15 Unsolved Mysteries About The Pyramids (2022)

The secret answers to all your questions about the pyramids are here. Those are the words that many people around the world have been waiting to hear. While I don’t have a crystal ball, ladies, and gentlemen, I give you unknown facts you’ve never imagined.

There is a belief that the Great Pyramid of Giza was built as a tomb for wealthy citizens in Egyptian society to be mummified and stored for cultural reasons. The truth is there have been no mummies found inside of Giza which leaves us puzzled because the actual purpose of this sophisticated land mass continues to be a mystery. After a long wait withno real answers, radar technology discovered secret unexplored, underground rooms and passages beneath the pyramids because the Egyptian Government will only give archaeologists a limit on how far they can dig underground.

While the Ancient Egyptians continue to be the most advanced civilization of people to ever live, nicotine and cocoa leaves were found inside of Egyptian mummies. It is easy to believe that this elite society was participating in recreational drugs, but even until this day, there is no clear reason behind it. They even invented essential oils for personal hygiene, astronomy, mathematics, and medicine. If researchers discovered this, why are the juiciest parts about the pyramids unknown?

The first set of pyramids in Egypt were named the Pyramid of Djoser, built from 2630 BC to 2611 BC. In the 21 centuries, the mysteries of the pyramids continue to baffle some of the world's top archaeologists, architects, and professors of culture today. There are some of you that are reading this article believing a deception of lies in Hollywood movies, books and cartoons of how the Ancient Egyptians built the pyramids. Get your notepad ready! Here are the top 15 mysteries of the pyramids.

15 The Chinese Governments Pyramid Secret

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It looks like China was blessed with the Egyptian pyramid love too. About 40 miles southwest of Xi’an is the home of sixteen monuments. The challenge with pedestrians or tourists visiting them is this location in a forbidden zone that the communist authorities govern. The only pictures found were taken in 1947 by a man named Dr. Maurice Sheenan while he was flying in a DCS airplane. Once the news got back to America, The New York Times published the story in 1947. Twenty-four hours later, the Los Angeles Daily Express jumped on the bandwagon and posted Maurice's photographs. Within the first few days of the story, the Nankin authorities of the Province of Xi’an sent the Associated Press a press release. What happened next? The letter stated, “The existence of such pyramids is not backed up by evidence.” Maurice lost all credibility because the press release declared that he exaggerated his story.

An author from France named Patrick Ferry N had a colleague that tried to contact the Chinese embassy in Wellington. The embassy crushed the allegations and told him the pyramids in China do not exist. As time passed the Chinese authorities eventually confirmed the structures, emphasizing the importance of the pyramids and called them “trapezoidal burial tombs.”

What is the Chinese government hiding? Are they protecting a secret they don’t want the world to know? Let’s cross our fingers that one day we will find out the truth about the Xi’an pyramids.

14 The Vandalism At Some Sites and Role Of Egyptian Government

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The Egyptian Government is one force you do not want to cross. This political power has only allowed archaeologists to dig to a certain depth in the quest to find out what lies beneath the pyramids, which is why there have been hundreds of theories about the pyramids. Researchers only know so much that the government is willing to share.

In Africa, Egypt is a tourist hot spot, but many visitors have complained about the vandalism at pyramid sites. Pushy vendors have harassed visitors to purchase souvenirs and an online video caught people selling stones stolen from the plateau of pyramids. A larger problem compared to thieves is locals noticed the Cuban XXX actress Carmen De Luz visiting the pyramids in Egypt in the summer of 2015. She made a mistake by posting inappropriate pics of herself at monument locations, and people started to believe she was filming which is an allegation she denies.

Per the Al-Monitor website in March 2016, there is a plan for steel gates to be installed at the entrance of the Dawab and Abu Owayan tombs with 100 signboards to make it easier for visitors during tours. The Ministry of Tourism conducted a study and found that 70% of tourists think the location is unclean and 58% believe it is not safe. One of the officials working at the pyramids said that a media center with TV screens showing historical documentaries of the region would be set up. Paved roads will surround the monuments to attract more business and make the area look modern.

13 Who Knew There Are Pyramids in Sudan?

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Pyramids are not only in one place on the planet. While Egypt is the first place people think of when they hear the word pyramid, Sudan has the most. Sudan is the third largest country in Africa with 255 Nubian pyramids in total. Only fourteen of these pyramids are for Sudanese queens that were named warrior queens to the locals.

