on the beach!

Should you shower right after tanning? ›

Showering After Tanning (Conclusion)

Showering immediately can wash away your bronzer, giving you undesired results. Allow your skin to rest for at least 3-4 hours before a quick cool shower if you used a tanning accelerator. And at least one hour if you didn't use any bronzer.

Is it best to shower before or after tanning? ›

Gives Your Body Some Time to Tan

It feels like a quick process, and it is, but your body keeps working after you hop out of the tanning booth. Give it at least a couple of hours before you decide to take a shower. You'll get more effective and longer lasting results that way.

Why are legs harder to tan? ›

The skin on your legs is thick so it's harder for the sun's rays to penetrate it. Also, if you're finding it difficult to tan your legs, then your legs may not produce as much melanin as the rest of your body, so it may be difficult to ever get them as dark as other parts of your body.

Do you tan faster when wet? ›

The reason why we tan faster in or above the water is because the water reflects the sun which in turn amplifies the sun's rays.

Do you put Tan Accelerator on your face? ›

The James Read Tan Accelerator contains both product properties by mixing a subtle amount of fake tan with Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid and Monks Pepper. Plus, it's suitable for both face and body.

Does bronzer make you tan faster? ›

Benefits of tanning lotions with bronzer:

They provide faster results. They are affordable and easily accessible. They keep your skin properly moisturized.

What is the difference between bronzer and tanning lotion? ›

Self tanning lotions are similar to bronzers EXCEPT they are stronger, and designed to use less frequently. Typically once per week or two. The advantage of a self tanning lotion is that it works very quickly and requires less maintenance.

Is the Australian gold on Amazon legit? ›

IT'S A SCAM! Everything was off about this product! I have at home a original one that I bought from a drugstore, I've been using it for over 3 years and it's my favorite sunscreen/bronzer to use. Lately has been hard to find it at drugstores near me, so I was very excited when I found this product on Amazon.

Does Australian gold have UVA and UVB protection? ›

A sunscreen with Broad Spectrum protection, protects you from both UVA and UVB rays.

How do you use Australian Gold tanning lotion? ›

How to use our Self Tan Lotions
  1. Exfoliate two days before applying your Sunless Lotion. ...
  2. Cleanse your skin, especially your face. ...
  3. Barrier Cream. ...
  4. Gloves on. ...
  5. Time to apply! ...
  6. Phone a friend. ...
  7. Face up to the tan. ...
  8. Wash your hands.
2 Jan 2019

Is there a sunscreen that last all day? ›

WATERBLOCK® Beats the Industry Standard

And SolRX WATERBLOCK® technology, in all its different forms, across all product lines, continue to all be rated fully effective after eight hours in the water. Our sunscreen does not sweat off into your eyes or wash away after hours of use.

What tanning lotion works best on pale skin? ›

The best self-tanner for fair skin is undoubtedly St. Tropez Bronzing Water Mousse, an ultra-lightweight, user-friendly formula that promises subtle, streak-free warmth without transferring it onto your clothes.

Can pale people use tanning lotion? ›

What Tanning Lotion Should I Use if I'm Pale? : Beautiful Tans - YouTube

Do tan accelerators work on fair skin? ›

Available in a variety of finishes - lotions, creams and oils - tan accelerators work equally well on fair skin that struggles to tan naturally as well as adding extra depth to deeper skin tones. Remember: if you're heading out and about, sun cream is a must.

What vitamins help you tan faster? ›

Whether you are planning a lavish beach holiday or you simply intend to catch some rays in your back garden, taking a supplement that contains beta carotene, selenium and vitamin E will help boost your skin's resilience to the sun and allow you to tan more easily.

What oil makes you tan faster? ›

Still, putting olive oil on your skin will cause your skin to tan more quickly than if you simply applied sunscreen or no oil at all. How does it work? Moore says olive oil, like other oils, attracts UV rays to the skin quickly.

Should you moisturize before tanning outside? ›

Keep your skin moisturized in the days before applying sunless tanner. Apply a hydrating moisturizer and focus on areas that tend to be drier than the rest of your body, such as your elbows, knees, and ankles. But, avoid moisturizing your skin immediately before applying sunless tanner.

Do you put Australian gold on before or after sunscreen? ›

That's right! You add sunscreen first, then apply this on top! You can go into water with it, but just like the sunscreen, don't forget to reapply when you're out!

Do tanning lotions make a difference? ›

In fact, according to the American Cancer Society, Tanning accelerators, such as those formulated with the amino acid tyrosine or tyrosine derivatives, are ineffective … evidence suggests they don't work. FDA considers them unapproved new drugs that have not been proven safe and effective.

