10 Of The Best Oracle Card Decks For Spiritual Guidance & Intuition - Ethan Lazzerini (2022)

These are my top ten best oracle card decks for spiritual guidance. These oracle cards help you access your intuition, receive guidance and messages from your spirit, higher self, guides and angels. Learn why I use each one and what types of readings and questions they are best for.

Oracle Cards Vs Tarot

Recently, a meme I shared about Tarot Vs Oracle cards went a bit viral over on my Instagram. Sometimes people give oracle cards a bad wrap but the way they are different is what makes them appeal to me and many people. I don’t think it’s that fair to generalise oracle cards too much. Each deck is unique and has its own personality and purpose. It all depends on what oracle you use and what you’re looking for.

Why I Use Oracle Cards

I started using oracle card decks on a regular basis in the mid-2000s. They were an important tool for me to connect with my inner wisdom and trust my intuition. If you are on a spiritual path it can be lonely sometimes. These positive messages keep you going in the right direction. A good oracle can shine a light on an issue you may be avoiding or confirm something you were thinking about doing.

I pull a card every day, choosing the type of oracle that feels right at the time. I leave the card on my altar so I can be reminded of it throughout the day. Sometimes I need to gain clarity on something that I am unsure about. I will do a reading with three or more cards and journal it for reference. Occasionally I will work with oracle cards to help me in making a decision too.

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Why The Artwork Isn’t Everything…

Over the last few years, oracle cards have become hugely popular. There are a lot of decks to choose from now and some really stunning artwork. Of course, the art style is important as it helps you connect to the deck and is a symbolic language. However, I do feel that some people put too much focus on this sometimes though.

I have bought beautifully illustrated decks that I was very drawn to but I just could not read with or were not accurate for me. With others, I did not love the artwork much but once I tried them I was amazed by their accuracy.

I would rather work with a deck that isn’t my ideal art style but is well thought out, accurate and helpful than one that looks beautiful but does not read well. Looks are not everything.

Go outside of your prefered art style from time to time. You might be surprised…

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My Top X Best Oracle Card Decks

Over the years I have collected a lot of decks because I enjoy the artwork and like having different options. You can learn so much from an oracle as you connect to the energy of the cards. The oracles in this post are based on what I have at the time of writing. This was very hard to pick but I don’t want to give too many options here.

As some of you may know I have made my own homemade oracle card deck which I plan on getting published after I finish the next book. For now, these are what I consider to be some of the best oracle card decks I own and highly recommend. Please read my short reviews to get a better feel for what I feel the deck’s strengths are.

Where To Get the Decks

You should be able to find most of my best oracle card decks at your local metaphysical shop or the larger bookshops (or order them through them). I have included links to order online too. If you use my links it supports me too. Thank you!

Please be aware that there are a lot of fake decks being sold online. Genuine oracles come with a physical guidebook, not a QR code to download a PDF file. All the oracles below come in a sturdy box with a printed guidebook. My links are to the original oracle. Make sure it is “dispatched and sold by Amazon”, buying through an unknown 3rd party seller is risky.

Please Note as an Amazon Associate I earn from any qualifying purchases through links in this blog post at no cost to you. This helps support me and keeps this site and my newsletter going.

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The Sacred Forest Oracle by Denise Linn

If you are looking for an oracle that has a narrative then this could be for you. The entire deck is set in an enchanted forest with animals, mythical creatures, people and fairies. The digital collage artwork is saturated with deep colours and lots of night scenes. The guidebook is beautifully written and immersive.

This oracle can be used for simple daily guidance or deeper spreads. It gives spiritual guidance but is still down-to-earth. It can be used for general guidance on your path in life. The deck also comes with free audio downloads for guided meditations for each card.

Order The Sacred Forest Oracle in the USA or UK

Work Your Light Oracle Cards By Rebecca Campbell

This is a really contemporary deck with high vibe pastel colours and ethereal collage images. There are cosmic scenes, ancient temples and dreamlike landscapes. This oracle is popular for much more than stunning artwork. It connects you with your soul and inner wisdom. The cards have keywords and messages on them.

This is a very spiritual oracle that focuses on supporting people in their spiritual growth and in following their life purpose. It suits those on a spiritual path and who feel they have a mission in this lifetime. The guidebook is self-reflective and will give you suggested actions or questions to meditate on.

Order the Work Your Light Oracle in the USA or UK

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The Angel Guide Oracle by Kyle Gray

This is a really modern, diverse and colourful angel oracle. This oracle focuses on angels as guides and guardians rather than the archangels. The angels look like they are made of swirling multicoloured light, yet they still look friendly and human. There is a good balance of male, female and androgynous angels.