Many people are unaware that these magical formations were left behind by Nubians in the 6th century BC. Nubians were an advanced group of people that occupied Egypt before leaving Sudan. They built their pyramids like the Egyptians with a circular sun at the top which symbolizes solar discs designed for the elite. There has been speculation that the Nubians stole the idea of pyramids from the Egyptians as a burial location for 21 kings and 52 queens.

After the Egyptians had abandoned the pyramids the Royals are the only people that knew the truth behind the human-made structures. The Sudanese pyramids date back to 10,000 BC and were not built by Egyptians. The meaning behind the monuments became lost over time. During the 19th and 20th centuries, archaeologists found archer's thumb rings, furniture and artifacts in tombs in a few of the pyramids.

In 1834 a wicked “doctor-turned-explorer” named Giuseppe Ferlini destroyed 40 tombs in Sudan while searching for treasure. When he returned to Greece, no one believed he found the treasure from Egypt and he was unable to sell it for a profit. Now that's what I call bad karma.

12 Hot Spots Revealed by Thermal Scanning of Egypt’s Pyramids

15 Unsolved Mysteries About The Pyramids (4)

I know what you are thinking. The temperature of pyramids isn’t helpful with figuring out the mysteries. Well, let’s take a closer look and see.

(Video) Uncovering the ancient secrets of the Great Pyramid | 60 Minutes Australia

A project called the Operation Scan the Pyramids conducted in October 2015 is the reason behind the thermal scanning, with the help of a faculty at the Engineering of Cairo, University. These two groups are using thermal imaging and neon radiography used in Japan as a technique to find out more about active volcanoes.

There was a temperature scan of the famous tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun with differences in temperature on the tomb located to the north that shows a hidden cavity beneath the wall’s surface. According to Egyptologist Nicholas Reeve who works at the University of Arizona, ultra high-resolution images of King Tut’s tomb reflects secret doorways to unexplored chambers and a resting place of Queen Nefertiti who was the wife of King Tut’s father. Furthermore, there are higher temperatures scanned at three ancient pyramids on the Giza plateau. Researchers have no idea what this means. For some odd reason, some limestone blocks are hotter in temperature than others.

There is no lie that Africa is a hot continent but normal weather conditions are not the reason for this. Experts continue to search wide and low for a hidden chamber in the Egyptian pyramids to find out more about this.

This blog is getting hot, but it’s time to cool down with a few more pyramid mysteries.

11 Hidden Pyramids in Antarctica

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There are images discovered on Google Earth in tombs located in the cold country of Antarctica. Researchers call it the ‘snow pyramids’ while the internet has come up with a theory that a civilization of people that lived in Antarctica built them. Out of the three pyramids, two located inland, and the third is close to the shoreline. Each structure has four sides and critics are already comparing them to the Giza Pyramid in Egypt, Africa. The first pyramid wasdiscovered by a British Antarctic Expedition between 1901 – 1913, and the geologists made the decision to keep it a secret from the world. Some scientists believe these pyramids were a home for humans because temperatures were warmer 100 years ago, (up to 20 degrees Celsius). Dr. Vanessa Bowman that works at the British Antarctic Survey mentioned: "Go back 100 million years ago, and Antarctica was covered in lush rainforests like those that exist in New Zealand today."

Other critics believe the lost people of Atlantis used these pyramids. It is unknown if the structures are human-made or mysteriously formed naturally over time.

Per the Daily Star, if this claim by Google is correct, these pyramids would make us look at human history entirely different. The Inquisitr mentioned that the pyramids might be rocky mountains called “nunatak” that evolved over time because of ice and frozen crust that form out of the ground. The media website believes that it took millions of years for it to change to what we know now as the ‘snow pyramids’.

10 The Italian Pyramid Connection

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After archaeologists had found the Etruscan tomb underneath an Italian City, they were puzzled. In 2011 archaeologists from the U.S. and Italy dug deep under a wine cellar in the city of Orvieto when they found a set of stairs in a wall. As the excavation continued in the mid 20th century, caves and tunnels appeared. After analyzing the structure further, the team realized it had a pyramid shape. These structures dated back to 900 BC and inspired art, writing, fine metalworking and commerce in Europe in addition to the Mediterranean. The sad part of this story is the people that may have been the builders of the pyramid did not survive to tell their story and eventually blended into the Roman empire.

