13 Of The Most Well-Hidden And Secret Areas In Elden Ring (2022)

Elden Ring's launch was not without its hiccups, but this open-world RPG has proven its worth as another FromSoftware hit on par with Dark Souls and Bloodborne. Stepping out of the Cave of Knowledge, it becomes very clear that the world of Elden Ring is on a scale of epic proportions.

With a map that massive, you won't be blamed for missing some areas in the game. Whether it be illusory walls or an exceptionally well-hidden cave opening, perhaps it's time to return to some of these spots for a second look.

Updated on 23 June 2022 by Charlene Maria Teressa: The expansive Lands Between proves to have countless hidden nooks and crannies that are largely left unexplored by the Tarnished. As you get closer and closer to the Elden Throne, it might cause you to easily miss these very well-hidden locations. Well, we've discovered a few more spots that have possibly escaped your eye the first time round, and included them in this list.

13 Inverted Carian Study Hall

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The Carian Study Hall is certainly beautiful, though you can't help but think that there's something you're missing. Indeed, the fact that you have to insert a specific statue only Ranni the Witch can give you leaves some food for thought.

Located in Liurnia of the Lakes, this cool secret area can only be unlocked after obtaining the Carian Inverted Statue from Ranni. Once you insert it to its proper place, you're in for a world turned topsy-turvy (literally), an irritating fight with a teleporting sorcerer ghost, and a barrage of those creepy finger foes. But this is all worth it, as the Divine Tower of Liurnia is what awaits the weary Tarnished.

12 Sellia Hideaway

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Yet another one of those caves accessed only through a well-placed hit at an illusory wall, Sellia Hideaway is one cave you'll easily miss. Found near the town of Sellia in the Caelid region, head straight past the Church of the Plague and continue on forward into the cemetery beyond.

The illusory wall is hidden directly in the cave face, which, of course, you must hit. Inside, the Tarnished must manoeuvre through a bridge of giant purple crystals and deal with a couple of deadly snails. In the end, you'd have to face a terrible trio, ones that prove one of the most challenging bosses in the game.

11 Deeproot Depths (Nameless Eternal City)

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The path to the Deeproot Depths region is a long and convoluted one, with a deadly Gargoyle duo to get past first. An underground region that is filled with giant ants and wasps, as well as lethal, well-armoured knights, the Tarnished must traverse walkways made out of massive tree branches to get to the other side.

After defeating the Valiant Gargoyle duo and hitching a ride down in a magical coffin, the Deeproot Depths is filled with precious drops and a path to the Nameless Eternal City and beyond. Nokron, Eternal City is a vast region that takes some time to get through already, so don't forget to go further below to reach Deeproot Depths and deeper into the Lake of Rot.

10 Sealed Tunnel (Divine Tower Of West Altus)

13 Of The Most Well-Hidden And Secret Areas In Elden Ring (4)

When you look at the map of The Lands Between, you'll notice a certain Divine Tower positioned below Leyndell, Royal Capital. The question is: "How do you get there?" From the Outer Wall Phantom Tree Site of Grace, progress further east and turn left past a wolf pack, descending to a ravine.

There, you'll find the entrance to the Sealed Tunnel. Home to the Onyx Lord boss, defeating him will allow you access to the Divine Tower of West Altus. You'll need to have access to the latter to activate Rykard's Great Rune.

9 Mohgwyn Palace

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Not only is Mohgwyn Palace well-hidden, but it's also notoriously complicated to get to. It involves going back to the very first location you were in at the beginning of the game, which is triggered by finding White Mask Varre, the very first NPC you meet.

Of course, there are simpler ways to reach it, such as through a portal at the Inner Consecrated Snowfield. A word of caution for those venturing to this area, though, for the enemies are extremely difficult. It's perfect for rune farming since they drop a bucket load of runes, and there's also a secret boss: Mohg, Lord of Blood.

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8 Nokron, Eternal City

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It is not surprising that you can miss Nokron, Eternal City, since there are certain things you must do to trigger the appearance of the entrance. Yes, that's right, the entrance does not exist until you do these things.