If you want to connect or deepen your connection to your angels then this is a really good deck. It brings supportive and helpful guidance for your life from the angels. It’s suitable for angel readings, spiritual path, personal healing and development.

Order The Angel Guide Oracle in the USA or UK

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Mists Of Avalon Oracle by Rose Inserra

This deck is based around the myths, legends and lore of King Arthur and the Isle of Avalon. The illustrations have earthy colours and have a fairy tale feel to them. The cards include locations within Glastonbury, sacred sites, animals, magical objects and many legendary characters.

This oracle is going to appeal to anyone drawn to the legends of Avalon and the mysticism surrounding the holy grail. The messages connect you with the power of myth and the Goddess traditions. They support self-discovery, spiritual growth and navigating life.

Order the Mists Of Avalon in the USA or UK

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Crystal Keepers Oracle by Adam Barralet

This is a unique take on a crystal oracle. Each crystal is personified as a person in beautiful natural surroundings. There is a fantasy feel to the deck which also features animals and a few mythical creatures. The cards just have the name of the crystal and no keywords so you will need the guidebook unless you want to read intuitively.

The guidebook has detailed meanings and includes info on associated essential oils, plants, animals and astrology. As well as the guidance you get the properties of the crystal. The deck is good for personal development, all types of readings or daily draws. It can be used to help connect with your crystals or to select one to work with.

Order The Crystal Keepers Oracle from the USA or UK

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Gods & Titans Oracle by Stacy Demarco

This is a bit different from most of the oracles we see on the market today. The deck is a collection of male Gods, demi-gods, heroes and men of power. The illustrations are very dynamic and full of firey colours and earth tones. The guidebook is detailed with both historic info, an invocation plus a positive and shadow interpretation.

Although men may gravitate towards this deck it is the perfect complement to the goddess oracles out there. Anyone can work with it if they want to connect with or access their divine masculine energy. It’s a great way to learn about these deities and how their stories relate to your life. The guidance is good for readings that need you to step up, take action or empower yourself.

Order The Gods & Titans Oracle in the USA or UK

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Keepers Of The Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

A colourful mix of Ascended Masters, spiritual teachers, Gods and Goddesses from around the world. The cards feature detailed paintings with symbols and sacred geometry. This was published when Hay House was still gilding the card edges. These are gilded in gold and the cards have keywords and messages on them.

These are good if you work with or feel connected to the ascended masters. You’re connecting with a specific teacher and their wisdom. The oracle is ideal for spiritual path readings and for connecting with the ascended masters. It encourages you to develop your spiritual gifts and guides you in your daily life.

Order The Keepers of Light Oracle in the USA or UK

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Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor

The energy oracle cards are a little different to my other recommendations. Although it is still an oracle for guidance it has a bit of a fortune-telling feel to it because it is predictive. The cards use photographic and illustrative elements mostly of people in different situations or holding symbols. There are also seven chakra/angel cards. Not all the cards are positive and the guidebook contains both upright and reversed meanings.

The cards work similarly to a psychic reading. They offer insights into what is going on around you and how things are most likely to manifest. The energy oracle may reveal information around a situation that you should know. It can bring up blocks or things you need to work on or heal within yourself. I find this oracle works best for spreads and more detailed readings. If you normally prefer Tarot you might like this oracle.

Order the Energy Oracle Cards in the USA or UK

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Archangel Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper

These are vibrant, colourful and diverse angel oracle cards. Each card features a different archangel or other important angels. It’s a high vibe deck with flowing pastel colours. All the cards have the name of the angel plus a message from them. Although this is still a spiritual deck I found the meanings to still be quite grounded.

This deck is a nice way to learn about and connect with the archangels. There are traditional and non-traditional angels in this deck. It is ideal for spiritual readings and guidance from the archangels you are working with at this time. It’s a really good one for daily angelic guidance and quite uplifting.

Order the Archangel Oracle from the USA or UK

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Messenger Oracle by Ravynne Phelan

This is the revised and updated version which is now borderless with 55 cards. The Messenger Oracle is very earth-based with elementals, dragons, tree people, shamans and magic users. The artwork is powerful with luminous lighting and saturated colours. The guidebook is short but gets straight to the point.

Anyone who is drawn to Celtic shamanism, Druidry, nature or animals should like this deck. It connects you to Gaia (Mother Earth), the forest, elementals and the magic of plants, trees and water. The cards have positive and empowering messages and teach you to trust your vibes. Works well as a quick daily message or for self-reflection and spiritual guidance readings.

Order The Messenger Oracle in the USA or UK

Do you have any of these or will you be getting any? What are your best oracle card decks? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

If you are looking for other information please search my website or visit the Resources page to see if it’s already been covered elsewhere.

With gratitude,



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