The pointy shape of the top of the pyramid has the same appearance of those found in Nubia, Sudan. In 23 BC, the kingdom of Meroe in Sudan was attacked by the Romans. Adding to the theory of a link from Italy to Africa of this formation.

Another pyramid in Italy that makes people's heads turn is the Pyramid of Cestius (seen above). It is an ancient structure in the beautiful city of Rome, near the Protestant Cemetery and the Porta San Paolo. If you decide to visit Italy one day, search for the pyramid between the Via Osteria and two ancient roads. It is also one of the most preserved ancient buildings in the city of Rome. After a Japanese businessman named Yuzo Yagi donated €1-million in 2011, he helped restore the damaged pyramid, and it re-opened to the public in May 2015.

9 Pyramids in Canada Everywhere You Turn

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When the world thinks of Canada, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver pops up in the minds of the masses. The last place on Earth that one will guess that the great Egyptian pyramids have influenced a nation is Edmonton, Alberta.

Take a drive throughout the downtown core and the outskirts of Edmonton, and you will notice a trend. Let’s start with the three pyramids in the center of the city at the Muttard Conservatory. The Muttard is a series of greenhouses that are the home of plants from around the world. If you walk into the African pyramid, a wave of heat will hit you the minute you walk through the entrance. It is amazing how much heat these plants hold even though they were transported all the way from Africa to Western Canada.

At the top of the building at Edmonton’s City Hall, there is a huge glass pyramid that changes color every few months to green, blue, red, purple and orange. While it is, a human-made pyramid, the purpose of each color that glows inside of the pyramid is unknown.

One of the most attended universities in Edmonton is MacEwan University. It is a few blocks down from the City Hall and students from all over the world attend for a better life full of opportunities in Canada. At the entrance of the university are two pyramids. The reason for these pyramids located less than 10 km from the City Halland Muttard is unknown.

At the legislative building, there are also pyramids at the top of the government building at the highest point of the facility.

8 Indentured Slaves or Highly Skilled Tradesman: Who Built the Pyramids?

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(Video) The Great Pyramid Mystery Has Been Solved

Race will forever be a factor that dictates how people view each other. It isn’t a surprise that the race of the real people that built the Egyptian pyramids continues to be a mystery to some. If we look geographically at Africa at the time that the pyramids emerged, black people were the habitants of Egypt before Eastern Europeans colonized the country in the 19century. These Europeans included the Greeks, Romans, Turks, and French.

The topic of who the Ancient Egyptians are is considered scientific racism of the 18 centuries by scholars. Theory A states that the Egyptians were Afro-Asiatic-speaking populations from North and East Africa. Theory B says that it was made up of groups of Europeans. According to S.O.Y. Keita, "There is no scientific reason to believe that the primary ancestors of the Egyptian population emerged and evolved outside of northeast Africa. The basic overall genetic profile of the modern population is consistent with the diversity of ancient populations that would have been indigenous to northeastern Africa and subject to the range of evolutionary influences over time.”

In 2010 in the back area of the Giza Pyramids, mud-brick tombs proved that the Ancient Greeks fabricated a story that slaves were the original builders and Hollywood movies continued to propagate the myth leaving most of the world believing the hype. In 1990 a tourist on horseback discovered a wall that was later considered a tomb. The writing was on the wall. It was skilled laborers that came from all areas of Egypt to work on the pyramids during pharaonic times. The workers that died while working had the opportunity to be buried in the tombs close to their pharaohs. There is no way they would have been buried so close to Egypt’s elite society if they were simply slaves.

7 The Controversy Over Pyramids in Greece

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Add Greece on the list of European pyramids! Researchers call it the pyramids of Argolis which encompasses several structures in Argolis, Greece. It is the most famous monument in Argolis. The people of Greece were under the impression that they are tombs but researchers in the 20th century believe something entirely different. The reason why Greeks believe this is because a traveler by the name of Pausanias wrote about two pyramid buildings at Hellinikon made for soldiers that died fighting for the throne of Argos.

Unlike the pyramids in Egypt, the substances that were used to build these structures are of gray limestone used for large blocks.

The Greek Ligourion pyramid is northwest of Peloponnese has nearly disappeared, and the left-over sandstone was used to build a church in the area.