To do so, you must first defeat Starscourge Radahn at Redmane Castle, at which point a star will fall from the sky and create the entrance. Neighboring to Siofra River, Nokron, Eternal City gives a whole slew of bosses and enemies, from the creative Mimic Tear to the Swordstress.

7 Murkwater Cave

13 Of The Most Well-Hidden And Secret Areas In Elden Ring (7)

Easily missable yet not too difficult to traverse, Murkwater Cave is where you'll find Patches. Located in a narrow path in Agheel Lake, there's a cave entrance to your left-hand side.

After fighting an invader with the help of another NPC, you'll be able to enter the cave. If you're choosing to be stealthy, beware of the alarm bells placed along different points on the ground. Triggering one by accident will cause all the enemies to rain down on you before you can reach Patches' boss fight.

6 Fringefolk Hero's Cave

13 Of The Most Well-Hidden And Secret Areas In Elden Ring (8)

You might have noticed a wall of fog barring you from entering back at the Stranded Graveyard. If you didn't choose to have a Stonesword Key during character creation, don't forget to return once you cobble up enough of them.

(Video) All Secret Areas and Items in Crumbling Farum Azula - Elden Ring Secrets (Pt. 1)

Once you insert the Stonesword Key, the fog will dissipate and grant you entry to Fringefolk Hero's Cave. Jumping straight down will land you in poisonous water, and you will soon realise this cave is not for beginners. From death traps like the rolling chariot to the Ulcerated Tree Boss, it's a classic dungeon you'd expect to get from FromSoft.

5 Church Of Dragon Communion

In order to reach this hidden area, defeating Flying Dragon Agheel is pivotal. Once defeated, this dragon boss will drop a Dragon Heart; returning to NPC Bloody Finger Hunter Yura will have him direct you to the Church of Dragon Communion.

In a cave at the bottom left end of the map called the Coastal Cave, you'll have to defeat dual bosses Demi-Human Chiefs. It's very easy to miss that you can actually progress deeper in the cave, upon which you'll find a new exit. Once you leave the cave, you will see a ruin perched atop a cliffside, and that's where the Church is. It offers amazing perks, giving you the powers of a dragon, like fire-breathing or dragon claws, in exchange for Dragon Hearts.

4 Lake Of Rot

13 Of The Most Well-Hidden And Secret Areas In Elden Ring (10)

Deep underground and adjacent to the Ainsel River Main, the Lake of Rot is actually built on top of the Academy of Raya Lucaria. By travelling past Uhl Palace Ruins and down the river, you will have to take a lift deeper into the depths in another section of Nokstella City.

Riddled with tons of difficult bosses and mini-bosses, the Lake of Rot itself is a death trap you have to traverse. After defeating the Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella, you will reach the Grand Cloister, you'll take a trip on a coffin to another area where you'll fight the trippiest (and most gigantic) boss — Astel, Naturalborn of the Void.

3 Kingsrealm Ruins

13 Of The Most Well-Hidden And Secret Areas In Elden Ring (11)
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Kingsrealm Ruins is not what you would call a hidden area, but its optional boss is well-hidden. Instead of illusory walls, Kingsrealm Ruins uses illusory floors. Once you fight off or run from the enemies littered about the ruin, turn right and through a gap in the wall.

Keep going straight and leap over a low wall, where you'll find an enemy with a magic staff. As soon as you defeat it, simply hit the floor with your weapon as usual, and it will reveal a set of stairs that lead to the boss, the Royal Revenant.

2 Consecrated Snowfield

13 Of The Most Well-Hidden And Secret Areas In Elden Ring (12)

In order to be able to get to the Consecrated Snowfield, you have to retrieve the two halves of the Haligtree Medallion. Haligtree Medallion Right is in the Village of the Albinauries, while Haligtree Medallion Left can be found in the Mountaintops of the Giants.

Inserting the medallion at the Grand Lift of Rold will bring you straight down, where you'll run through a tunnel in order to get to the Consecrated Snowfield. But reaching this area is probably going to take a while, since Commander Niall is one of the hardest bosses to get past for the left half of the medallion.

1 Black Knife Catacombs

13 Of The Most Well-Hidden And Secret Areas In Elden Ring (13)

Similar to Kingsrealm Ruins, Black Knife Catacombs in the northeastern part of Liurnia of the Lakes holds a hidden area with an optional boss. Yes, there's another boss aside from the Cemetery Shade.

