Ark Ember Crystal Wyvern Location (2022)

The Ark Crystal Wyvern is one of the most powerful monsters to accept been released in Ark. It has been confirmed that the Ark Crystal Wyvern volition exist obtainable in Ark: Survival Evolved in December.

The Ark Crystal Wyvern is a new addition to ARK that was added in Update: The Boiling Earth expansion. Like all other creatures, the Crystal Wyvern is unique and very useful for new players of ARK: Survival Evolved. This Ark Wyvern guide provides the necessary information to tame the Crystal Wyvern, including information on the unlike types of Crystal Wyverns equally well as how to tame it in the most effective ways.

Ark Crystal Wyvern Guide (Controls, Variants, Saddle, Location, Drops & Breeding)

Ark Ember Crystal Wyvern Location (1)

Crystal Wyverns are new Wyvern variations that commencement appeared when the Crystal Isles map was released.

These Wyverns vary significantly from the ones seen in Scorched Earth and Ragnarok, since they accept distinct components and furnishings.

Crystal Wyverns are distinguished by the accumulation of crystals on their heads, which are added to the Wyverns' basic body.

Variants of the Crystal Wyvern

Wyvern of Blood and Crystal

Ark Ember Crystal Wyvern Location (2)


The Blood Crystal Wyvern is one of the most uncommon Crystal Wyvern species. The element of the Crystal Wyvern is blood, which allows it to tap into the life energy of its foes.

Its strikes inflict the "Blood Cursed" debuff on opponents while too bestowing the "Blood Expletive Recovery" benefit on itself, allowing it to recover itself while consuming enemy life.

Another advantage of the Claret Crystal Wyvern is that, like an Argentavis, it may restore its health by attacking corpses and eating them for extra regeneration.

Crystal Wyvern Ember

Ark Ember Crystal Wyvern Location (3)

The Ember Crystal Wyvenrs are identical to the Fire Wyverns from earlier maps, simply their jiff of fire is longer and thinner.

While a regular Fire Wyvern delivers a set amount of fire harm up front, the Ember Crystal Wyvern deals greater impairment over the course of several burn down breaths.

These varieties, like the Blood Crystal Wyverns, inflict impairment over time, simply are more offensive in grapheme and capable of causing more damage each 2d.

Crystal Wyvern of the Tropics

Ark Ember Crystal Wyvern Location (4)

Tropical Crystal Wyverns are a somewhat rarer breed than Ember Crystal Wyverns, and they utilize water instead of the elements found in other varieties.

The Tropical Crystal Wyvern fires a scorching water jet at individuals who are struck, reducing their wellness and stamina.


When the Tropical Crystal Wyvern comes into touch on with h2o, it gets a heave that enhances its motility speed, set on damage, and health regeneration.

Other Creature Guides may be found hither.

Abilities of the Crystal WyvernArk Ember Crystal Wyvern Location (5)

a) Elemental Jiff b) Elemental Breath c)

Each Crystal Wyvern has a unique breath assail that allows it to breathe out its element in a detail fashion.

The damage dealt by the Elemental Breath depends on the breath itself as well every bit whatsoever abilities that impart debuffs to opponents similar irksome, scorching, or life drain.


  • Click with the right mouse push (for PC)
  • Retweet (for Xbox)
  • R2 (Second) (for PS4)

2) Flap of the wings (Grounded)

The Crystal Wyvern has large, potent wings that information technology flaps as it lands, blowing tiny to medium-sized animals away.

Wyverns may also use this fly strike to harvest copse, providing players with a pregnant quantity of resources.


  • The letter The alphabetic character C (for PC)
  • Proceed the right stick in your hand (Xbox)
  • Keep the right stick in your hand (PS4)

3) Take a hold (Flying)

The Crystal Wyvern's talons tin take upward tiny to medium-sized animals and drop them at will while flight.

The Crystal Wyvern will pick upwards a monster if you press the appropriate button, and if you press information technology again, the beast volition be dropped.


(Video) Where To Find All The Crystal Wyverns On Crystal Isles

  • C (for PC)
  • Go along the correct stick in your manus (Xbox)
  • Keep the right stick in your hand (PS4)

Crystal Wyvern's Techniques


Crystal Wyverns are among of Ark's fastest flight animals, capable of soaring over several areas in a short period of time.

Damage Dealer is a grapheme in the pic Damage Dealer

Crystal Wyverns accept a diverseness of Elemental Breaths to choose from, so players may pick their favorite to wreck havoc on their foes.

Crystal Wyverns can quickly inflict huge quantities of damage to foes, making them platonic for slaying wild animals or attacking opponents in PVP.


The Crystal Wyvern'southward great weight chapters allows it to comport more than things than other animals, enabling it to send items across long distances.

Farming of Resources

Because the Crystal Wyvern can practice a lot of damage and can chase down wild animals chop-chop, information technology may assist players with meat farming.

The Crystal Wyverns wing attack may exist used when players exercise not have the ability to get together resources from trees.

What Is The Best Way To Get Crystal Wyvern?Ark Ember Crystal Wyvern Location (6)

To get a Crystal Wyvern, go to the Desert Wyvern Hive, which is where the Crystal Wyvern Nests are situated.

You'll need to locate and accept the nests surrounding the hive, only there will still exist hazards in the vicinity, then keep an eye out.