The other names of these monuments that were approved as “real man-made pyramids” by archaeologists are below:

Pyramid of Kampia – New Epidaurus,

Egyptian Pyramid – Ancient Epidaurus,

Pyramid Dalamanara – Nafplion,

2 Pyramids of Fichthia – Mycene,

Pyramid of Neapolis.

If the date and architects of these pyramids were undiscovered, is it fair to say that the Egyptians traveled all the way from Africa and built pyramids in Europe?

6 The Orion Mystery

15 Unsolved Mysteries About The Pyramids (10)

A mind-boggling fact about the Egyptian pyramids is they are made literally in the center of the earth. At the southern point of the King’s Chamber inside of the Great Giza Pyramid, is the same point of the Belt of Orion. The Queens chambers are in the direction of the Sirius star. Here is a quote from The Fingerprints of the Gods by Robert Bauval:

“They’re slated (stars of Orion’s Belt) along with a diagonal in a south-westerly direction about the axis of the Milky Way, and the pyramids slant along a diagonal in a south-westerly direction about the axis of the Nile. If you look carefully on a clear night, you’ll also see that the smallest of the three stars, the one at the top which the Arabs call Mintaka, is slightly offset to the east of the principal diagonal formed by the other two. At 10,450 BC – and at that date only- we find that the pattern of the pyramids on the ground provides a perfect reflection of the model of the stars in the sky. I mean it’s a perfect match-faultless – and it cannot be an accident because the entire arrangement correctly depicts two very unusual celestial events that occurred only at that time.”

I fully understand now why the Ancient Egyptians are considered to be the most advanced civilization ever to live. It takes a village of people to be able to master architecture at this high level of intelligence.

5 What Was Used to Make Egyptian Pyramids?

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(Video) 15 Unsolved Mysteries That Cannot Be Explained | Compilation

After searching far and wide for you, I was unable to find out the name of every single particle in the pyramids in Egypt. In the meantime, thanks to archaeologists, the materials tested match what we use today to build real estate. Here’s what I discovered about the Egyptian pyramids:

Per a materials scientist named Joseph Davidovits, the pyramids have been constructed using vegetable matter after he conducted an X-Ray D technique. He did not believe that the Egyptians had the technology to haul limestone bricks. Little did he know!

Casing stones were used on the outer layer to make the pyramids appear polished.

It is easy to become discouraged as a researcher when the pyramids are an enigma. Egyptologist scholars never questioned the stones that make up the pyramids. Egyptian pyramids have formations of rocks, gravel, sand surfaces, and conglomerate. These magnificent buildings were first thought to have limestone substances cast in situ with the help of advanced technology lost thousands of years ago; the limestone was used for the interior walls while mud bricks are inside the temples. Allegedly, Egyptians referred to limestone as “white stone” because the country was made up of seawater during the Cretaceous period. Other stories tell that they are human-made stones that are natural rocks.

Basalt, Granite, and Alabaster were the materials imported from Southern Egypt for the pyramids. Alabaster was the material made for open pits. Mudbricks was a favorite building material in houses, municipal buildings, and Egyptian palaces.

4 The Missing Capstone on the Giza Pyramid

15 Unsolved Mysteries About The Pyramids (12)

Now that we know the Giza Pyramid was not a place for the dead, we need to look at more technologically advanced findings. There was once a capstone at the top of the Great Pyramid of Giza that looks like a four-sided triangular structure with a flat top. Some say that the capstone was made of gold, while others say the capstone was a figment of the imagination. If it did exist, it was meant to show their Gods that the Egyptians believed their glorious riches. The Egyptian Government claims the capstone was stolen by thieves and made plans for the millennium celebrations at Giza to replace it. To our surprise, the municipality canceled the idea. Why would that happen? What is the truth behind this capstone?

According to a Spanish researcher named Miguel Perez Sanchez, there is a mysterious sphere at the very top of the Giza Pyramid that relates to the Eye of Horus. It has a diameter of 2,178 royal cubits and is the exact measure of the number e. It is a symbol of worship to the Sun and Sirius which is the brightest star visible to the human eye and linked to Isis. Take your mind out of the news gutter; we are not referring to a hate group. Isis is an African goddess worshiped by the Ancient Egyptians. She was a famous woman that was on good terms with sinners, slaves, artisans and the misfortunate while she stayed connected to the wealthy.