In this case, you weirdly have to stand on top of the blade trap as soon as it swings down, so they can take you up to another easily missable area. Going down the corridor, you will see an illusory wall you must hit. This will reveal the fast-paced, hard-hitting Black Knife Assassin boss.

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How many secret areas are in Elden Ring? ›

The expansive world of Elden Ring holds many secrets for players to uncover, and these are just a few locations that have been found by fans.

How do you get past the Elden Ring in secret passages? ›

The SECRET PASSAGES of Limgrave Tunnels! | Beat the Stonedigger Troll

Are there still hidden things in Elden Ring? ›

There are Elden Ring secrets throughout the game. From mechanics the game doesn't mention to locations, entire quests, hidden weapons, bosses, and sometimes just some cool lore or story details. Sure, finding it yourself if fun but no one wants to miss the cool stuff.

Is Caelid optional? ›

Even so, Caelid is actually an optional zone, meaning that you don't need to visit it, explore it, or defeat the challenging boss Starscourge Radahn at Redmane Castle if you don't care to. However, you do need to beat at least two shardbearers to progress to the end of the game, so Radahn is one option.

Is Nokron optional? ›

Nokron, Eternal City is a location underground, one level above Siofra River, in Elden Ring. It is an optional underground area slightly more linear than the overworld, but keeps many of its core mechanics.

What would you miss Elden Ring? ›

Elden Ring: 10 QUESTS You Shouldn't Have MISSED - YouTube

How many illusory walls are there in Elden Ring? ›

There are two Illusory walls. The first one is beneath the stairs where the Giant Poison Flower is. The second is behind the pillar in the next room. Go to the Kingsrealm Ruins, hit the large brick wall blocking the path.

How many hits does it take to open the secret door in Volcano Manor? ›

After a player discovers there is a hidden wall that requires 50 hits to open, another comes up with a simple yet smart way to open it faster. Sporting the largest world in any of FromSoftware's games, Elden Ring is absolutely massive.

Where is the 50 hit wall Elden Ring? ›

Located in Volcano Manor, the doorway simply led to an easily accessible room full of NPCs.

Is Melina ranni an Elden Ring? ›

Melina may be one of the most mysterious characters in Elden Ring, but her connection to Ranni could theoretically explain a few things. Elden Ring's lore is dense, sparse, and hard to stitch together.

Are Melina and ranni same? ›

It's been shown that Melina's face perfectly fits the ghost form present on Ranni's body... They aren't the same person, but definitely do have a connection. They are both Empyreans born from Marika.

Is Elden Ring hard? ›

It's pretty safe to say that Elden Ring is a tough game. Frequent ambushes and enemies that can kill you with a single hit can make the first few hours very difficult.

What to do after killing godrick? ›

After having beaten Godrick you will have a direct path through Stormveil Castle and out the other side to Liurnia of the Lakes. Your next port of call should be to head north and toward the Raya Lucaria Academy.

Is there a boss in Caelid? ›

The Beastman of Farum Azula can be fought as the main boss inside the Dragonbarrow Cave just south of the Bestial Sanctum in Caelid.

How many mandatory bosses are in Elden Ring? ›

If you want to complete the story campaign of Elden Ring, as far as we can tell there are about 13 mandatory boss fights that have to be completed, though that number is a little complex and a little subject to change, depending on paths you've taken.

How do you open the hidden tunnels in Elden's ring? ›

Handle the dogs inside the shack, kill the guy chiseling on the wall, and collect the Smithing Stone [1]. Make your way behind the shack, and collect the Smithing Stone [1]. Get back on the lift, facing southeast, step on the pressure place, and ride it up. After a second or two, you'll see an opening.

How do you open the 50 door Elden Ring? ›

THIS HAS CHANGED THE GAME! SECRET 50 Hit Invisible Door! Bug ...

Is there a hidden path in Volcano Manor? ›

In the room next door to Zoryas, you'll find a hidden passage behind an illusory wall (or hidden wall or secret wall) in the back right corner, where the crooked painting hangs. Roll into the wall to dispel the illusion, and then make your way into Volcano Manor's secret corridors.


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