If you desire to raise a Crystal Wyvern, y'all'll need to acquire Wyvern Milk to put in its inventory since that's what it'll swallow as it grows.

When the Crystal Wyvern reaches adulthood, it will devour various types of meat, much like whatever other carnivore on Ark.

(Video) How To Tame The Ember Crystal Wyvern! Ark Crystal Isles DLC

Check out our How To Get Wyvern Milk guide to learn more about Wyvern Milk.

Saddle of the Crystal Wyvern

There is no Crystal Wyvern Saddle in the game, therefore you must ride it without one, which has the disadvantage of a lack of armor that is offset past high health.

Convenance Crystal Wyverns


Players may breed Wyverns as long equally the two Wyverns (male person and female) are of the same variation kind.

After a male and female person Wyvern of the same type accept mated, the female volition drop a fertilized egg with the variant'due south proper name.

To hatch the egg, place it in an surround with a temperature of fourscore°C – 90°C / 176°F – 194°F.

Drops of Crystal Wyvern

Tropeognathus Body Harvested Resources


Location of the Crystal Wyvern

When flight over the Desert Wyvern Hive, y'all can readily place the nests since it is situated between 72 and 42 degrees.

Be cautious of the roaming Crystal Wyverns in the region, who will pursue you if yous go too near to them or steal an egg.

OverviewArk Ember Crystal Wyvern Location (7)

Many players preferred the additional effects of the Crystal Wyverns' elemental jiff attacks once they were discovered, some of which might be used depending on their strategy.

In either a PVE or PVP situation, a single Crystal Wyvern may sometimes exist enough to alter the tides of gainsay, especially when players use them properly.

These Wyvern variations tin can only exist found in the Crystal Isles and are well worth the try of stealing, hatching, and raising.

(Video) Crystal Wyvern Guide for ARK: Survival Evolved

Crystal Wyvern is a new, Tier 1 boss in ARK: Survival Evolved, and his statistics and attacks are dissimilar from the other dinosaurs in the game. The wyvern starts out in the Aberration expansion and eventually spawns in the Scorched Earth expansion.. Read more about crystal wyvern egg location and permit us know what you recall.

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Where do you find ember crystal Wyverns? ›


Where can I find ember Crystal Wyvern eggs? ›

On Crystal Isles, in the desert region, nests of tropical, ember and blood crystal wyverns can be discovered where fertilized eggs can be found. The nests are located on the plates around the Desert Wyvern Hive. All wyverns around the nest are aggressive towards the player if you get too close to them.

Is Ember Crystal Wyvern Tameable? ›

You can just tame a ember wyvern on Crystal Isles and it's just like a fire wyvern but without u raising it. Also official is 7 times right now so it will take 2 mins or a lev 100 wyvern and 15 mins for a giga no cap.

Where do crystal Wyverns spawn the most? ›

To get a Crystal Wyvern, you will need to head over to where the Crystal Wyvern Nests are located, which is at the Desert Wyvern Hive. You will need to find the nests around the hive and steal them, but there will still be dangers in the area, so it's best you watch your back.

Are ember crystal Wyverns good? ›

Out of the three types of crystal wyverns: Ember wyvern: does the most damage but needs high stamina to be effective. Blood wyvern: best for PvE and is very good at killing players once picked due to their breath giving them a link to where the player is.

How do you tame an ember Crystal Wyvern heir? ›


Why are crystal Wyverns not spawning? ›

If you cannot find a nest respawn of an egg, then it means there was another wyvern either in or around the dome that was connected to it so you'll just need to lure another set across the trench again or so.

How do you fix wyvern eggs not spawning? ›

Wyvern Eggs Not Spawning On Lost Island? Try This Trick! - YouTube

What do ember crystal Wyverns eat? ›

More Crystal Wyvern Taming & KO Tips

Only eat primal crystal while raising. And not notmal crystal or Raw meat or else. On the next day i give it primal crystal until equal to HP, if you give more its wasted.

Are ember crystal Wyverns passive? ›

Crystal Wyverns are passive unless provoked by any means. Heirs on the other hand, are extremely aggressive and will give chase at anything it sees.

Can I breed crystal Wyverns? ›


Do male alpha Wyverns give milk? ›

Only Alpha Wyvern gives Milk by killing it. wrong, female give it too, but just give 5 milks.

How do you farm Crystal Wyvern eggs? ›


What is a dragon with two legs called? ›

A wyvern (/ˈwaɪvərn/ WY-vərn, sometimes spelled wivern) is a legendary dragon that has two legs.

What is a Crystal Wyvern heir? ›

The Heir, unfortunately, can't be tamed. The eggs produce the normal Crystal Wyverns you see flying around the map. The only difference there is to the Heirs and the regular Crystal Wyverns is that the Heirs fly faster and wear a skull over their faces.

What do ember crystal Wyverns do? ›

Ember Wyverns get increased damage if you keep using your fire ability the heart will fill up and increase the range… Crystal Wyvern Tips | Dododex.

What do baby ember crystal Wyverns eat? ›

Tips & Strategies. Baby Crystal wyverns don't need any food, just wait them raise. Maybe you will need one primal crystal for imprinting.

What do ember crystal Wyverns eat? ›

More Crystal Wyvern Taming & KO Tips

Only eat primal crystal while raising. And not notmal crystal or Raw meat or else. On the next day i give it primal crystal until equal to HP, if you give more its wasted.


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