3 Bosnia's Ancient Pyramids

15 Unsolved Mysteries About The Pyramids (13)

In Bosnia, a country in southeastern Europe, sits the Pyramid of the Moon. It is the world’s largest (and according to critics) oldest step pyramid. A Bosnian author that lived in Boston by the name of Semir Osmanagic discovered natural hills (now known as Visočica Hill) in the city of Visoko that caused a media frenzy thanks to his supporters. He claims that he found tunnels and an old mortar. After he finished excavations in 2006, he made the hill into a stepped pyramid. However, Geologists state that these are natural formations, calling Osmanagic’s claims a “cruel hoax.” To defend his claims, he publicly said that the people that built these Bosnian pyramids also built the Egyptian pyramids.

Visočica Hill is in the opposite direction of two nearby pyramid-shaped hills, standing 720 feet high. The third pyramid here is in the hills located close to Visočica Hill which is named "Pyramid of the (Bosnian) Dragon.” Bosnians believe that they are close to 12,000 years old and built during a time when Europe was a mile-thick sheet of ice. It's unknown if the purpose of these pyramids is an architectural ornament or a burial site with spiritual meaning. Unlike the Chinese government, Bosnian officials who include a prime minister and two previous presidents confirmed its existence.

Whether Semir’s claims of the pyramids are real, he has taken a verbal beating by Bosnian curators, geologists, and archaeologists but his excavations continued to be funded by local authorities. It shows you how far a man will go to spread his truth to the world.

2 How the Pyramids Were Used

15 Unsolved Mysteries About The Pyramids (14)

We will never know why the pyramids came about, but people will chime in and add their theories. Here are most of the claims that I found:

-Pyramids were used as large warehouses to store gold, jewels, grains, and valuables of the wealthy.

-The pyramids were a source of energy to connect the Ancient Egyptians with their Gods.

-A place of protection to keep the bodies of pharaohs, kings and queens as a pathway journey to eternal life.

-A safe place for Egyptians and Nubians to stay during sand storms to protect themselves.

(Video) Unsolved Mysteries About The pyramids of Egypt | اہرام مصر کے پر اسرار راز

-Thomas Yeates mentioned in 1833 that Egyptian pyramids were the influence of Tower of Babel from the Ark of Noah.

-In the 1800s it was believed that they were used to clean the muddy water from the Nile.

-In the 19 centuries, Rev. E.B. Zincke said Egyptian pyramids were built to provide jobs to workers that were unemployed.

-Per Mr. Gable in the 19 Century, they have been constructed to please women that were married to wealthy Ancient Egyptian men.

-Based on Mr. Wathen’s theory in 1842, the pyramids were gifts for Makeda, the Queen of Sheba.

-During the Middle Ages, Benjamin of Toledo thought it was a place for the Pharaohs to store wheat after converting it into a granary during a famine.

-Authors in Egypt published content that stated the pyramids were a place of shelter to protect the people from a great flood.

1 NASA’s Discovery of Pyramids in Space

15 Unsolved Mysteries About The Pyramids (15)

Right when we thought that the planet Earth had all the pyramids, it has been discovered by NASA that that pyramids also exist on other planets. NASA’s Dawn Probe spotted objects that were sparkling on Ceres’ surface which is a planet between Jupiter and Mars. For those that didn’t take Astronomy in school, Ceres is the largest asteroid belt object made of ice and rock. To break it down even further, the Dawn Probe is a part of NASA’s Discovery Program to explore a second new world named Dwarf Planet Ceres. After analyzing pictures, NASA Scientists thought it had to be a pyramid. Thanks to cameras on the spacecraft, a surprising formation 3 miles above the crown was visible to the human eye. These pictures were taken in June 2016 at 2,700 miles away with NASA describing it as "A mountain with steep slopes protruding from a relatively smooth area of the dwarf planet's surface."

NASA has not shared whether it is the home to a species of people on the planet or a long-lost structure never known to man. While non-believers are thinking that it is a tall mountain in solar space that is chalked up to be a strange phenomenon, we can’t deny the claims of objects gliding over the planet or new cities that are evolving. NASA claims that they have no idea what this land mass is. In some pictures, it only looks like a star from a bird’s eye view of the planet.


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