What does rapid tanning intensifier do? ›

Rapid Tanning Intensifier Lotion is a premium formula designed with Biosine Complex® to deliver intense, dark color. Australian Natural: With the highest Vitamin C content of any fruit, Kakadu Plum is known to promote collagen production while helping protect from free radicals.

How long before a sunbed should I put cream on? ›

This can be used before and after tanning. These lotions are crammed full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and natural oils to maximise tanning results and keep skin nourished and healthy. For best results, apply within 10 minutes of your tanning session, and moisturise daily for the best skin condition.

Do you use tanning lotion before or after tanning bed? ›

Before Your Tan

Before you get into your tanning bed, use a professional indoor tanning lotion to double your colour in one session to make your tan last twice as long. For an even tan: apply a thin layer all over the body by blending in circular motion. For an extra boost of colour, try a lotion with a bronzer.

What does Australian Gold instant bronzer do? ›

General Protection Continuous Sprays with Instant Bronzer impart temporary color to skin, ideal for those wanting the quickest application with an immediate glow. Quick Dry 360° Protection: Easily sprays over entire body at any angle and dries fast so you stay active with a clean, fresh feel.

How long should you leave tan Accelerator on? ›

Unfortunately, there is no accelerator that contains UV protection in which case we recommend no longer than 8/9 minutes when using an accelerator. Which one is right for me? If you are new to tanning or have pale sensitive skin we would recommend starting with an accelerator maximising lotion.

Do you put tan Accelerator on after or before sunscreen? ›

Tan Accelerator first, BEFORE any SPF, but, having initially primed and prepped your skin, you can, of course, top up with a quick cooling spray of Zhuzh! Tan Accelerator at any time - you cannot overdose on Zhuzh!

Should I use a tanning lotion with bronzer? ›

Yes - bronzers will color your skin immediately, but pairing them with a tanning bed will surely enhance and preserve the final color. You can also add bronzer to your favorite moisturizing lotion to get an original product for your daily body care.

Is Hot Tottie a tingle cream? ›

This product not only tingles but also turns your skin red. Experienced tanners use only. 4.0 out of 5 stars Helps you tan well but be careful - it tingles a lot!

What is sunbed tingle cream? ›

Tingle creams stimulate the blood flow, which can help to speed up the tanning process. Some people find the resulting sensation pleasant, whereas others do not. The sensation is generally described as hot, and sometimes itchy, lasting for up to an hour.

Does Tingle tanning lotion make you red? ›

Tingle lotions also create a bright red effect to wherever you put it on your body up to 2 hours after tanning.

Is Karat tingle cream good? ›

Good cream with a good level of performance. The effect of the tingle is not as strong as other creams i have used hence only 4 stars - this would be suited to a tanner who is wanting to try tingle for the first time. However, overall it's a decent cream, produces good results and smells great.

Can you use beaches and cream in the sun? ›

Product Information. Beaches and Crème All-In Intensifying Serum has everything you need in one product. It's silicone free and can be used for UV, Spray Tan and Red Light Therapy.

What does the term hot toddy mean? ›

ESPN's Doug Ward described it this way: "'Hotty Toddy' has no real meaning, but it means everything in Oxford. For students, fans and alumni, it is a greeting, cheer and secret handshake all rolled into one. 'Hotty Toddy' is the spirit of Ole Miss."

Should you moisturise before sunbed? ›

Moisturize: Although you don't need to be shy about moisturizing before tanning, do ensure that you use an oil-free moisturizer. Oil-infused moisturizer can create a barrier over the skin when tanning. That being said, it is essential to keep your skin hydrated so it will absorb the tan better.

What is the difference between tingle tanning lotion and regular? ›

The tingling properties of tingle tanning lotions are more intense than typical tanning lotions and are not recommended to those with sensitive skin. Tingle tanning lotions are named as such because they cause tingling sensations on the skin after they are applied.

How long should you wait to shower after using tingle tanning lotion? ›

To ensure that you get the ideal results from your spray tanning treatment, wait for at least three to four hours before hopping into the shower.

Can tingle lotion make you sick? ›

Some users have mentioned mild discomfort and temporary effects, such as mild burning, redness, and itchiness. However, depending on skin sensitivity and allergies, people might have more severe reactions, such as pain, swelling, soreness, skin rash, and more. If this occurs, seek medical treatment immediately.

Can you wear tingle cream in the sun? ›

After just one tanning session, you can enjoy a deep chocolate tan. Many people wonder: is tingle tanning lotions are supposed to burn? Fortunately, there is nothing to be afraid of. Tingle tanning lotions do not cause burning, as is often the case with direct exposure to sunlight.


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