Notre volonté : Partager notre passion et transmettre notre savoir-faire en art culinaire, pâtisserie et management. Au lieu d’être rigoureuse dans ses pratiques, honnête avec les jeunes et de leur donner les ressources additionnelles quand elles sont nécessaires, notre école se glorifie de statistiques ronflantes en promouvant des élèves qui n’ont pas toujours les acquis nécessaires à leur véritable réussite.

Although, as afore-talked about, I took a break, there was no way I was going to walk that back or dismantle the internet of connections and relationships I had created through social media and blogging, nor did I want to just discount all of the perform and non-academic education writing I had carried out.

(She might alter her mind when no one will hire me or when I get fired from my 1st job out of grad school.) In addition, I have heard from far too numerous established academics that non-academic writing and social media activity are frowned upon, until you get tenure in which case it will merely be ignored.

The evidence is clear that if we genuinely want well-educated citizens, ones capable of pondering for themselves, of questioning authority, of standing up for their beliefs and values, people who are sociable, motivated and capable to function well with other individuals, then we would have lengthy ago transformed our schools into areas where kids direct their personal studying.

I have not confirmed her claims and can do with out the tone and the accusations of “attacks” (I do not believe I and other people have “attacked” Perriello but have diplomatically explained our skepticism), but even so, her piece is definitely worth reading and locating out far more about.